• Be Jack Sparrow/Worse Dictator in Tropico 5 on XB360

    … On May 27, 2014, Kalypso and Haemimont Games released a spoof trailer for Tropico 5 off of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Instead of the iconic introduction of the infamous Jack Sparrow who was dubbed as the “worse pirate”, this video portrays the “worse” dictator. Though the footage is meant to tease and entertain audiences, it is also meant…

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  • Crookz – First Look

    http://www.crookz-game.com http://www.facebook.com/crookzgame Put on your best pair of flared-jeans, stick on the funkiest record you can find and begin a plot to form the elaborate heists that will fuel a whole era of hedonism. Crookz is a brand new strategy from Kalypso Media with a funky 1970’s setting.

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  • Dungeons 2 – First Look

    … to the original Dungeon Keeper games where your task will be to build and maintain your dungeon, recruit monsters to fight for you and, eventually, conquer the overworld. That’s right, gone are the days, or at least we are led to believe by Kalypso, where you will need to carefully cater your dungeons to satisfy whichever hero who decides to pass…

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  • Shhhh: Omerta First Up In GOG Giveaway

    … If rambunctious crowds have suddenly taken to the streets around your home, chances are it’s because of the GoG.com summer sale. The site has kicked things up a gear by naming the next portion of its event ADRENALINE RUSH. I hate using the word ‘event’ but sales are about more than discounting products, which is why the Steam one seems like…

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  • REVIEW / Tropico 5 (PC)

    … El Presidente is back! For those of you who are not accustomed to our esteemed leader, fear not… because El Presidente is you! And as the ruler/president/tyrant of Tropico, it is your job to see your island paradise grow, as well as your Swiss bank account (wink). Tropico 5 is very much related to its predecessor, but for better or for worse…

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  • Tropico 5 Release Date Delayed in North America for Retail PC

    … Developer Kalypso released Tropico 5 digitally on May 23 through Steam, and now, announced that the game will be delayed in North America for retail PC. The game will be in retail stores on June 17 (instead of June 3) for PC. The Xbox 360 and Mac versions will release in the summer, while the PS4 version will release in the Fall. Related: Tropico 5 release trailer Source: CVG The post Tropico 5 Release Date Delayed in North America for Retail PC appeared first on Gaming Cypher. …

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  • ‘Tropico 5′ Review

    … The Tropico series has always been a unique entry in the genre of city building games. Criticism from fans was high after Tropico 4 was labeled as “more of the same,” doing little to distinguish itself from previous titles. Does Tropico 5 introduce enough new elements to keep veterans satisfied while remaining fresh and new? For the most part…

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  • Tropico 5 pre-orders break records at Kalypso

    … Kalypso is one of those solid game developers that know their audience. So you can expect that when they announced Tropico 5, a lot of fans got pretty excited, including myself. We all know that with the announcement of a new game, we can expect pre-orders. I personally have some issues with pre-orders, but Kalypso sure did sweeten the deal…

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