• The New Online LEGO Game Is Diablo For Kids

    …Meet Bumblebee Girl. Isn't she adorable, with her little wings and pot of honey and ability to completely obliterate skeletons, pirates and trolls with her area-of-effect attacks? It may look cute, but LEGO Minifigures Online is a challenging Diablo-style game. Read more…

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  • Do Not Swallow: LEGO Minifigures Online Enters Open Beta

    … If you haven’t already twigged that LEGO Minifigures Online was not made with you in mind, the account registration asking for your parent’s e-mail address should clue you in. Funcom’s free-to-play MMORPG is definitely for the little’uns, but I’ll understand if grown-ups fancy a peek. It is LEGO, after all. The game launched into open beta…

    18 readers - Alice O'connor - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • Lego Minifigures Online Open Beta Coming This Summer

    … To sign up for Lego Minifigures Online open Beta go to the game’s official site and you will be notified when the open beta starts sometime in June. LEGO Minifigures Online is a new free-to-play online game developed by Funcom. The game will also have tie-in apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms. …

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