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Jane Jensen (b. January 28, 1963 in Palmerton, Pennsylvania) is the game designer of the popular and critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure games and author of the novels Judgment Day and Dante's Equation.Jane Jensen was born Jane Elizabeth Smith, the youngest of seven children. She received a BA in Computer Science from Anderson University in Indiana and worked as a systems programmer for Hewlett-Packard. Her love of both computers and creative writing eventually led her to the computer gaming industry and Sierra Online where she worked as a writer on Police Quest III: The Kindred and EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus.
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  • Wot I Think: Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary

    … – certainly more than, say, the first Leisure Suit Larry. Really, if what puts you off Gabriel Knight is its graphical resolution, then consider this one your Schattenjager in shining armour. The new voices are basically decent, most of the graphics are okay, it’s nice to have a better quality version of the soundtrack to replace the old MIDI one…

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  • Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition – First Impressions

    … As a gamer, if you ever want to feel old, like me, just wait until one of the games you remember playing as a teenager gets a 20th anniversary re-release. In this case it’s Gabriel Knights: The Sins of the Father. The game was originally released in 1993 and published by Sierra On-line. Like many of the early 1990s games from Sierra, Gabriel…

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  • Top 10 Reissued And Remastered Classics On GOGcom

    … once again offers the best deal you can find for it anywhere. Bundling Sacred 2 Fallen Angel and its expansion, Sacred 2 Ice and Blood. The world of Ancaria is in disarray due to the disruption of a new energy source. While the Seraphim and Inquisitors squabble for control, the energy spreads and mutates the world’s inhabitants. Ice and Blood adds…

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  • Impressions: Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary

    … of the game and turn a 90s adventure classic into a modern one too? Here’s some impressions. Gabriel Knight is, and by no small amount, one of my favourite adventure games of all time, and one I hold very dear – an early glimpse at a world that truly embraced the kind of narrative and atmosphere and maturity that we now take for granted, but was in sadly…

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  • Review: Moebius: Empire Rising

    At the time of the first Jane Jensen game, my computer didn’t have a CD-ROM drive, so I unfortunately never got to hear Tim Curry perform the voice of Gabriel Knight. Not having the CD version didn’t matter, though, because Gabriel Knight and the rest of the settings in Sins of the Fathers were so rich and interesting and well crafted, that playing the game sans voice work all ...

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