• PN Featured Musical Artist: Richaad Bichler

      We have a very special Featured Artist this week, the awesome Richaad Bichler. Instead of the usual artwork I feature, this time we’ll be showing off some amazing musical talent. Art comes in many different forms and as long as it involves Nintendo, I’m in! From “Super Mario RPG” to “Chronno Trigger” Richaad covers some of the most awesome video game music and turns it into something even better.

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    • IndieDev Spotlight: Arinn Dembo

      Introducing, IndieDev Spotlight. Every week going forward I will be interviewing Independent Developers who are active in the Indie Dev scene, are working to advance the Indie Gaming culture or are talented and outspoken. For my first Spotlight, I would like to introduce you to Arinn Dembo, a talented lady-dev that has been involved in the gaming scene since I was 5 years old.

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  • 5 things you may not know about the Ace Attorney series

    …Game Informer recently sat down with some Capcom chaps to talk about the Ace Attorney series. In the interview, Capcom revealed 5 interesting tidbits about the series that aren't well known. Check out the 5 points below, then hit up the link for full details. - The TV Show Columbo Was A Big Influence - Resident Evil And Mikami Had A Huge Impact…

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  • Nintendo talks amiibo, Activision/Disney respond, Pachter bashes

    … competitors, you have simple strategy: Don’t focus on them. Our focus is on innovation.” - Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive of Activision Publishing “The key differentiator with Disney Infinity is the ability to leverage the Disney vault. It’s a treasure trove of intellectual property, including legacy I.P. like Peter Pan or Tinker Bell…

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  • Square-Enix discusses the hurdles of a potential Dragon Quest VII 3DS localization

    …Coming from a TechnoBuffalo article... Fujimoto added that for Dragon Quest VII, the translation process itself would take at least a year to complete. But easing the workload isn’t a simple matter of distributing it among as many translators as possible. “Each translator has his or her own style, and the more we add, the harder it becomes…

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  • Story of Seasons dev explains how Nintendo-themed items made it into the game

    …A portion of a GameCrate interview with director Yoshifumi Hashimoto... GC: You mentioned the collaboration with Nintendo — now you’ve got these Nintendo-themed items in the game. Is that something you’ve been wanting to do for a while? And do you see yourself doing it again in the future with the next installment or future projects? Do you see…

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  • Suda51 talks about No More Heroes - Nintendo's support and about bringing him back

    …This comes from an Edge interview, though the bits are posted by NintendoLife... About the combat ''We found that attacking with only motion control was exhausting, so that's when we added the use of the A button. We made about four or five iterations before we nailed the combat.'' About Nintendo's support ''They were very supportive, especially…

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  • 343 on Halo 5's beta: 'We have a year to respond to fan feedback'

    …, which was done by Saber, and they did a lot of work on that multiplayer. And we worked with them and Certain Affinity on Halo 2. So really we got the band back together. So the partners are exactly the same. Prev Next JavaScript must be enabled to view galleries 343 is a purpose-built studio, built specifically for Halo. But can you see…

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