• Magicant, Retro F-Zero, and Gameboy Stages for Smash Bros. 3DS

    Published at Nintendo Enthusiast - 403 readers

    September 11, 2014 Japanese players with early copies of the anticipated Super Smash Bros. for 3DS have taken to the Internet with live-streamed broadcasts of their play. So far, we’ve seen some new information that hasn’t been announced officially, as well as a few new locales as our these players journey through the game.

  • #GamerGate: ‘Some People Cost Us More Than They Gain Us’ Says Gearbox President

    One Angry Gamer - - 22 readers - The internet never forgets. It’s a maxim you learn time and time over again when you get caught with a foot in your mouth. In this case, Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford found himself engaged in a conversation that was bound to end badly…. especially since he was defending an employee who outed himself as partaking in unethical behavior.
  • Spooky Computing: Memory of a Broken Dimension

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 9 readers - By Alice O'Connor on September 9th, 2014 at 10:00 am. We’ve all downloaded something weird from the Internet because the cool kids were doing it. That’s one of the points of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, even. But with Memory of a Broken Dimension, you get an unsettling mystery.
  • Twitch malware targets Steam accounts, steals from wallet, inventory

    The Gamer Headlines - - 10 readers - According to F-secure, a Finnish security software firm, a new form of malware is being spread through the chat feature of immensely popular video game streaming website, Twitch. The malicious piece of software accesses the affected user’s Steam account, and attempts to spend money without proper authorization, among many other undesirable effects. Read more details after the break.

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  • Crownclusion: Dark Souls 2′s Ivory King DLC Released

    …By Alice O'Connor on September 30th, 2014 at 4:00 pm. We should have posted more about Dark Souls II, and our mistake was partially my fault. I had planned another big Dark Souls Nites livestream bonanza with music, guests, phone-ins, and other chilled-out late-night radio fun. Then my Internet connection took a nose-dive and I felt too tired…

    5 readers - Alice O'connor - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • New Wii U 5.2.0 System Update adds Folders

    …Nintendo have released the 5.2.0 system update for all Wii U systems today. The update adds the ability to create folders on the home page, similar to the 3DS, it also tweaks the quick start menu. You can check for a full list of additions below. ‘Version 5.2.0 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements: Changes…

    2 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • New System Update For Wii U Adds Folders, Tweaks To Quick Start Menu

    …Nintendo has unleashed a new system update for Wii U. Available via an Internet connection, version 5.2.0 U allows users to create folders in the Wii U menu to hold and organize software icons. It also adds changes to the Quick Start Menu and modifies the design and layout of the HOME Menu. The latest update includes the following improvements…

    5 readers - My Nintendo News -
  • Wii U update version 5.2.0 out now – folders and more

    … and Quick Start Menu. Here’s a full rundown of the new firmware: Version 5.2.0 U, available via an Internet connection, includes the following improvements: Changes to the Wii U Menu: Folders can now be created in the Wii U Menu to hold and organize software icons A Download Management icon has been added to the Wii U Menu Changes to Quick Start Menu…

    5 readers - Nintendo Everything -

  • Contest: Win a code for Heavy Bullets on Steam!

    …, entry will be deemed to have been submitted by the authorized account holder of the screen name from which the entry is made. The authorized account holder is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses…

    4 readers - destructoid -
  • You Can Preload Shadow Of Mordor On PS4&XB1

    …You Can Preload Shadow Of Mordor On PS4&XB1 28 September 2014 Good news for all gamers that have a medium-to-slow Internet connection and preordered Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One digitally. It’s now possible to preload the game, or at least start doing so; it doesn’t seem like the full game is already there…

    8 readers - Worlds Factory -
  • Why Is Skype Still The Preferred Mode For Making Calls?

    … be able to save a lot of money by calling people from this particular software. Furthermore, if you have a stable Internet connection as well as a video camera, then video chatting will also be a very good option for you. You’ll definitely be impressed by the call clarity, and the best part of Skype is that you can also get a lot of quality calls…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • You Had Me At 'Assassin's Creed With Kittens'

    …Thank you, the Internet. Damn you to cat claw hell for this, but also thank you so much. The face that kitten in green makes when it's about to catssassinate the first soldier. This face: The horror. And also everything else about this video. Assassin's Creed Unity might have cool crowd tech and post-just-shanked-a-thousand-dudes fistbump bro-op…

    2 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku - Assassin's Creed -
  • Preorder Deals On Pretty Much Everything, Shadow of Mordor [Deals]

    … on the Internet, and check out — Kinja Deals (@KinjaDeals) June 9, 2014 Get in touch with me on Twitter or by e-mailing Shane@Gawker — Shane Roberts (@ShaneOSX) December 9, 2013 Our game release calendar is our attempt to make sure you never miss the latest releases, their limited collector's editions, or pre-orders… Read moreIn an effort to make sure you never miss the latest releases, their limited collector's editions, or a chance to grab a deal on them, we've … Read more…

    Kotaku -
  • Gaming History: Games as Gambling

    … very well, video games in the future may very well be considered gambling. Even today, some video games are considered gambling. In China, police are installing “black boxes” in the arcade machines to ensure that they are not tampered with, and even more so because in China, the situation is like New York: Internet Cafés have long been associated…

    1 readers - Gamers Sphere -

  • Warlords Of Draenor System Requirements Revealed

    … Graphics 3000 Mac: OS X 10.8 Intel Core 2 Duo NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or ATI Radeon HD 4850 PC/Mac: 35 GB available HD space 2 GB RAM Broadband Internet connection Keyboard/mouse DVD-ROM drive 1024×768 minimum display resolution Recommended Specifications PC/Mac: 4 GB RAM Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel PC: Windows 7/Windows 8 64-bit (latest…

    1 readers - Attack of the Fanboy -
  • The Evil Within PC requirements, console install space revealed

    …: Recommended PC System Specifications: 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8 i7 with four plus cores 4 GBs RAM 50 GB of hard drive space* GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4GBs of VRAM High Speed Internet Connection Steam account and activation Bethesda has no plans to reveal the minimum system requirements for the game, stating their reasons as follows: “We do…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines - The Evil Within -

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