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  • Monochromatic gaming to get a big boost in the third-ever GBJam

    … Ever long for the simple tones of Nintendo's original Game Boy? Well, there's a jam coming up that's going to fulfill those wishes for four-colored, two button goodness. GBJam 3 is set to take place between August 1 and August 10. The rules are simple: entries can only use four colors and a resolution of 160px x 144px. GBJam 2 produced…

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  • The New Episode Of ‘Kids React’ Based on the Game Boy

    … The latest episode of the wildly popular React internet series is based around the original 1989 Game Boy. The theme of The Fine Bros “react” series is someone is presented with a viral video or a product that would not be presented in their everyday life. This is the reasoning for showing the younger generation old school technology. The Fine…

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  • Pokémon Red And Blue (Gameboy) Review

    … the élite four is the main focus of the game. Pokémon also revolutionized gaming via the fact that you could trade and battle Pokémon via the Gameboy Link Cable, this was also one of the main features that Nintendo marketed for the first Pokémon games, but other features were marketed by Nintendo like Catching ‘Em All! Check out these old…

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