• Project Morpheus is '85% complete', says Yoshida

    … will provide pinpoint head tracking data. In development for three years, Sony officially revealed Morpheus at GDC in March, although the device was given only minimal exposure during the company's E3 press conference last month. Sony has invested significantly in the upcoming PS4 virtual reality headset, according to PlayStation chief Andrew House.…

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  • Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital bringing Nova-111 to Wii U in 2015

    … fans are able to play the game on day one on as wide a variety of systems as possible.” Jason Perkins, Managing Director of Curve Digital stated “We first played Nova-111 at GDC this year and were instantly hooked. The game mechanic is smart but very easy to learn, and the overall design and presentation of the game really stood out as something…

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  • Make alternative controllers for first ever Alt CTRL Game Jam

    … Internet Hacker VR, Dark Room Sex Game, Mitt Rowdy, and others. There have been jams and events celebrating alt ctrl games, especially I want to mention the fantastic alt.ctrl.gdc exhibition that John Polson organized earlier this year during GDC in San Francisco. Alt Ctrl Game Jam John and I share a passion in supporting creation and innovation…

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  • Hack ‘N’ Slash: Wot I Think

    …’ Slash. I was daunted before I started playing, having seen the game running at an event at GDC this year, in which it was shown just how hackable this top-down puzzle game truly is. I find it daunting when the edges of things aren’t defined – it destabilises my sense of a game, and so a game in which you redefine the properties of its own contents…

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