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Irrational Games (known briefly as 2K Boston, Inc./2K Australia Pty. Ltd.) was a video game developer founded in 1997 by three former employees of Looking Glass Studios: Ken Levine, Jonathan Chey, and Robert Fermier as Irrational Games. On January 9, 2006, Take-Two Interactive announced that they had purchased Irrational, and would publish their games under the 2K Games label.At its largest point Irrational had two studios, one in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA just outside Boston, Massachusetts and the other in Canberra, Australia.A third studio, 2K Marin, was split off from 2K Boston in 2007, with five former Irrational Games employees leaving to join the new company.
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    • Bioshock Through The Looking Glass

      By Rich Stanton on November 26th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. The contemporary big-budget FPS has a few different strains: blood-n-guts military settings a la Call of Duty, open-world environments like Far Cry, and high-concept dystopias. Outside of open-world most of these styles were first codified in the 1990s, and FPS games then and now share an enormous amount: primarily a core me ...

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    • PS3BlogCast Episode 141

      Welcome back to another episode of the podcast where this week we actually have a decent amount of gaming news. We also see the return of MissXya now that she has her voice back. There are a lot of holiday deals going on this weekend and through to Monday for video games and console bundles. Sony has a lot of digital sales as well on the PSN. 3 readers -

  • Bioshock developer Irrational Games Hiring Again

    … you enjoy this article? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness. There’s lots more where this came from! About the Author Bunneh3000 A gamer since the days of Texas Instruments PCs with cartidges, I embody the 'casual…

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  • Irrational Games Are Hiring Again!

    … is as follows: Irrational Games is currently looking for a Senior Programmer that is equally experienced in architecting and implementing AI and Gameplay systems. This position will work directly with the Lead Programmer, along with the Animation, Art and Design teams to create fun and interesting AI opponents and gameplay elements for our next…

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  • The Black Glove Kickstarter adds VR support

    Irrational Games' Ken Levine on The Black Glove, an eerie, surrealistic, first-person game by a team of developers who helped create BioShock Infinit ...

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  • BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition Coming Next Week!

    … of BioShock Infinite will include all DLC. So that’s BioShock Infinite, both episodes of Burial at Sea, and a shooting challenge called Clash in the Clouds. Not enough? There’s more you’ll get access to what was inteded for special editions so you’ll be able to experience the Early Bird Special Pack, Industrial Revolution Pack, and the Upgrade Pack…

    Ollie Colton/ n3rdabl3- 3 readers -

  • The Black Glove Trailer

    … Former Irrational Games developers formed quite a while ago a brand new studio that is called Day for Night Games, and started to work on the studio’s first game The Black Glove. We didn’t know too much about this game for a while, but now, we know a little bit more, still not enough, though about this project, with a whole new trailer…

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  • Playing a Fake Arcade Game Will Make a Weird Game Weirder

    … happens. Things will get even stranger. You've probably played games that Joe Fielder has worked on. The former Irrational Games…Read moreRead on The Black Glove, which is being made by ex-BioShock devs, looks like BioShock's zanier child,…Read moreRead on It turns out that The Maze of the Space Minotaur isn't going to be just some sideline diversion…

    Evan Narcisse/ Kotaku -
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