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Gabe Logan Newell (born November 3, 1962) is the co-founder and managing director of video game development and online distribution company Valve Corporation.
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    • 9 Gadgets and Tech to Be Excited About in 2015

      2015 is the year of the Future, thanks to that one rambunctious, time-traveling teen with a hoverboard. As we're still in the opening moments of 2015, we're allowed to be hopeful. Last year we saw a lot of awesome but also a lot of "just wait until next year!" Almost every major company talked of things just on the horizon.

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    • Don't miss out on Steam's huge anime weekend sale!

      Valve has returned with yet another Steam sale. Prepare to be flipped upside down and have any spare coins you still possess shaken from your person. Yes, the holiday sale just happened. No, Gabe Newell doesn't care. The man has an Olympic-size swimming pool to fill with doubloons. This time around it's a bunch of discounted Japanese games with anime art styles looking to temp ...

      Kyle Macgregor/ destructoid- 2 readers -
  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: The 2014 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza: Winners!

    … Three-hundred and sixty-five days of Photoshopped pain, all at once, all for you. Tasked with combining up to five (or more) of 2014's most popular 'Shop Contest subjects into one majestic gestalt, the final image manipulation battle of last year yielded spectacular results. So spectacular that I slept on my decision rather than deliver…

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  • Was EA’s Origin Hacked? Users Claim Suspicious Activity

    … A spate of suspicious activity has come up on EA’s online game distribution / DRM service Origin lately, calling into question whether the service has been hacked. Incidents include cases where users were charged for, earned achievements in, and even banned, for games they didn’t buy that were suddenly added to their libraries. EA seems…

    Ryan Parreno/ Gaming Enthusiast- 2 readers -
  • Hatred Has Officially Been Greenlit For Steam

    … their previous praise of GTA V being removed from Target and Kmart in Australia. Gamers have recognized that their major media outlets they used to go to for information and news are actually their number one enemy at the moment; gamers had to rally together and petition hard to get Hatred back on Greenlight. The great and powerful GabeN – Gabe Newell…

    One Angry Gamer- 6 readers -
  • Hatred returns to Greenlight after being pulled by Valve

    … on Steam. In an interesting turn of events, it seems that Valve has had a change of heart in regards to the title; or, at least an alleged email apology from Gabe Newell states it has: "Yesterday I heard that we were taking Hatred down from Greenlight," the statement read. "Since I wasn't up to speed, I asked around internally to find out why we…

    Rob Morrow/ destructoid -
  • 5 Video Games That Caused Controversy in 2014

    … the heavy backlash received for publishing the game, Hatred was pulled from distribution. After heavy back and forth between Steam, consumers, and Destructive Creations, Steams creator, Gabe Newell, made the executive decision to put Hatred back on Steam. Deeming it unjust to pull one game because of it’s violence while still keeping the countless…

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  • A Team Fortress 2 Fan Film Nearly As Good As Valve's

    … in which the Heavy discovers that the true meaning of Christmas is punching: And here's a brilliantly over-the-top Matrix Dragon Ball Z G Gundam giant robot fight, starring the Scout: Actually, can I switch out my "if only" for that? Because I really wish Team Fortress 2 had over-the-top Matrix Dragon Ball Z G Gundam giant robot fights. Get on that, Santa and/or Gabe Newell. …

    Nathan Grayson/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • This Week In The Business: A Slap In The Face

    …." - Valve head Gabe Newell, responding to the news that Steam Greenlight had removed the game Hatred. STAT | $18.5 billion – Total gaming revenues in China this year, according to the Xinhua News Agency; this is up 37.7% over last year, with mobile games up 145%, and the country now has 517 million gamers. QUOTE | "If I look at Europe I think…

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  • Steam 2014 Holiday Sale Begins - Deep Discounts On Thousands of Games

    … It's that time of the year again. No I'm not talking about Christmas... but the Steam Holiday sales... it has begun. Gabe Newell the PC gaming Santa Claus has begun discounting thousands of games on Steam. There's no new interesting meta game or mechanic introduced here... just a good old store wide discount with daily deals, flash deals…

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  • Hatred Becomes No. 1 On Greenlight After Gabe Newell Steps In

    … about the title. According to Destructive Creations and a PR firm that John “TotalBiscuit” Bain has been in contact with, Valve’s head honcho, Gabe Newell, stated the following to the development team of Hatred following the game being pulled from Greenlight… “Hi, Jaroslaw. “Yesterday I heard that we were taking Hatred down from Greenlight. Since I…

    One Angry Gamer- 2 readers -

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