• Elite Dangerous Impressions Part 1 – Learning To Fly

      By Alec Meer on December 19th, 2014 at 3:00 pm. Elite: Dangerous is out. Somehow that happened after all these years. Remarkable, really. As previously discussed, a full review/Wot I Think of the game we’re not supposed to call Elite 4 will arrive next year. It won’t be from me, as despite my fondest wishes otherwise I can’t spend the Christmas break in a Cobra, but what I c ...

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    • Super Mega Baseball is the Late Season Sports Gaming Hero

      Super Mega Baseball enters the marketplace without the support of a major publisher and with it the normal marketing push and fanfare those games get. It lacks the licensing, rich feature sets, and revenue-driven modes that have become the norm. The sports genre’s alternatives, games that acted as bridges to the highly-detailed and increasingly complicated sim offerings, have ... 3 readers -
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    • Early Impressions: The Crew

      By John Walker on December 2nd, 2014 at 3:00 pm. Ubisoft’s The Crew is now out, via Steam in the US and UPlay and something called “shops” in other parts of the world. Ubisoft, after the PR disaster of trying to impose post-release embargoes on Assassin’s Creed: Unity reviews, have taken the rather bold step of informing customers not to trust early reviews.

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  • Early Impressions: Lords Of Xulima

    … By John Walker on December 18th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. RPG Lords Of Xulima snuck out last month, forgetting to tell anyone it existed, and indeed that it seems rather good. I’ve played the first few hours of the 60+ hour game, and have some early impressions to share with you. For instance, here’s my impression of a games critic: Lords Of Xulima…

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  • A Couple Of Hours With… Dungeon Defenders II

    … to, and I didn’t enjoy the extremely commercially-minded aesthetic. Where I can imagine DD2 offering me something is in multiplayer at higher levels, as managing the rampaging swarm of personality-free goblinoids turns from perfunctory bashing and zapping and into desperate ‘oh God get over there!’ and ‘aaargh it’s trashed my lightning trap!’ and general…

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  • Super Mega Baseball Impressions and Walkthrough Video

    … well designed. It may have the look of an “arcade” game but it’s grounded enough in realism that it should appeal to a wide audience. I’ll be posting extended thoughts on the game tomorrow to coincide with the release but in the meantime here’s a walkthrough video I put together with a full Season mode game and my commentary as playing it going over features and impressions. … 1 readers -
  • NHL 2K Mobile Review

    … an officially licensed NHL game should reflect the NHL rules at the time of its release mobile game or not. Expectations should even be higher than that for a game that charges $8 out of the gate rather than try and entice people to play it through free-to-play. A premium price should only be for a premium game. Sports game franchises like NBA 2K, FIFA…

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  • Zelda U Gameplay Trailer Impressions

    … This piece has been some time in the making and is long overdue. As many of you gamers out there know, the Game Awards 2014 debuted this past Friday, where they gave out awards to the top game publishers and premiered new game trailers for upcoming titles. One such trailer they showed off was from Nintendo, who won Developer of the Year…

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  • Impressions: DeadCore

    … By John Walker on December 1st, 2014 at 6:00 pm. DeadCore snuck up from nowhere. A complete FPS platformer, out on Steam tomorrow, whose terrible name belies a swishy, entertaining and rather tricky game. There’s is no shortage of FPS platform jumping of late, so does DeadCore do enough to stand out? I’d say so. While we’ve seen GlitchSpace…

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  • Deathtrap (PC) Preview

    … An eccentric mix between Diablo’s hack and slash formula and the traditional tower defense genre; is it crazy enough to work? Deathtrap is NeoCoreGames’ newest offering and is quite a bit different than their Van Helsing series of action/RPGs, which plays mores like your traditional ‘Diablo’ type game, which I mentioned above. There’s a few…

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  • Impressions: Rust’s New Version

    … By Matthew Cox on November 26th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. As of last month, developers Facepunch (headed by Garry Newman of Garry’s Mod fame) declared that what was previously known as ‘Experimental Mode’ is now the definitive version of Rust. It now launches by default on Steam, with an option to play on the old ‘Legacy’ servers instead if you’re…

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