• PN Featured Artist: Ben Staniford

      This weeks Pure Nintendo Featured artist is Ben Staniford. A talented artist who uses his 3DS to create awesome Nintendo character art. You can checkout his Miiverse account where he frequently posts his artwork, so be sure to follow him at NinBendo1. Also Ben is always up for requests if you’d like to send him over some ideas via twitter (contact info below).

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    • Clive Developer Rob Wass discusses Game and Level Design

      The UK-based Dinosaur Bytes, an independent game developer of the upcoming Clive and the Stone of the Ancient Bunnies, has recently received a Steam Greenlight on December 24, 2014. The one-man project primarily made by Rob Wass–aside from the music composer (Wyshwood Studio), voice actor (Blake Swift), and some freelance programmers for coding–has been engineered within Unity ...

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    • IT Entrepreneurs explain Gamification at “Buy With Thrills”

      Based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, a dedicated small team is eagerly transforming how online shoppers purchase products in a simple approach that’s entertaining, affordable, and quick with “Buy With Thrills“; currently seen in Beta-form and known as BWT, this growing E-commerce website offers free membership and discounts toward video games and technologies like Apple’s iPhone 6, Easy ACC 100.

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  • Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Celebrity Apprentice‘s Shawn Johnson

    … Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Celebrity Apprentice‘s Shawn Johnson On Monday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams were asked to create a mobile boutique in support of Ivanka Trump Shoes and Nordstrom’s with a specific focus on appealing to millennial women. When Shawn Johnson declined the opportunity to lead Team…

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  • Ninja Gaiden was just as hard for devs as it was consumers, says

    …Coming from a Polygon interview with Hideo Yoshizawa, director of 1988's Ninja Gaiden... "Mr. Yoshizawa was great at enemy placement and pacing. I was always impressed by that. But unfortunately, the game's difficulty was too hard, even for the development team. So during the bug-checking process, team members were basically crying while trying…

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  • Wales Interactive elaborates on their 2015 Wii U projects, platform-specific features

    …A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Wales Interactive... NL: You're bringing more titles to Wii U in 2015, can you outline these for us? WI: I am pleased to tell you that we will indeed be bringing two of our titles to Wii U in 2015. Soul Axiom and Infinity Runner. Infinity Runner is a fast-paced sci-fi action running game which takes place…

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  • More information on how Pokken Tournament came to be

    …Coming from a Polygon interview with Tekken Series Director Katsuhiro Harada... - idea came about when Bandai Namco went to meet with Pokemon Company president - this meeting was about licensing music for the Taiko Drum Master franchise - Ishihara surprised them with an idea for a game similar to Tekken - Harada is spending a lot of time…

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  • Monster Hunter director happy to see franchise getting recognition outside of Japan

    …Coming from a Polygon interview... Over the last decade, we've seen tons of players join the hunt in Japan. The American and European audiences aren't quite as large at the moment, but in my travels to global events, I have most certainly noticed a very strong and growing community in these regions that has sprung up around the game. ... I see lots of growth occurring in those regions. It won't happen overnight, but I'm glad to see more and more Westerners joining the fan base. - Ryozo Tsujimoto Link …

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  • Masuda has 'big picture' ideas for Pokemon's future

    …Coming from a Polygon interview... There's probably going to be a lot more games; we might not be able to use the "Gotta catch 'em all" catchphrase anymore [laughs]. Of course, we want to keep creating things that will surprise and delight fans. I don't think that's going to change. ... I have some big-picture ideas, but I can't really talk about…

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  • SteamWorld art director discusses his inspiration

    …A portion of a Image and Form internal interview with art director, Tobias Nilson... Q: What was your inspiration when setting the art style of SteamWorld? A: SteamWorld Dig kind of set the style. The Dig universe and characters are inspired by steampunk, Spaghetti Western movies and games like Metal Slug and Day of the Tentacle. The vector art…

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  • Indie Games Showcase: DrinkBox Studios

    … Indie studios are unique in the way that they bring us unrestricted creativity within a restricted budget. When thinking about these independent game developers, it would be foolish to pass over the unique designs of DrinkBox Studios. Based out of Toronto, Canada, the studio was created in 2008 when Pseudo Interactive closed down. The three…

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  • Former Nintendo game play counselor shares the tricks of the trade

    …A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Erich Waas... NL: How did you approach a new game when they came in? Did you simply play it and take notes or did you develop a more methodical system? Was your knowledge tested by your line managers? EW: It all depended on the game. A game like The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants didn't need…

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