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  • Bored? Game! – Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

    … game by designer Isaac Vega. There are some nice plastic minis in the game, including the Songbird and an air ship. The two different shades of blue and red are used for team play.   One of Daisy Fitzroy’s rebels. A good example of the excellent card art. There have, of course, been many board game adaptations of videogames, most of which…

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  • 2K Games Teasing Some Bioshock Product?

    … specific for the UK, and not a worldwide product, which could also lead us to think it isn’t a game, but something else. It is worth reminding that Irrational Games have been disbanded; however, 2K Games isn’t going to let such a great franchise to die and is still exploring ways to work in the Bioshock universe in the future. Now, as 2K Games said…

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  • Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Discusses the Future of Bioshock

    … After Ken Levine shut down Irrational Games to focus on narrative driven digital downloads, people have been wondering about the state of Bioshock. Though Irrational Games created the original and the latest edition Infinite, Take-Two owns the Bioshock license. So basically it was only a matter of time before different developers brought the very…

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  • BioShock Real Life Air Grabber Fan-Made Video

    … Irrational Games featured a fan-made video for BioShock of a real life Air Grabber. Take a look at the Air Grabber video below created by pcndfxMovies: What did you think? Source: Irrational Games   The post BioShock Real Life Air Grabber Fan-Made Video appeared first on Gaming Cypher. …

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