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    • Call of Duty Online is a Big Surprise

      Forget everything you saw and experienced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, forget Jack Mitchell and harken back to the days of Soap, Ghost and Price. Remember those good ol' days with them boys? Well, you can relive that whole experience again and then some in the China-only Call of Duty: Online.

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  • PlayStation Plus Free Games of February Revealed

    … for PS Plus members. PlayStation Plus offers two free titles each month for PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita owners, with membership extending to all three systems for the price of one. At the moment, consumers can sigh up for a month of membership ($9.99), three months of membership ($17.99), and a year of membership ($49.99). For more information on PlayStation Plus and other gaming-related news, stay tuned to Gamer Headlines. The post PlayStation Plus Free Games of February Revealed appeared first on Gamer Headlines. …

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  • Carbine Reveals What’s Next For Wildstar in 2015

    … our customization systems improving the Elder game experience They have also namedropped specific updates and additions to look out for, including Protogames and Contracts system. You can get all the details here. Games writer, formerly social media manager and listicle factory worker. Hobby enthusiast. Fan of poring through Twitter analytics. Share with friends …

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  • Free Games, Soundtracks & Codes for Advent of Indies 2014

    … and winners at Reason Behind this Ordeal: Jana Reinhardt (the founder, artist and game designer for Rat King Entertainment) explains why they’re contributing so much for this big ordeal. We hope to get some press for it, in order to promote this whole bunch of new faces and well-known creatives, and to push…

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  • Pocket Rumble’s Second Run At Kickstarter Is Ambitious

    … Cardboard Robot Games has brought back Pocket Rumble to Kickstarter, after a year of silent development, and now they have a lot more to offer PC gamers. First off, they have revealed a host of playable, and diverse characters, including a grappler ghoul: And a black lady in gothic lolita (who happens to have a demonic cat): On top…

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  • Gunfinger – Free Action Shooting Android Games

    … zombies always continue as targets. Because the target is zombie, of course, not only one shot to tear it down, except the shot that was hit the vital area like brain, the biggest weakness of the zombies. It also depends on what kind of weapon you are currently using. Gunfinger free Android games features Here is all in game feature: SHOOTER…

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  • The 900 Game Internet Arcade Is Here and FREE

    … Kung Fu, and so many more! The master user who compiled it all Jason Scott, even went to his weblog to announce the release of all of these games (for free mind you) on his site in hopes of something interesting: “Obviously, a lot of people are going to migrate to games they recognize and ones that they may not have played in years. They’ll do…

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  • Gladiator True Story Free Android Games

    … that the fight floor flooded by some blood. Gladiator True Story Free Android Games Features Here is Gladiator True Story game features: Slash your way through waves of ferocious gladiators! New magical SWORDS and explosive shield attacks! Fire powerups that cause gibs to fly around. Watch the arena fill with your enemies blood! Collect hidden…

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  • Armored Off-Road Racing, Free Android Racing Games

    … Another free Android racing games that offers cool game play. Viewed from any angle, this racing game remains great. First great graphics, not only display three-dimensional quality, but close to the real. Second, the acceleration control which is offered by this game, realistic is the hallmarks of the Armored off-road racing games, even…

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