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The Humble Bundles (previously known as Humble Indie Bundles) are a series of collections ("bundles") of digital creations that are sold and distributed online at a price determined by the purchaser. The bundles are typically offered on a semi-regular basis during a two-week period; sales often include bonus games or media offered mid-week through the sale for those that have already purchased the bundle or otherwise pay more than the average.Early bundles featured independently developed, multi-platform games (including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms) provided without digital rights management (DRM).
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  • Review Bites: Mini Reviews Ahoy!

    … every Humble Bundle in existence and wade through that normal mix of great titles and utter nonsense. So, let's be honest, good or bad there are a ton of games in the marketplace and for a variety of reasons (someone already has their own review planned, the game is freemium/relatively simple/god awful, etc) it isn't practical to prep a lengthy…

    DroidGamersin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Humble Bundle has raised over $50 million in sales for over 50 charities

    … a bargain or two along with way than head over to the Humble Store which is currently holding its Winter Sale. The games on sale will change daily and 10% of all purchases will be going to the following charities: The American Red Cross, Child’s Play Charity, charity:water, the World Land Trust and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Humble…

    The Gamer Headlines- 1 readers -

  • Bastion coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita

    … Online was discovered today by NeoGAF and as far as words I don't want to see appear in videogame names go, particularly from a comp...more Oh, good -- another chance to talk about Black Desert and reuse this Tom Cruisian image. The cool-looking MMORPG and its remarkable character creator will be available to North American and European audiences…

    Kyle Macgregor/ destructoid -
  • Weekend PC download deals: Early Christmas shopping

    …) Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - $33.49 (33% off) Alien: Isolation - $24.99 (50% off) The Wolf Among Us - $8.50 (66% off) The Walking Dead: Season 2 - $8.50 (66% off) Divinity: Original Sin - $26.79 (33% off) Valiant Hearts: The Great War - $6.00 (60% off) NBA 2K15 - $40.19 (33% off) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - $11.99 (40% off) Transistor - $9.99 (50% off) Child of Light - $6.00 (60% off) Broken Age - $8.50 (66% off) Trials Fusion - $9.99 (50% off) Breach & Clear - $3.74 (75% off) …

    Ozzie Mejia/ Shacknews- 2 readers -
  • Google Scraps reCAPTCHA in Favour of its own No-CAPTCHA

    … In an effort to stop robot spam CAPTCHA’s were set up which contained cryptic and often illegible to even the most human human, everybody hates them and 90% of the time we have to enter the same thing in twice in order to complete a registration form or make a purchase. That’s why despite owning reCAPTCHA, Google are hoping to make them obsolete…

    Aaron Richardson/ n3rdabl3- 2 readers -
  • Humble Sega Bundle: ASRT, Sonic Adventure for 60p! Generations for under $4

    … Once upon a time someone had an idea, it went like this “Why don’t we gather together a bunch of games each week, put them in a bundle, and charge as little as 60p for the majority of them, and let people give most of that money to charity!?” And somehow this idea gets supported each week by various game studios, and it works! Well, it’s…

    The Sonic Stadium- 2 readers -
  • SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 72 (Black Friday edition)

    … (Vita in Japan) SEGA and Humble team up for another Humble Bundle There’s been more Rodea the Sky Soldier gameplay footage shown There were some decent Black Friday SEGA deals out there Question of the Week Should SEGA continue to license its IP out to third parties? What have you been playing? Chris: Diablo III (PS4…

    Chris Powell/ SEGA Nerds- 3 readers -

  • Humble Bundle Launches Games Against Ebola Game Jam

    … There are 10 different developers that have taken to fighting the ongoing fight with Ebola by developing video games. Humble Bundle is collaborating their efforts with these developers in creating a 96-hour game jam to raise money for charity. The game jam Games Against Ebola kicked off today, November 26, and will continue until November 30…

    The Gamer Headlines- 8 readers -
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