iTunes is a media player, media library, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The iTunes Store is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Through the iTunes Store, users can purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, and movie rentals in some countries, and ringtones, available on the iPhone and iPod Touch (fourth generation onward). Application software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can be downloaded from the App Store.
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  • The Sales of Apple ITunes Dropped This Year

    … $5 a month. This cost compared to the present cost of $9.99 a month that Spotify charges for its premium services. According to the report of the Wall Street Journal that this present year’s decrease in worldwide use of iTunes music mirrors household decreases. The revenue from total downloads from U.S. has come down with 12 percent in the first…

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  • 3 Brand New and FREE iOS Games To Beat The Monday Blues!

    … 3 Brand New and FREE iOS Games To Beat The Monday Blues! iOS, iPad, iPhone, Video Game News October 20, 2014 Need to beat the Monday blues? Check out these free iOS games that have hit the App Store just recently. First up, we have Fire Command, an awesome 8-bit arcade shooter from indie developer Hieshimi. Inspired by old school games…

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  • Killer Instinct Season One, Original Arcade Soundtrack Bundle Now Available

    … soundtrack that fans of the series could pop into home CD players to get their gaming music fix, or bring with them in whatever fancy “skip-proof” portable player they had at the time. Today, the Killer Instinct season one soundtrack became available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play as a double-album, bundled with the full original arcade soundtrack…

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  • Banjo Guy Ollie Releases First Album on iTunes

    … – Price of FreedomBanjo Guy Ollie3:12$0.99View In iTunes5 Castlevania – Wicked ChildBanjo Guy Ollie2:37$0.99View In iTunes6 Megaman X – HighwayBanjo Guy Ollie2:47$0.99View In iTunes7 Turrican 2 – Desert RockBanjo Guy Ollie3:53$0.99View In iTunes8 Turrican 2 – TrapsBanjo Guy Ollie2:44$0.99View In iTunes9 Zelda, ALTTP – DarkworldBanjo Guy Ollie2…

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  • Banner Saga Now Available on Mobile

    … on over to iTunes and download your copy of Banner Saga. Related: Banner Saga Takes Geekie Award in Indie Game Category Source: iTunes The post Banner Saga Now Available on Mobile appeared first on Gaming Cypher. …

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  • Destiny Official Soundtrack Now Available Via iTunes

    … different tracks from composers C. Paul Johnson, Martin O’ Donnell and Michael Salvatori, known for their work on the Halo franchise. You can find the full collection right here on the iTunes store. What did you think of the Destiny soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news as it happens. Source: iTunes Have a few years of freelance journalism under my belt. Enjoy writing and bringing news to gamers around the world. Tweet Pin It …

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  • Destiny soundtrack now available on iTunes

    … still being treated to some phenomenal pieces. The music is credited to Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Martin O’Donnell and even Paul McCartney (who created the “Hope for the Future” theme that plays over the credits of Destiny). If you’re not acquainted with some of Destiny‘s tunes, I’ll give you some of my favourites. An epic battle theme…

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  • Hudson Soft may be gone, but classic games like Bomberman still live on

    …! 148 Apps: 4/5 Star Rating - “Bomberman Chains is about as simple as a Match-3 game can get, but its simplicity makes it hard to put down.” YOUR GOAL: Vaporize colorful monsters by matching them in lines of 3 or more. Got a bomb? Blast away those pesky enemies into bits! Remember to also keep those fingers busy by creating chains of matches as quickly as possible to reach the highest score! You can get your copy for free right now at the official iTunes app store here. …

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  • PS3BlogCast Episode 134

    … a list of some things we discussed: New Releases New Metal Gear collection? Dying Light moves up release date Resident Evil Revelations 2 to be released in episodes GTAV PS4 release date Destiny impressions Secret wordTweet Written by: Clint - Podcast Producer This entry was posted on Sunday, September 14th, 2014 and is filed under Media, PS3, PS3BlogCast, PS4, Talk. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. … 1 readers -
  • Metroid Meets Orchestra in the Upcoming Album Metroid Cinematica

    … worked on it. Since I am really a filmmaker and storyteller at heart, nearly all of my work from the audio to the visual spectrum stems from a sort of movie-oriented direction. So this album is really focused on the idea of telling a story and providing a tangible atmosphere through the music. Metroid Cinematica will be available on iTunes and other…

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  • How to turn depression and anxiety into a videogame

    … 9 minutes ago - 2:45 PM on 09.14.2014 [Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great videogames. It airs live every Sunday at 4pm EST on Youtube, and can be found in Podcast form on Libsyn and iTunes.] Last week on Sup Holmes we spoke at length with Matt Gilgenbach about is work on The Incredibles games, going independent…

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  • Press Row Podcast 100th Episode

    …. Check out the podcast through iTunes for iOS, the Stitcher app for Android, and subscribe while there to help support the show! You can also listen in the streaming player below.… 1 readers -

  • Reused Assets #1: Biscuit Justice Warriors

    … video games of the past year, including Titanfall, PT, The Last of Us, Watch_Dogs and Destiny (recorded before the game’s release). Starring Barry Guihen, Mike Jones, Zeth Ward and Leigh Groocock. Download the MP3 here: – You can also listen on SoundCloud. iTunes links coming soon Thanks to Brutal Gamer for allowing us to post this nonsense on here. VN:F [1.9.22_1171] VN:F [1.9.22_1171] …

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  • Radio Dtoid 044: Reading is the Worst

    …, Conor rollercoasters too hard, Capcom steals Kyle's thoughts, and guest host Captain Merica needs your help! We also discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, why the PS Vita should be doing better, exploding semen murder, games everyone but you loves, games everyone but you hates, and vomiting in public. We also give away a copy of Dragon's Crown…

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