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  • PS3 Exclusives That Demand a PS4 HD Remaster

    … on the PS4. Even PS4 owners who’ve played inFamous 1 and 2 would probably give better looking versions of those games another go. After all, who wouldn't want to play two of the best superhero games of all time? " rel="lightbox[set_221]" > rumored for a while now, there is no doubt that the studio's previous release, Heavy Rain, is the better game…

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  • Kratos Is Even More Imposing Without Arms

    … Kratos. Now there's a rage-filled video game character for you. Just look at him, perched there, glaring through the screen. He doesn't even have limbs and I'm still scared he's gonna come beat me up. Read more…

    1 readers - Yannick Lejacq - Kotaku -
  • One on One with the Requiem: Zeus

    … on SEGA CD? Mike Haggar? He’s the mayor of Metro City, the entire city, and when the Mad Gear gang kidnapped his daughter, Mike ripped off his shirt and kicked some ass! Zeus: I do not care for this line of questioning. The Requiem: And how can you say that you were just too busy? You always seem to find the time to come down to Earth in the form…

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  • Want to make Games like God of War? Get Yourself to UCLA

    … Monica Studios contribution to the God of War series you may want to get yourself to University of California, Los Angeles. There two developers from the studio will be sharing their knowledge and skill sets with those willing to learn. Marianne Krawcyzk and and Whitney Wade are both instrumental figures in the creation of Kratos and the rest…

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  • Sony Brings “Artistic Pack” To China: Ico, Journey, SotC

    … for release in late July. Starting on July 22, Chinese gamers will be able to purchase both The Ultimate God of War Pack, and the Ultimate Uncharted Pack. The God of War package contains God of War Collection, God of War III and God of War: Ascension. Releasing the same day is the Uncharted collection, which contains the complete console trilogy…

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  • God Of War Developer Turns Up At Respawn

    …Stig Asmussen, a former director who worked on several game in the God of War series, has appeared at Respawn, the developer behind Titanfall. The company’s co-founder, Vince Zampella, confirmed the news to Polygon (via VG 24/7). Asmussen is working as the game director on Respawn’s next title, which is presumed to be the sequel to Titanfall…

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  • Is a New God Of War Coming To E3?

    …Sony Santa Monica have started to tease a new God of War announcement at E3 next week. In a tweet sent out last night the studio said "The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3 #earthquake #LA" Hopefully this means they are are going to be announcing a new God of War for the PS4 or PS Vita rather than some sort of HD Remake. Read more of Is a New God Of War Coming To E3? on n3rdabl3.…

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  • New ‘God of War’ Tease Hints At Potential E3 2014 Reveal

    … to drop next week at E3 arriving early, we’re beginning to wonder just how much surprising news can be left for the showroom floor. Luckily, according to a tweet made by Sony Santa Monica this morning, there’s at least one big reveal still to come next week from the Sony camp. Over a year has passed since rumors of a God of War 4 announcement…

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  • New God of War Teased by Santa Monica Studio

    … Sony Santa Monica Studio teased a new God of War via Twitter that will be revealed next week at E3 2014 in Los Angeles. The tweet says: “The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3.” Take a look at the official tweet below: The Gods have spoken once again, maybe they are just excited for #E3 #earthquake #LA…

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  • Sony Teases New God of War for E3

    …It appears that the next God of War installment may be on track for an E3 reveal, in assumption that the next game would launch on the PlayStation 4. In response to a 4.3 earthquake that struck the Los Angeles area on Sunday, Sony Santa Monica Studios Tweeted the following: What’re you guys thinkin’? Let us know in the comments below! The article Sony Teases New God of War for E3 belongs to Worlds Factory.…

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