• PS4 GPGPU Doubles XB1 GPGPU In Ubisoft Test

    … by Sucker Punch and Zombie Studios, while Q-Games is already using it on The Tomorrow Children. Many games on PlayStation 4 Xbox One don’t even use this properly, but they will soon. The article PS4 GPGPU Doubles XB1 GPGPU In Ubisoft Test belongs to Worlds Factory. …

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  • Trailer Roundup: In which names are in all caps and few things explode

    … the top of the screen and you'll pop up from the bottom; fall off a platform and you'll reappear at the top of the screen. It's a simple mechanic which is well supported by creative level design. This game was selected for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2013, the IndieCade Showcase at E3 2013, and the Tokyo Game Show 2014 Indie Game Area…

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  • I Wish GameCube Controllers Worked With More Wii U games

    …. for Wii U should count as a GameCube game either, technically. If we're just talking about new Wii U-ified games that riff on earlier concepts, Mario Kart Double Dash is considered one of the best in the series (Luke placed it at the very top of our ranked list, for one), and Nintendo did make some suggestive comments during GDC about bringing…

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  • Child of Light developer now a “core team” within Ubisoft

    …Child of Light developer now a “core team” within Ubisoft Posted under General Nintendo, News, Wii U eShop September 24, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) CVG is reporting that Ubisoft has created a dedicated “core team” within the company featuring members from the Child of Light development group. In an interview with the site, Ubisoft Montreal’s VP…

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  • Child of Light creators become core team at Ubisoft Montreal

    … very personal - I even did a lot of the PR myself; GDC talks, global tours etc. "I have moved on. I guess I'm a special snowflake in this case, because I hate being stuck in one place. At some point somebody put me in a room and said, 'Pat, you're the Rainbow Six guy!' or 'You're the Assassin's Creed guy!' but I said no, even after Far Cry…

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  • Project Morpheus is '85% complete', says Yoshida

    …The upcoming Project Morpheus headset for PS4 is 85 per cent complete, according to SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida told Wall Street Journal that Sony has completed most of the work needed to make the product available to consumers, though was still unwilling to give an estimated release date. Zoom When asked about…

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  • Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital bringing Nova-111 to Wii U in 2015

    … games while providing the depth of strategy and methodical combat decisions typically associated with turn-based titles. Since being announced, the game has been a mainstay in the American expo scene, being selected for Indiecade, MIX, Indie MEGABOOTH and PAX10 and has received recent large amounts of positive press in the PC indie scene. “We had…

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  • Make alternative controllers for first ever Alt CTRL Game Jam

    … Internet Hacker VR, Dark Room Sex Game, Mitt Rowdy, and others. There have been jams and events celebrating alt ctrl games, especially I want to mention the fantastic alt.ctrl.gdc exhibition that John Polson organized earlier this year during GDC in San Francisco. Alt Ctrl Game Jam John and I share a passion in supporting creation and innovation…

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  • Hack ‘N’ Slash: Wot I Think

    … by Hack ‘N’ Slash. I was daunted before I started playing, having seen the game running at an event at GDC this year, in which it was shown just how hackable this top-down puzzle game truly is. I find it daunting when the edges of things aren’t defined – it destabilises my sense of a game, and so a game in which you redefine the properties of its own…

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