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  • Grand Theft Auto V PS4 PlayStation Store Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

    Published at PlayStation LifeStyle - 8 readers

    Now that Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 is available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store, Sony and Rockstar have confirmed that there will be an extra bonus if you pre-order the digital version in North America (no word on Europe). In addition to the $1,000,000 in-game cash you can spend across Grand Theft Auto V ($500,000) and Grand Theft Auto Online ($500,000), those ...

  • ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Getting An Xbox 360 Re-Release?

    Published at Game Rant - 6 readers

    HD collections and re-releases are oftentimes seen as a simple way to earn more money on an old game (and it is), but occasionally, a few games manage to catch the attention of the masses and get them to considering revisiting the past. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is one notable example, due to the fact that Halo 2 and Halo 3 are getting the remaster treatment.

  • Report: Grand Theft Auto V Will Run at 1080p on PS4, Sources Confirm

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 5 readers - According to the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V will run at 1080p . Although we already know that the PS4 version of the game will look great, it still is exciting to think about just how amazing all the explosions, car crashes, and shootings will look running at 1080p.
  • Confirmed: Remastered ‘GTA: San Andreas’ Hits Xbox 360 On October 26th

    Game Rant - - 6 readers - Wasting little time after word began spreading yesterday that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas might get a re-release on the Xbox 360, Rockstar has officially confirmed the news themselves, revealing that a remastered version of the game is heading to the platform this weekend through Games on Demand.
  • Amazon Lists Special Edition GTA V PS4 Bundle For Europe

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 4 readers - According to Amazon Italy, Germany, and Spain websites, Europe is set to receive a special edition Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 bundle. If the listings are accurate, then the bundle will release on November 18, and will cost €449.99 (about $573). Last year, Sony and Rockstar Games teamed up for a special-edition GTA V PlayStation 3 bundle so it won’t be a surprise if the ...
  • Better Version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits Xbox 360 Next Week

    Kotaku - - 3 readers - A graphically improved version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be hitting Xbox Live on October 26, just in time for the game's 10th anniversary. But there's a bit of a catch. The updated version will run at 720p and will have Achievement support, with 11 hidden achievements. Full list in the image below: However, save files from the old Xbox Originals version of GTA: ...

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  • Guy Pretends To Be Serial Killer, Terrorizes GTA Online Players

    … If you start hearing a little kid singing disturbing renditions of nursery songs in your Grand Theft Auto Online sessions, you better start running. Someone who goes by the name of MrKreepyKoala has spent the last few months appearing in the multiplayer version of Los Santos and tormenting other would-be criminals by stalking and killing them…

    4 readers - Evan Narcisse - Kotaku -
  • Take-Two CEO Explains ‘Grand Theft Atuto 5′ PC Delay

    … Although it took a while for Rockstar Games to finally admit it, they eventually confirmed yearlong rumors that Grand Theft Auto 5 was coming to next-gen consoles and PC. Moreover, they promised that the ports would hit within the calendar year, likely during the fall season. However, Rockstar had to break their promise to PC gamers and ended…

    1 readers - Anthony Taormina - Game Rant -

  • GTA: San Andreas Now Live on Xbox 360, New Screenshots

    … Email Print Just a few days ago, Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Xbox 360 and now it has gone live. The new version of the game runs at $3.74 / £2.99 and clocks in at 2.05GB. Take a look at the new screenshots below: You can take a look at the Achievements here. Will you be playing it on your…

    Galit Gordon - Gaming Cypher -
  • The HD Version Of San Andreas For 360 Is Now On Sale... For $3.74

    … We knew a 720p graphically improved version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was hitting the Xbox 360 this weekend to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary. We didn't know it would cost under $4. When I first came across the listing for the game on I was confused by the price — was this just the original release? I purchased…

    1 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Confirmed: Remastered ‘GTA: San Andreas’ Hits Xbox 360 On October 26th

    … for both PS3 and Xbox 360 players, so you’re certain to see them all while playing. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas come to Xbox 360 via Games on Demand on October 26, 2014. You’ll probably want to get through it quickly, of course, since GTAV comes to Xbox One and PS4 a month later. Chance are, you’ll probably want to jump back into that too. Source: Rockstar …

    6 readers - Kyree Leary - Game Rant -

  • San Andreas IS Coming to Xbox 360!

    … It snuck up on us like a whisper, but it appears that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is indeed coming to Xbox 360 following rumours that it would be after a set of achievements were leaked and the hype around the GTA Online celebrations. Although, of all places, it was a support thread that gave it all away. Users noticed how the Xbox Originals…

    1 readers - n3rdabl3 -
  • GTA Online Celebrates San Andreas’ 10th Anniversary

    … After the rumours surrounding a potential 360 release for San Andreas, players no doubt wait with baited breath around whether this dream may become a reality. Rockstar pushed some news earlier about San Andreas – but sadly, it wasn’t confirming (or denying) the rumour. Instead, they revealed that this weekend Grand Theft Auto Online players…

    2 readers - n3rdabl3 -

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