• The Destiny Leveling Up Guide, Hitting 30 Fast

    Published at LzyGmrs - 38 readers

    Tweet Pin It We don’t know about you but we ‘re loving Destiny so far and can’t seem to pry ourselves away from it just yet. For those who just picked up the game you’ve a long journey ahead that spans 30 individual ranks. You’ll find yourself hitting the teens rather quickly, but after that it starts to feel like a grind.

  • ShoryuSengan Analyzes Ken and Ryu’s Rivalry in Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Shoryuken - - 2 readers - Maining Ken is a sort of right of passage in the Street Fighter community. While most of us move on after brief intimate periods with the king of the Shoryuken, some of us decide to keep at it well beyond the flowchart stages. ShoryuSengan is one of those players who has stuck with Mr.

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  • The Destiny Leveling Up Guide, Hitting 30 Fast

    … are here at LzyGmrs, we decided to put together a nifty leveling guide to get you to level 30 as quickly as possible. Destiny Leveling Guide Once a guardian reaches level 20 they have only just begun their journey into progressing their character. As many of you may know, to gain additional levels past level 20 requires the guardian to obtain gear…

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  • The beginners guide to IV and EV training a Pokemon in gen 6

    …Here’s your beginner’s guide to IV and EV training in Gen 6 Pokemon The first time you took on the gen 6 Battle Maison or faced a random player online, you probably got your ass kicked right. The reason for this is because under all that kid friendly dialogue about friendship beats the heart of a world where players and the AI are manipulating…

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