• Review: The Walking Dead: Season Two

    …The second season of The Walking Dead adventure game has come out to build upon the impressive first season of episodic games. Fans of the television show and comic book will enjoy this game as it features the same level of character interaction spurred by a need to survive in a world thrown to anarchy as well as the menace of the constant threat…

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  • Indie Quickie: Concursion

    …It takes a lot longer to fully review a game than it does to get a good sense of what a game is. Even with a full-time staff of writers it would be impossible to fully review the thousands of games that are released every year. Indie Quickie is our way to offer snap impressions of the countless indie titles small teams and one-man game studios…

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  • Discussion Review: Sacred 3

    …Review written by Matt Litten & Tim Mack. Tim: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MS3TK) had a fantastic run making fun of cheesy, low production movies. The campier, the better. Being able to comment on some of the worst moments in cinema and make two hours hilarious and fun, is a feat that has not crossed over into any other medium. Playing “so…

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