• #GamerGate: ISIS Spambot Offers Unlikely Support To #StopGamerGate Hashtag

    Published at One Angry Gamer - 91 readers

    I’m sure there’s a good reason Devin Faraci from Badass Digest has more respect for ISIS than the people of #GamerGate, it’s probably because the people he’s allied with who are against the #GamerGate consumer revolt have now shown themselves to have literal ties to ISIS propaganda. A new hashtag has cropped up called #StopGamerGate.

  • #GamerGate: Mercedes-Benz Pulls Ad Support From Gawker Media

    Published at One Angry Gamer - 62 readers

    One of the benefits of #GamerGate is seeing how a collective group of people from all walks of life can come together for a common goal. In this case the goal is to root out and stomp on the corruption that has run rampant in today’s gaming journalism ring. One way of getting things to change is utilizing a consumer movement called “Operation Disrespectful Nod”.

  • #GamerGate: Shadow Of Mordor Brand Deal Sees Plaid Social, Warner Bros On Lockdown

    One Angry Gamer - - 30 readers - A lot of strawman arguments have been made that #GamerGate hasn’t been putting forth the appropriate effort in “exposing corruption” from the larger AAA studios; that the movement is steeped in “misogyny” and no one is trying to root out the evils of the industry. Nevertheless, the excuse looks awfully silly as people begin to dig into the brand deals surrounding Shadow of Mordo ...
  • Anime Characters Announcing They're Pregnant Is a New Meme

    Kotaku - - 15 readers - Some people get excited when they find out they're pregnant. Then some don't want kids or don't feel ready. There's a whole range of emotions. But what about anime characters? How did they feel? Last night, a new meme started up online in Japan under the hashtag #妊娠検査薬コラ, which means "Pregnancy Test Photoshop.
  • Sakurai’s full comments on Smash Bros. 3DS online lag

    Nintendo Everything - - 13 readers - Sakurai’s full comments on Smash Bros. 3DS online lag Posted under 3DS, General Nintendo, News October 2, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) Yesterday, we posted a few comments from Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai regarding concerns fans may have when it comes to playing online with the 3DS game. Kotaku now has the full blurb from Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column.
  • DriveClub’s Box Features an Unfortunate, Interesting Grammatical Mistake

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 9 readers - It’s never good to drive a car inside of another person. That’s a message that us gamers need to convey to the people who put together DriveClub’s box before someone gets hurt. On the back of said box, the designers either made a bad mistake or are just really strange, as the box tells us that we can “Race in hundreds of online & offline players.

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  • Valkyria Chronicles is My First and Only SRPG Love

    … when it comes out on PC on November 11. From the moment I laid eyes on the first Valkyria Chronicles' trailer, I knew it would be a…Read moreRead on Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. To contact the author of this post, write to BiggestinJapan@gmail.com or find him on Twitter @BiggestinJapan. …

    Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku - Valkyria Chronicles -
  • The Irregular at Magic High School Tells an Entertaining Story Poorly

    … are of paramount importance as they quite literally train the protectors of the future. It is in this setting that we find Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, a brother and sister who have gotten into the most prestigious magical high school in Japan. But their school days are far from normal as they have to deal with everything from terrorist strikes…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku -
  • Poll: The Best Anime of Fall 2014

    … the season has to offer in the poll below. Vote for as many of them as you want—not just one. And please do tell me why you chose the shows you did in the comments below (this really helps). Alright! Let's get to voting! Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. To contact the author of this post, write to BiggestinJapan@gmail.com or find him on Twitter @BiggestinJapan. …

    Kotaku -
  • School Tries To Recreate Studio Ghibli Food

    … A junior high school the city of Mishima, Japan figured out a way to make school lunches fun: Serve Ghibli food. Recently a school flier for "Ghibli School Lunches" appeared on Twitter, racking up 14,000 retweets. Below, you can see the flier, which states that the Ghibli lunches will be served between October 27 and October 31. [Photo…

    1 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -

  • Drink Hello Kitty Coffee in Tokyo

    … And, if coffee isn't your thing, you can always eat Hello Kitty food. From November 14 to December 25, the limited time only Hello Kitty Cafe will open in Shibuya's Parco. As Momo points out, the establishment will serve an array of Kitty themed eats and drinks. Have a look. This isn't the only Hello Kitty themed eatery, as for example…

    1 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - Hello Kitty -
  • Someone's Finally Making A Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

    …, and...what's that phrase: "I once was lost, but now I'm found?" Playing games—even something like The Sims 4—just feels better when your every movement is registered with a resounding "clack." Hell, it just makes writing more enjoyable. I'd go as far as saying that this kind of haptic feedback is more important than having the best CPU or graphics…

    Yannick Lejacq - Kotaku -
  • Here's the Yakuza Zero Trailer in English

    … subtitles to the dramatic story trailer. Check it out below. Note: With no script or Japanese subtitles, I had to work from audio alone, and some of the actors have heavy accents. While I did my best to be as accurate as I could, some of the translations may not be 100% accurate. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you…

    3 readers - Toshi Nakamura - Kotaku - Yakuza -
  • The Wild World of Japanese Pepsi Flavors

    … The world has seen some unusual Pepsi flavors. But the reigning champ for variety and inventiveness is still Japan. Earlier this week, Kotaku reported that Pepsi Pink, a strawberry and milk flavored drink, will soon be available in Japan. That beverage, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Like Doritos, there is a wide spectrum of Pepsi…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -
  • The Creator of Smash Bros. Needs a Vacation

    … on his part, but he hopes that what he writes may serve as a reference for people who may be interested in working in the games industry. Sakurai concluded, "I'm not depressed and I continue to remain healthy and positive, but developing Smash Bros. is beyond hard." ファミ通.com [ファミ通.com] Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing…

    3 readers - Toshi Nakamura - Kotaku -
  • Man Arrested for Selling One Piece Money

    … A 45-year-old man was arrested in Japan for selling U.S. legal tender with anime characters on it. His crime? Violating the characters' copyright, reports TBS News. Tomoaki Tanahashi, who works in television in Nagoya, was nabbed for allegedly selling four one-dollar bills with One Piece stickers on them, with each going for between 1,500…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - One Piece -
  • People Are Testing Out YouTube's 60FPS

    … support for a test drive. It's somewhat refreshing to see people get excited about something like this. Some of the tests, however, look to be a bit more in depth, while others are just happy with a, "Oh, it seems to work." Keep in mind, to see videos in 60FPS in YouTube, you need to be viewing in Chrome and you must set the video to 720p or 1080p…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -
  • Support for 60fps videos now available on YouTube

    … are a few relatively mild catches, though. For starters, 60fps videos will only be viewable at 60fps on Google Chrome. Also, these videos will have to be viewed in HD for the frame-rate to go up to that smooth 60, so those with laptops that struggle to play videos running at resolutions of 720p and 1080P may have difficulty fully appreciating…

    Gamedynamo.com -

  • A few more Nintendo QOL details

    … A few more Nintendo QOL details Posted under News October 30, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) Kotaku and Polygon published reports about Nintendo’s Quality of Life plans, revealing a few extra details in the process. Find a summary below. – Once again, developed with US-based ResMed – Uses sensors and the cloud to monitor people’s lifestyles – Ex…

    Nintendo Everything -
  • YouTube Rolls Out Support for 60 FPS Video Playback

    … be sure to highlight some fighting game footage as soon as it becomes available. Though not a fighting game, watching the above footage should make it super clear why this is a big deal for our community. The added smoothness and clarity afforded by the 60 frames-per-second video will allow viewers to see the game much closer to how it appears in real life and, hopefully, learn a few more things in the process. Source: Kotaku, tip via Saki …

    3 readers - Ian Walker - Shoryuken -
  • #GamerGate: TFYC Was Doxxed By A Games Writer, Not Zoe Quinn

    …. Unfortunately, games journalists have done nothing to rectify this problem after some helped slander The Fine Young Capitalists and refused to report on the full story, even after Jason Schrierer from Kotaku had been in contact with Matt. Games media continues to refuse to investigate some of these cases, but if it involves fellow games journalists…

    7 readers - William Usher - One Angry Gamer -

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