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  • Puzzle Columns: KLAX

    … Today on Puzzle Columns, we’ll be looking at the oft-overlooked KLAX for SEGA Genesis and Game Gear. Originally released in 1989, Klax is a game in which tiles come out of the background toward you. Your job is to catch and subsequently line up three or more tiles vertically, horizontally or diagonally in your bin (thus creating a “Klax…

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  • Puzzle Columns: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

    … great, with my personal favorites being the title theme, Stage 9-12, and Stage 13. The Game Gear version, while staying almost identical in terms of gameplay, does have a Puzzle Mode, where you have to follow the instructions with the beans you are given (ie clear all red beans, clear 10 beans at once, etc.). Incidentally, the Game Gear version…

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  • Sonic on the Go: Sonic Blast

    … If Sonic Triple Trouble was the apex of Sonic’s Game Gear titles, its successor Sonic Blast was arguably the nadir. Aside from a few lousy spin off titles like Sonic Labyrinth and Spinball, no Sonic game on the system failed quite so hard as Sonic Blast did. Don’t get me wrong though, I still think Blast was a fun game personally. For all…

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  • Puzzle Columns: Baku Baku

    … Welcome back to Puzzle Columns, where today we’ll be discussing Baku Baku (also known as Baku Baku Animal in certain territories). Released in 1995 for arcade, and 1996 for Game Gear and Saturn (and 1998 for the Master System, wow!), Baku Baku is a puzzle game in which pairs of symbols fall from the top of the screen. These symbols include…

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