• Thrustmaster Y-400PW Headset (PC/PS3/PS4) Review

      Thrustmaster Y-400PW Headset (PC/PS3/PS4) Review What are a pair of headphones to you? Strange this is what used to be a daft question with a reply “things to stick in your ears” is now complicated needing much greater thought before purchase of type and what you’re going to need it for – enter the Y-400PW. A pair of wireless headphones with more options than you could ever imagine.

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  • Bluebuds X (Hardware) Review

    … Bluebuds X (Hardware) Review Jaybird’s Bluebuds X headphones just might be the best wireless set of buds that you’ll ever use. I love the idea behind wireless earbuds. Well, actually, I just love earbuds in general. I know that they don’t give you the kind of sound quality that you can get from an over-ear headphone, but I’m not really…

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  • The Best Headphones

    … You've crowned the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s as your choice for best headphones, and that's no surprise. Read more…

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  • Five Best Headphones

    … After a huge number of nominations , we have your five choices for Best Headphones. Even more compelling is that three of your five picks are the same as the contenders from Lifehacker's 2012 Hive Five , which really speaks to the quality of these cans. Head for the comments and vote by starring your favorite. Read more…

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  • What Are The Best Headphones?

    … This week we're talking about headphones, one of the largest, most diverse, hotly contested, and ubiquitous product categories we cover. Read more…

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  • Razer's Figured Out Colors, Everybody

    … No, really. I know they're not all black and green, but look at the little snake logos — those are definitely Razer products. Razer Kraken headphones and headsets, now in six vibrant colors. I'm so proud. Read more... …

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