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  • This GIF Is the Best Thing About the Heavenly Sword Movie

    …Let's be clear up front: Heavenly Sword is a downright terrible film. It is a cheap-looking mess of a movie that neither fans of the game nor series newcomers are likely to enjoy. Good – Some of the New Plot Points If the film does one thing right, it's that it's not afraid to change the game's story. And while the results are often more than…

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  • Movie Review: Heavenly Sword

    … range on show as the new voice of numerous characters, including Roach, Master Shen and Kyo. Kai’s original actress, Lydia Baksh, has been replaced by Ashleigh Ball, but there isn’t much of a difference. The one major change is Alfred Molina as the new voice of Bohan. Due to scheduling conflicts, Andy Serkis wasn’t available to reprise his role…

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  • Heavenly Sword Developer: Ninja Theory reveals Hell Blade

    …Announced five hours ago at Gamescom Press Conference, the gaming developer of Heavenly Sword and DMC finally revealed the new intellectual property called Hell Blade; this upcoming independent project will feature a female protagonist who wields a sword engraved with mysterious markings. While nothing else is known about this particular title…

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  • Heavenly Sword movie release date revealed

    … The movie based of the happens of the best selling PS3 game, Heavenly Sword, has finally revealed it’s release date. Brought to you by Cinedigm, Nariko’s story is retold through the movie, with most of the original voice actors reclaiming their parts, including Anna Torv returning as Nariko. Nariko in all her glory Here is the movie’s official trailer. Release date is September 2nd on Blu-ray and PSN, and sometime shortly after in Europe. No related posts. …

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  • Heavenly Sword Movie Receives First Trailer

    …Heavenly Sword may not receive a sequel just yet but we do get to see an animated movie version of the videogame tale. A trailer has been released showcasing the direct-to-video movie which stars a pretty good voice cast. IGN was able to get..... The post Heavenly Sword Movie Receives First Trailer appeared first on Attack of the Fanboy.…

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