The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), the infrastructure to support email, and peer-to-peer networks for file sharing and telephony.
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    • Why Star Trek: Voyager Meant The World To Me

      Twenty years ago today, Star Trek: Voyager premiered. Of the five live-action Star Trek series, Voyager is not the best. If you were ranking them, Voyager and Enterprise would probably duke it out for last place. But none of that matters, because Star Trek: Voyager meant everything to me as a child. I didn't actually see Voyager premiere twenty years ago.

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    • Crazy Walmart Video Game Sale, Home Theater Bias Light, and More Deals

      In case you missed it this morning, Walmart is having a ridiculous sale on a ton of popular video games. We thought a lot of these might be price mistakes, but they've been listed for several hours now, so order quickly. before they sell out. Note: Amazon matched Walmart on Far Cry 4, so we linked there instead.

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    • 4K Gaming Laptop, PlayStation Anniversary Sale, and More Deals

      Are you sitting down? Here's a $1000 laptop with a Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce 860M GPU, 256GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM. Pretty great! Oh, and I forgot to mention the 15" 4K touchscreen. Yep, 4K. Buy this. [ Lenovo Y50 Touch 4K UHD Laptop , $1000] If you're curious about gaming mice, but want to see what the fuss is about before dropping a ton of money on a high end model ...

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  • 25 Years of Technology, Oh how Things have Changed.

    …. As computers found their ways into more peoples homes and the Internet started to roll-out globally, this era was the start of something that 1980s kids would probably never dream of. To celebrate the past 25 years of history, Markel direct has released an interactive visualisation that dives into the history between 1989 and 2014, showing just how…

    Aaron Richardson/ n3rdabl3- 2 readers -

  • The real sources of unethical videogame journalism

    … [Note: The Badger could be anyone -- a game developer, a member of the gaming press, even a writer for another game blog. They could be just one person or multiple people. You'll probably never find out who they really are, which is part of the fun. Welcome The Badger to Destructoid everybody!] Watching people on the internet hunting…

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  • The Best Windows 10 and Xbox Updates Microsoft Announced Today

    … a Windows 10 App on the Desktop Microsoft took a step in Steam's general direction with a brand new Xbox app for Windows 10. The app will come pre-loaded on all Windows 10 devices. For Xbox Live users, you can chat and voice chat with everyone on your friends list, see all of your games in the app, view screenshots and videos from players and so…

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  • Not going to PAX South? Here's the next best thing

    … San Antonio, Texas will be the epicenter of the gaming world this weekend as thousands descend upon the city for the first incarnation of PAX South. No one really knows how it'll go. Maybe it'll mark the beginning of the third major PAX in North America; maybe it'll be a complete bust. If you're making the trip, you'll get to find out first…

    Brett Makedonski/ destructoid- 2 readers -
  • The New Pokémon Games Are Only $27 Right Now

    … advantage of an item we cover, we may get a small share of the sale. We want your feedback. Follow us for the best deals on the Internet, and check out— Kinja Deals (@KinjaDeals) June 9, 2014…

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  • Steam Now Lets You Compare Download Speeds with the Rest of the World

    … Annoyed with your crappy internet provider, bad connection and slow download speeds? Well, as Steam's stats show, you are not alone. Spotted by r/steam and r/games, the Steam Global Traffic Map's newly-implemented feature lets you look at a list of average download rates for each country, grouped by service providers. So you could, for example…

    András Neltz/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Cure Me Good: Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital Free On Origin

    … is currently free on Origin, see, but I can’t go pop the balloonoid noggins of people suffering Bloaty Head or mock people in blue suede shoes with King Complex because ugh I have to write a thing for the Internet about how Theme Hospital is a great game and free on Origin right now. Unbelievable. Theme Hospital is a great game, mind. It’s a fine Bullfrog…

    Alice O'connor/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 2 readers -
  • Twitch outlines PAX South 2015 broadcasting schedule

    … the full schedule below. All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST). Official PAX South Panel Stream ( Friday 12:30PM: Storytime with Geoff Keighley 1:30PM: Penny Arcade Q&A 3PM: Rooster Teeth 4PM: Twitch Town Hall 5:30PM: 404ing it: Breaking (Down) the Internet 6:30PM: Experience the NVIDIA PAX Panel 8:30PM: Chainsawsuit…

    Ozzie Mejia/ Shacknews- 3 readers -
  • Citizens of Earth Review: Citizens United

    … Although the era of SNES adventure games largely passed me by, I've poured a ton of hours into Pokemon, along with a number of GameCube era adventure RPGs. So, the spirit of what Citizens of Earth tries to capture isn't completely lost on me. While the adventure is certainly creative and wacky, it meanders a bit too much to earn a second term…

    Steven Wong/ Shacknewsin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Resident Evil HD Launch Sale, $65 PlayStation TV, and More Deals

    … The Descendants (Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy) Full Monty Garden State Juno (Special Edition + Digital Copy) The Last King of Scotland Little Miss Sunshine Napoleon Dynamite: 10th Anniversary Edition Once (Amazon Exclusive) Sideways Slumdog Millionaire 12 Years a Slave Minecraft plushies! External battery packs are fine and dandy, but nothing beats a battery case…

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  • New AR Pet App Animin Launches Today!

    … to be a a great new idea in the mobile gaming world, and a great interactive bit of augmented reality for youngsters. Animin is a new piece of Augmented Reality tech, that brings a virtual pet to life like never before on mobile devices. The game requires a free app that runs on Android and iOS devices, and you will need an AR Trigger Card which can…

    n3rdabl3- 2 readers -
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