• Diablo III 2.1.2 Changes Goblins, Rifts, Hubs

      By Ben Barrett on November 10th, 2014 at 8:00 am. Diablo was the awkward child of this BlizzCon. With WoW’s expansion coming soon and StarCraft’s Legacy of the Void now being shown off, Diablo is the only currently-released game without a paid update on the horizon. I figured another expansion would be announced this weekend, but between a new game, movie news and the like, ...

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    • An Exciting Post About AssCreed Unity’s PC Performance

      By Alec Meer on November 12th, 2014 at 12:00 pm. Now that I’ve a) got code and b) got said code to run after a ton of tinkering, I’ve spent a couple of hours with gaming’s latest whipping boy, Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Given yesterday’s web brouhaha about its shonky performance on console, it seems worth sharing my technical experiences with it on PC too.

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    • Week in Tech: SSD Update – It’s All About (NV)Me!

      By Jeremy Laird on November 20th, 2014 at 9:00 pm. One word. NVMe. Take it from me, you want some of it. So, you’d better start to get your head around it. Luckily, it’s all you need to know about solid-state drives or SSDs over the next year or so. Well, that and whether your motherboard can support NVMe. Oh, and the difference between M.2, SFF-8639 and SATA Express. I know.

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  • Nvidia's Shield Gets Its Own Little Slice Of Cloud Gaming

    … added to the list on a weekly basis. It's a nice and varied selection — there's an adventure, an action game, a shooter, a racer. Some are indie, some are big-name. Some are particularly daring inclusions for streaming cloud gaming, given the platform's tendency towards input lag. AstebreedAlan Wake American NightmareBatman: Arkham AsylumBatman…

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  • Bluebuds X (Hardware) Review

    … Bluebuds X (Hardware) Review Jaybird’s Bluebuds X headphones just might be the best wireless set of buds that you’ll ever use. I love the idea behind wireless earbuds. Well, actually, I just love earbuds in general. I know that they don’t give you the kind of sound quality that you can get from an over-ear headphone, but I’m not really…

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  • PSone games Run on Android Wear Thanks to Hacker

    … becoming the preferred way to emulate games. Atleast not anytime soon. There are some cool ways to emulate PS1 games out there on Android, leave a comment and let me know if and what emulators you have dabbled with on Android. Website Referenced: Pocket Gamer, YouTube Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. blog comments powered by Disqus…

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  • Week in Tech: Mobile Gaming Update

    … was yet another Dell (an 8500) with one of the first widescreen panels (a proper 1,920 by 1,200 item, none of this 1080p crap) and a GeForce 4 Go. Great panel, same GPU as the best desktop GeForces of the day, albeit lower clocked. Awful chassis. While we’re talking graphics upgrades, it’s something which has never really caught on despite efforts…

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  • The Baen Project wants to turn your real car into a gaming peripheral

    … project is in the works to actually turn your car into a gaming peripheral of sorts. Welcome to the Baen Project. This interesting project is based around a hardware plugin that you would connect to your car. After you are connected, this little piece of hardware would export various pieces of information from your car which includes things like…

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  • Week in Tech: All Hail The Mighty Mechanical Keyboard

    Earlier this month we were given an opportunity of a lifetime - to go to Germany and tour the Cherry MX factory. Of course we jumped on it, and we spent a pretty amazing day learning about Cherry and their practices... Sponsor link: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/221304-corsair-gaming-k70-rgb/ Pricing & discussion: http://linustechtips.

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  • Someone's Finally Making A Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

    … There are a few key things that keep PC gamers tethered to their desks, one of them being the awesomeness of having the "click clack" of a quality mechanical keyboard punctuate their gameplay. Impressive as they may be, laptops haven't been able to replicate that experience...yet. MSI to the rescue! Today the hardware developer unveiled its…

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  • Now Razer's Making A Surround Sound Bar

    … A good surround sound-capable sound bar is the perfect solution for those wary of trying to position speakers all over their gaming space. Due for release next month, Razer's Leviathan could be a very good surround sound-capable sound bar. Crafted for virtual 5.1 surround sound gaming and movies or streaming music via Bluetooth 4.0 aptX…

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  • Origin Chronos Z Compact Gaming PC: The Kotaku Review

    … GTX Titan Z (the 'Z' in Chronos Z), which shouldn't need to be swapped out any time soon. Enough harping over the outside of the unit. Here's the guts. Chronos Z Review Configuration Asus Z97I-Plus Motherboard (Bluetooth/WiFi Onboard)Origin Frostbyte 120 Sealed Liquid Cooling System for 1150 SocketOverclocked Intel Core i7 4790K Quad-Core CPU…

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  • Week in Tech: The PC Is Dead, Long Live The PC

    … before, kinda. But in recent weeks it’s all become more baffling than ever. Try this for size: Record revenues for good old Intel, AMD laying off staff while another bit of what used to be AMD is paid $1.5 billion to take away what’s left of IBM’s chip production facility – deep breath – tablet sales tanking, PC sales taking up the slack, an Apple…

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  • The DualShock 4 Has Become A Pretty Great PC Controller

    … If you're using a controller to play a PC game—I know, I know, shhh, it's okay—chances are the on-screen prompts you see will match up with an Xbox controller. But you don't have to use Microsoft's controller with your PC; you've actually got a lot of options, including the PS4's DualShock 4. I really like the DualShock 4, but while I've known…

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  • Shield Tablet 1.2.1 Update is Available Now

    … Zack Kaplan - Zack Kaplan is a games journalist if you want to call him that, he enjoys covering news stories and giving his opinion on video games with the hope someone somewhere will read it. A formerly Nintendo only gamer, he now plays on numerous platforms, including of course Android. Besides DroidGamers you can find his writing at Nintendo World Report and his own personal site Gamer Thoughts Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. blog comments powered by Disqus…

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  • PlayStation TV: The Kotaku Review

    … for more popular apps such as Netflix and Hulu are available for the Vita, those apps will not yet run on the PlayStation TV. It will stream movies and television shows from the Sony Entertainment Network, but no one wants to do that. Those looking to pick up a PlayStation TV micro-console tomorrow with an eye on streaming…Read moreRead on Rather than…

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