• The Destiny Leveling Up Guide, Hitting 30 Fast

    Published at LzyGmrs - 57 readers

    Tweet Pin It We don’t know about you but we ‘re loving Destiny so far and can’t seem to pry ourselves away from it just yet. For those who just picked up the game you’ve a long journey ahead that spans 30 individual ranks. You’ll find yourself hitting the teens rather quickly, but after that it starts to feel like a grind.

  • Destiny – Power Leveling Guide: Level 24 in 8 Hours

    Published at LzyGmrs - 61 readers

    Trying to make that Vault of Glass raid with your friends this week? Decide you want to try a new class? Here at LzyGmrs we have the best tips and tricks to getting your guardian raid ready in a day’s time. Before you embark on this short (but busy) journey you will need to know that a higher level friend, around level 26-27 will need to accompany you.

  • Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Setup, Balancing the Build

    LzyGmrs - - 20 readers - My love for raiding and the teamwork involved came years ago during World of Warcraft. To me, there is nothing better than assembling a raid team, everyone helping each other prepare by gearing out each person specific to the role they will be performing, reading up on the strategies, and then executing them perfectly as you watch the seemingly impossible boss topple over into ...
  • TS|Lord Knight Takes a Trip to the Velvet Room in His Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Margaret Tutorial

    Shoryuken - - 10 readers - Owners of the North American localization of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax have only very recently found themselves able to purchase access to Margaret, the game’s third downloadable character. Luckily, community members have already stepped forward to help out newcomers to the fighter. This Velvet Room assistant isn’t the most conventional fighter, especially when considering her acc ...
  • Harness the Power of the Dark Hadou with ETC|Mcfly’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu Guide

    Shoryuken - - 6 readers - Elite Tournament Chile’s Mcfly recently released a breakdown of how best to handle Ryu once he has been fully consumed by the Dark Hadou in Ultra Street Fighter IV. As with most Evil Ryu videos, the combos shown here vary in levels of practicality from tournament viable to combo video only. For example, you’ll likely never see an Evil Ryu player FADC two long-range Hadoukens on ...

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  • League of Legends: Role Overview

    … Beginner to Diamond: Role Overview The roles in League of Legends are pretty well defined by the current meta of the game. The ‘meta’ is the most common way the game is played, or the ‘proper’ way as explained by many, at any given time. This changes slightly from region to region and shifts every patch, so keeping up to date with the best way…

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  • Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Setup, Balancing the Build

    … different groups, and I am responsible for assembling the raid teams and strategies within my clan, currently having three teams of six running Vault of Glass. Now as most of you know, Vault of Glass (VoG) has a recommended level of 26 to make it “possible” to complete. With that said, it is my personal opinion that this is a very rough guide to let…

    20 readers - LzyGmrs - Destiny -
  • Destiny – Power Leveling Guide: Level 24 in 8 Hours

    …, combine these with higher level rare gauntlets and boots and there you have it, level 24 in your pocket. An alternate method to this guide would follow the same path until level 20, and then if you have a primary guardian which has obtained gear for your new class you could transfer it over by using the vault at the tower, in which case it would…

    61 readers - LzyGmrs - Destiny -

  • The Destiny Leveling Up Guide, Hitting 30 Fast

    … piece almost always, and sometimes other legendary weapons or ship blueprints. This is perhaps the fastest, most guaranteed way to continue leveling at this point. The player may also do the Crucible, and or 24 strike missions, story mode with the heroic modifier, or grind vanguard reputation to rank 2 in order to purchase legendary gear…

    57 readers - LzyGmrs - Destiny -

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