• Konami and tri-Ace announce new smartphone RPG

    Published at Gematsu - 7 readers

    Chronos Ring launching for iOS and Android this fall. Konami and tri-Ace are working on a new smartphone RPG called Chronos Ring, Konami announced at the Tokyo Game Show ...

  • Final Fantasy Agito announced for PlayStation Vita

    Published at destructoid - 7 readers

    timeline following:⇓ Final Fantasy Agito Final Fantasy Agito, the smartphone game that shares the same setting and characters as Final Fantasy Type-0, will have a crossover with Rise of Mana. Players of Rise of Mana will be able to fight Final Fantasy staples such ...

  • Square Enix announces Dive In: stream Final Fantasy XIII and more to mobile devices

    Gematsu - - 16 readers - Square Enix announces Dive In: stream Final Fantasy XIII and more to mobile devices Launching with Final Fantasy XIII, VII, and Season of Mystery. Square Enix is launching a new service in Japan on October 9 that will let you stream games like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VII to your smartphone or tablet. The service will be delivered through a new app called Dive In.
  • ‘Interstellar’ Receives Cool Tie-In Game For Browsers, Phones & Tablets

    Game Rant - - 6 readers - Later this year, acclaimed film director Christopher Nolan will take audiences on a journey to the farthest reaches of space in his new film Interstellar — but before its release on November 7th, prospective space travelers will be able to explore the universe for themselves in a tie-in game released today.
  • It’s Official: Microsoft Purchases ‘Minecraft’ Developer Mojang for $2.5 Billion

    Game Rant - - 6 readers - At this point, there’s no denying that Minecraft is one of most successful indie games ever. The open-world sandbox adventure game recently celebrated its fifth birthday and made its leap to current-gen consoles. The game continues to sell like crazy and it’s hard to go out in public without seeing at least a few kids wearing Creeper t-shirts or toting around pick-axe back packs.
  • Dragon Quest out now for iOS and Android devices

    destructoid - - 7 readers - The original Dragon Quest is now available on iOS and Android devices for $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.69. The classic NES role-playing game was first released in Japan by Enix in 1986, and was localized for North American audiences as Dragon Warrior in 1989. The title is often credited for popularizing the genre ...

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  • HTC Desire 816 Vs iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 5s Which is worth your hard earned cash

    … on iOS, has a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, and its pixel density is 326 ppi. In addition, it has a proximity sensor, light sensor, 10 hour of talk time, integrated storage of 64 GB, high-definition camcorder, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, and another camera integration of 8 megapixels. Apple just keeps innovating with their smartphones…

    2 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • iPhone 6 Sales Surpass 10 Million Units In The First Three Days

    … for 64-bit computing at fantastic speed. They also launch with Apple’s new iOS 8, which is toted as being simpler and faster than the previous iteration. Apple had previously announced a day after the iPhone 6’s announcement that the number of first day pre-orders for the new iPhone surpassed 4 million units, breaking another record. Do you own…

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  • Fruit Ninja overhaul adds new gameplay in October

    …Fruit Ninja overhaul adds new gameplay in October By Daniel Perez, Sep 22, 2014 2:50pm PDT Fruit Ninja will be getting a major overhaul in the next few weeks on iOS, Android and Amazon as the title's developer Halfbrick Studios has announced what improvements fans of the series can expect. The new Fruit Ninja has been rebuilt from scratch…

    1 readers - Shacknews - Fruit Ninja -
  • Trailer Roundup: Many games in which you can't see yourself

    … Kobus Vdwalt with the help of another South African developer, Celestial. Nexionide Windows, Mac, iOS, Android | $6.99 desktop, $4.99 mobile | Available now This puzzle game was released for mobile devices in July of this year and is now available for Windows and Mac. According to the developer, it has over 50 puzzles. Ninja Raft iOS | $0.99…

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  • Clock Tower, Ju-on, Silent Hill talent collaborate on...

    …Clock Tower, Ju-on, Silent Hill talent collaborate on “Project Scissors” ⊟ A new “spiritual successor” to the Clock Tower franchise was announced at TGS. Project Scissors, for Vita, iOS, and Android, features the work of Clock Tower creator Hifumi Kouno and his studio Nude Maker, along with Silent Hill creature designer Masahiro Ito and Ju-on film…

    3 readers - Tiny Cartridge 3DS - Silent Hills - Clock Tower -
  • Video Game Releases for the Week of 09/22/2014

    …, PlayStation 3 & iOS Prices: $74.99 for the Starter Pack Bundle (Includes Game, 3 Figures and Base), $14.99 for Each Figure & Free Download for iOS Version Disney Infinity is back but this time it brings in Marvel super heroes with it. Just like its predecessor, you control the figure placed on the figure base inside the game and explore…

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  • MindFued coming to 3DS eshop

    … to the 3DS eshop. The remake will be consistent with its original versions released for iOS, Android, and Facebook but with an added single player mode to better take advantage of being released on a dedicated handheld. The 3DS version will also allow players to challenge their friends, strangers, and the game’s Bot “ADAMA” for more challenging gameplay. Development is currently underway and Engine Software expects to be able to release information about price and release date soon. Source Around the Web…

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  • Gaming PR: Brand New SingStar™ Comes to PlayStation®4 on October 29th

    … the new SingStar, with a whole new range of features closely integrating with social networks. The free companion app can quickly turn any Android/iOS device into a microphone, meaning the SingStar experience is now even more spontaneous than ever before. Players are able to sing with friends, share their performances to social networks at the press…

    2 readers - Attack On Gaming - SingStar -
  • Smartphone/Tablet App for XBox One Exclusive Psycho-Pass

    … inspector. Later on, the caller will continue with assignments that needs to be completed as the game proceeds. As such, interested gamers should not simply expect this game to become a kinect title as one of the features of Psycho-Pass is that there will be an Android or iOS app that will be available. By installing the app on your smartphone or tablet…

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  • Mixi Plans To Release Monster Strike In The US In October

    … but hasn’t officially started rolling out the game in that country. Now Mixi has announced that the action RPG will hit North America as early as next month, followed by a Korean version by December this year. Here are the logos: Mixi Continues To Do Well With Monster Strike In Japan, Monster Strike was released on iOS in September 2013, followed…

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  • Viber Adds Video Calling To the Mix

    …It was recently announced that Viber is expanding its capabilities. It will be adding features like video calling to iOS and Android. This means that you’ll be able to use your Viber account that you previously used just for talking through audio and text messaging to also communicate with people through video. You’ll be able to see everything…

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  • Miniclip Ready to Launch Next Mobile Game Called as On The Run

    … that Gamer Enthusiast can watch: Also available several power-ups that can help the players moving through dense traffic. The interesting thing, power-up lets the players to receive a bonus car that can be driven within a certain time limit, such as monster truck or tank. On The Run will soon be released for iOS mobile devices as well as Android in the near future. Unfortunately, Miniclip still keeping exact date for release date On The Run.…

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