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  • Steam Music Player Lets You Play Customize Soundtracks During Games

    … exactly what you want to play, and listen to your favorite game or Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus tracks while you crack asteroids open in Space Engineers. I mean, “Wrecking Ball” is kind of pertinent to what happens in Space Engineers, am I right? It’s pretty easy to use actually – the Steam Music Player, not the wrecking balls in Space Engineers…

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  • Valve rolls out major Steam redesign

    … scrolling down, and down, and then down some more) and further customization. For instance, if you want, you can opt out of seeing Steam Early Access titles or games only available for pre-purchase in certain banners. Users can create lists of games that are worth checking out as "Curators," a feature Valve's Gabe Newell spoke of some time ago…

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  • Saints Row Director Steve Jaros Leaves to Work for Valve

    … position are unclear at best, though we know from his heartfelt twitter posts and media comments that he didn’t leave Volition without being bombarded with feels. “The past 10 years at Volition have been life changing. I’ve gotten to work with amazing people and made friends that will last a life time. I’m super proud of the work we did on Saints Row…

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  • The Glorious PC Master Race Comes To...Civilization V

    …Oh Civ V modders. Don't ever change. The last time we took a look at Civ V mods, they were sensible, realistic ones. This is neither. Monk Preston has added The Glorious PC Master Race to the game's list of Civilizations, with its leader being (duh) Valve boss Gabe Newell. Because I enjoy hurting myself and all those around me, I've got back…

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