Kirby (カービィ, Kābī) is a fictional character in the Kirby video game series by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, created by Japanese video game designer Masahiro Sakurai. Serving as the eponymous protagonist of the series, Kirby has appeared in more than twenty games since his creation in 1992. Kirby, whose appearance is described as a "small pink ball", is a citizen of Dream Land on the planet Pop Star, and possesses the ability to inhale objects and then expel them with great force. Kirby can absorb the properties of swallowed objects to temporally gain new magical powers known as "copy abilities.
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  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’s February Release Date and New Trailer

    … Kirby’s first Wii U outing, announced at the 2014 E3, has been given an official release date of February 13, 2015. The date comes amid several new screenshots on the official Facebook page. The game, a follow-up to 2005’s Kirby’s Canvas Curse for the Nintndo DS, uses touch screen drawing mechanics in a gorgeous clay-like world. Nintendo…

    James Casson/ Pure Nintendo- 2 readers -
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Release Date Revealed

    … The Nintendo Console Gaming Facebook page has revealed the release date for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. During a recent post on the verified Facebook page, a picture from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was shown with confirmation that the title will be released on February 13th 2015. Nintendo had previous stated during a Nintendo Direct…

    Chris Cortes/ The Gamer Headlines- 2 readers -

  • Super Smash Bros (3DS) Review

    … Super Smash Bros (3DS) Review The mascot fighting game arrives on a Nintendo handheld for the first time with pretty much all the flair and gameplay intact. Bowser puts Link in the hurt locker I’ve never been much of a Super Smash Bros fan. Basically, I played the N64 edition that started the series off in the ’90s, had a few rounds each…

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  • Video: Marvel and Nintendo’s ‘Wiivengers’

    … puniest god, and recapture the legendary power of … the NESeract! Check out the video above, featuring the likes of The Mighty Thorkachu, Nick Kirby, The In-A-vinc-a-ble Iron Mario, Orange Widow, Captain Kakariko, The In-A-cred-a-ble Luigi, Waloki, Kid Hawkarus and Agent Phil Toadson. Let us know if you enjoyed watching. Source: Comic Book Resources …

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  • Amazon Germany Lists Amiibo Cases From Power A

    … Amazon Germany has listed two cases that are designed to house amiibo figures. Amiibo are not due to release until later this year but third party peripheral designer Power A is jumping on the amiibo bandwagon a bit early. The two Nintendo licensed cases, seen below, are themed after a Question Block and a Super Mushroom from the Mario universe…

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  • Pre-order updates (9/14/14)

    … Knights: Brave Battle – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Super Smash Bros. – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Amiibo Mario – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Link – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Samus – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Donkey Kong – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Yoshi – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Kirby – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Pikachu – Amazon, Best Buy…

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  • Media Create software sales (9/1 – 9/7) – Top 50

    …./33. [3DS] Kirby Triple Deluxe (Nintendo) {2014.01.11} (¥4.800) 44./19. [PS3] Sacred 3 (Spike Chunsoft) {2014.08.28} (¥7.992) 45./00. [PS3] The Last of Us (Sony Computer Entertainment) {2013.06.20} (¥5.980) 46./38. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour (Nintendo) {2014.03.20} (¥4.800) 47./00. [PS4] Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Electronic Arts…

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