• Review: Fat Beets blends rhythm and puzzle mechanics into something unique

    Published at - 13 readers

    Fat Beets has gotten a rocky start. Its Kickstarter failed miserably, raising a grand total of $25 from 4 backers. That didn't stop Dan Whiteman of Giant Evil Robots, though, and I, for one, am glad. Fat Beets is a smooth blend of rhythm game and matching-style puzzle game that is forgiving to pick up and play but requires practice and coordination to master.

  • Kodoku Chronicles is an actual game after all, and here's a video

    Published at destructoid - 13 readers

    Carnivore Studio's eerie Kodoku Chronicles has been approved for Steam Greenlight in only five days, despite still having not reached its Kickstarter funding goal. As a thank you to fans for supporting the game, there's a brand new gameplay video showcasing Kodoku Chronicles, its decadently bizarre art, and its strange energy poi ...

  • Kickstarter Pick: sci-fi platformer Beyond Human is heavy on atmosphere - - 17 readers - If you're going to cite games like Metroid, Guacamelee and Devil May Cry as influences for your new gaming project, you better make sure whatever you show lives up to that claim. Luckily, Beyond Human appears to do just that. Blending fast-paced melee combat with the loneliness of isolated space exploration could be a winning combo after all.
  • Red Cobra mixing SHMUP and metroidvania genres, is really kind of beautiful - - 12 readers - I don't know what it is, but it's always really exciting to see innovation in the SHMUP genre. The stunning Red Cobra is one of the newest games to enter the crowdfunding ring, and it's bringing elements of twin-stick shooting and metroidvania exploration with it. Players can fire their weapon in any direction which is a huge departure for a genre that usually fires in one direction.
  • Harmonix Gives Off-Screen First Look at Amplitude Gameplay

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 10 readers - After raising over $840,000 from backers on Kickstarter, the development of Amplitude for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 is going “really well,” with many songs in the game and all the difficulties set up, according to Creative Lead Ryan Lesser. Lesser gave this news in a first look video of off-screen gameplay for Amplitude, where he highlights that nothing you see is up to po ...
  • Facepunched: Prehistoric Survival Game Before

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 11 readers - By Alice O'Connor on September 24th, 2014 at 8:00 pm. While the many ends of human civilization are all the rage nowadays, Before has been looking at its beginnings. It’s a singleplayer-focused survival game about your prehistoric tribe exploring, foraging, hunting, surviving wild animals, surviving the elements, and, over time, developing a culture, beliefs, and rituals.

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  • Human Resources developer issues comment on canceled Kickstarter

    … Human Resources developer issues comment on canceled Kickstarter Days ago, Uber Entertainment canceled the Kickstarter effort for their upcoming RTS effort called Human Resources. The project had raised just shy of $385,000, a number well short of the $1.4 million the Monday Night Combat creators had hoped to raise. The developers have since…

    2 readers - Ozzie Mejia - Shacknews -
  • Highlands Enters Final Week on Kickstarter

    … The stunning strategy game Highlands by developer Burrito Studio has entered its final week on Kickstarter — with $14,877 toward a $20,000 goal! Highlands is a turn-based strategy game that mixes “Risk-like” gameplay mechanics with resource management and RPG elements in a world made of thousands of small floating islands. Instead of controlling…

    3 readers - Nathan Stevens - Gaming Cypher -
  • New video showcases the crafting mechanics in upcoming game Rogue Wizards

    … Details Published on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 12:22 Written by AndrewH Rogue Wizards is an upcoming game is a promising looking upcoming game for Android that is currently up on Kickstarter looking for a little extra funding. Right now they have received about half of what their goal is, so just over $35,000 of the $70,000 they are hoping…

    2 readers - DroidGamers -

  • Black The Fall Could Release On Wii U If Stretch Goal Met

    … loading... October 22, 2014 Sand Sailor Studio are fast approaching the conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign for Black The Fall. It’ certainly going to be a close call with just eight days remaining at $10,000 to raise to meet the base goal. What’s more, if the game stands a chance at hitting the Wii U eShop it will need a further…

    2 readers - Nintendo Enthusiast - Black the Fall -
  • Reserve a Copy for Urbance and Hover Game at KickStarter

    … game in the Urbance transmedia story world. Like Urbance, Hover: Revolt of Gamers, a futuristic free-roaming/parkour game, started in KickStarter as well, but it was successfully funded back in May. Having to be impressed by the same two video games (Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge), Steambot and Midgar Studio, shared many similarities like…

    2 readers - Jalane Farrington - The Gamer Headlines -
  • I Love What Disney Fantasia Lets Me Do To Music

    … instead of body movement, but that feeling that I was picking and choosing parts of the song to focus on was strong. I'm looking forward to it's Kickstarter-funded return. If Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved were simply a list of songs employing these game mechanics, it would be well-worth owning. But it's much more than that. It's a full-on musical…

    1 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Hit After Kickstarter Backing So It Can Be Free

    … posters, in-game decorations, and the rather nice idea of 8-pack bundles to distribute amongst the friends you’d like to play with/against. Throw down big money and there are physical treats, art books, and even customised characters in the game. I especially like to see a Kickstarter that requires funders to be philanthropic, rather than speculatively pre-ordering. They could also use votes on Greenlight to see the project working out. Here’s the full trailer: And here’s the song now going around in my head: …

    4 readers - John Walker - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -
  • Slugcat gifs? Slugcat gifs

    … 1 minutes ago - 2:45 PM on 10.22.2014 It's been a while since I've espoused my love for Rain World. It looks even smoother in this interesting Kickstarter update, as the game has transitioned to Unity. The update is a good read, but if you're just here for the gifs, well, I feel you. Ain't nothing wrong with that. There are a few more in the update, including a comparison of the original build and some cool, in-development behind the scenes gifs. …

    Steven Hansen - destructoid -
  • Pure Nintendo interviews Still Games about Animal Gods

    … bonus and one of the incentives for backers. Where did this concept originate and how does it work? The goldweave cloak is Kickstarter-exclusive gear for all backers. It adds a play style to the game–you do more damage and you take more damage. This new way to play the game is limited to Kickstarter backers, as it is a perk for those who donate now…

    2 readers - James Casson - Pure Nintendo -
  • Cheaty Tennis For Two: Tennnes

    … trouble and confusion. Don’t read my guff though, here’s how top game man Bennett Foddy explained it when offering Tennnes as a bonus for the Sportsfriends Kickstarter (Sportfriends — that’s another with several 2011 local multiplayer sporting champs, and also due this year): It’s almost as visually minimalistic as Pong, and it has very simple pick…

    4 readers - Alice O'connor - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tennnes -

  • Always Nintendo Chats With OMOCAT

    … exceeded my expectations. I’m still in shock about it actually! Trace: What made you decide to announce stretch goals for handhelds instead of consoles like Wii U or PS4? OMOCAT: I just like handheld games. I’m not sure if there’s much to elaborate with that. A handheld game allows for a more personal experience, and also I really enjoy playing…

    4 readers - Trace Wysaske - Always Nintendo -
  • How Can You Fly Inside An Inside-Out World?

    … main sources of inspiration, in addition to exploration-focused games like Proteus and Minecraft. Also the sadly underrated Crimson Skies, because planes. Flying, meanwhile, might look typical enough, but that whole inside-out planet thing makes it all topsy-turvy. "Since the world disregards our own world's physics, the plane flies free from…

    2 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku - Inside -

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