The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on learning, inspiration, and networking. The event comprises an expo, networking events, awards shows such as the Independent Games Festival and the Game Developers Choice Awards, and a variety of tutorials, lectures, and roundtables by industry professionals on game-related topics covering programming, design, audio, production, business and management, and visual arts.
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    • Interview: Robin Arnott On Biofeedback

      By Philippa Warr on November 11th, 2014 at 9:00 pm. Image by Ken Fager (used under CC license) One of the fascinating things about the Oculus Rift headset is the way it forces players and developers to consider the body in relation to a game. A lot of the talk is about how to represent your avatar’s body.

      Philippa Warr/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 2 readers -
    • PS Plus Subscribers Reach For 8 Million Mark

      PlayStation Plus is one of the best subscription services in the video game industry, so its no surprise that Sony announced the subscription numbers for the first time. During a post-earnings conference call with overseas investors the company announced that PS Plus has reached 7.9 members. This follows the incredible success of the company’s current generation console, the PS4.

      Ivan Mashkov/ Gaming Precision- 1 readers -
  • Knight Squad preview: chivalrous shenanigans

    … Local multiplayer has been making quite a comeback in recent years, particularly in the indie gaming community. This emphasis on friendly, local competition was on display once again during this week's Indie Games Live event that followed the first day of GDC Next. Eight players gathered around a big screen to pick up their arms and run each…

    Ozzie Mejia/ Shacknews- 1 readers -
  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional preview: stay tuned

    … to a keen 80s anime art style and presentation that makes embarking on each new mission an engaging event. Shacknews recently had a chance to go hands-on with Galak-Z during this week's GDC Next event to blast off into the game's latest build. Galak-Z: The Dimensional is a 16-bit, top-down space shooter, built on roguelike principles. That means players…

    Ozzie Mejia/ Shacknews- 1 readers -

  • Dex to be showcased at this year's GDC Next

    …There will be a bunch of indie games on display at GDC Next this year, and one of those titles just happens to be slated for Wii U. Check out the full list of indie demos below. - Antihero by the Antihero team - Dex by Dreadlocks - Homesick from Lucky Pause - Neverending Nightmares by Infinitap Games - Nova-111 from Funktronic Labs - Paperbound by Dissident Logic - "Skullduggery!" by Clutch Play Games - StarCrawlers from Juggernaut Games - Tumblestone by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Link …

    GoNintendo- 3 readers -
  • Battlefield 4′s Final Stand DLC Will Make Me Finally Play Again

    … Developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts almost blew it. They may already have. With the Call of Duty franchise – reigning king of first-person shooter genre – seemingly peaked, scoring slightly weaker reviews, slightly lower sales figures and certainly a lot less buzz in each successive annual installment, the timing was perfect to grab…

    Rob Keyes/ Game Rant- 5 readers -
  • PS4 GPGPU Doubles XB1 GPGPU In Ubisoft Test

    … An interesting presentation hosted by Alexis Vaisse, Lead Programmer at Ubisoft Montpellier, during the latest GDC Europe (and now available via .PDF here) was spotted by Neogaf user Insane Metal. The topic is one that is being discussed a lot in the development community: moving physics simulation (in this specific case, cloth simulation) from…

    Alessio Palumbo/ Worlds Factory- 16 readers -
  • Trailer Roundup: In which names are in all caps and few things explode

    … the top of the screen and you'll pop up from the bottom; fall off a platform and you'll reappear at the top of the screen. It's a simple mechanic which is well supported by creative level design. This game was selected for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2013, the IndieCade Showcase at E3 2013, and the Tokyo Game Show 2014 Indie Game Area…

    Lena Leray/ 2 readers -
  • Child of Light creators become core team at Ubisoft Montreal

    … so it became very personal - I even did a lot of the PR myself; GDC talks, global tours etc. "I have moved on. I guess I'm a special snowflake in this case, because I hate being stuck in one place. At some point somebody put me in a room and said, 'Pat, you're the Rainbow Six guy!' or 'You're the Assassin's Creed guy!' but I said no, even after…

    CVG- 1 readers -
  • Project Morpheus is '85% complete', says Yoshida

    … will provide pinpoint head tracking data. In development for three years, Sony officially revealed Morpheus at GDC in March, although the device was given only minimal exposure during the company's E3 press conference last month. Sony has invested significantly in the upcoming PS4 virtual reality headset, according to PlayStation chief Andrew House. …

    CVG- 1 readers -

  • Make alternative controllers for first ever Alt CTRL Game Jam

    …!, Virtual Internet Hacker VR, Dark Room Sex Game, Mitt Rowdy, and others. There have been jams and events celebrating alt ctrl games, especially I want to mention the fantastic alt.ctrl.gdc exhibition that John Polson organized earlier this year during GDC in San Francisco. Alt Ctrl Game Jam John and I share a passion in supporting creation… 6 readers -
  • Hack ‘N’ Slash: Wot I Think

    … by Hack ‘N’ Slash. I was daunted before I started playing, having seen the game running at an event at GDC this year, in which it was shown just how hackable this top-down puzzle game truly is. I find it daunting when the edges of things aren’t defined – it destabilises my sense of a game, and so a game in which you redefine the properties of its own…

    John Walker/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 7 readers -
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