• 19-Year-Old Kid Creates Badass Fighting Anime

      There are shades of Dragon Ball here, and well, pretty much every epic anime battle brawl you can think of. That being said, this is pretty darn cool. As noted on NicoNico, the animation is a solo work, created by a 19-year-old in Guangzhou, China. Nice job! The clip has been ...

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    • Nintendo Closing Club Nintendo (But Don't Panic)

      For years now, Club Nintendo has been offering special goodies to fans. But as of today, it's going away. But don't fret. Not yet. Nintendo is planning a new loyalty program with new rewards. Official notices have been posted by Nintendo in Japan, Europe, and Australia. The U.S. site is currently closed for maintenance.

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  • Japanese Pop Star Swallowed by Microphones in Hong Kong

    … and talk. Of course, this isn't new. A few years ago, similar interview photos with Nicolas Cage created a stir on Reddit: At least he has a bit more room to breathe, I guess. To contact the author of this post, write to bashcraftATkotaku.com or find him on Twitter @Brian_Ashcraft. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. …

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  • Eating Pokémon Food Can Look Frightening

    … Well, that certainly is scary. Website Omo69 visited the newly opened Pokémon Cafe Ω Ruby & α Sapphire in Tokyo, ordering the Pikachu rice omelette with blue "aqua sauce." You can also order magma sauce, instead. This is the meal. Its official name is "Rice Omelette that Would Also Make Pikachu Smile." And the aqua sauce. Goodness, it's…

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  • How Final Fantasy XV Is Influenced by Back to the Future: Part II

    … Don't expect DeLoreans, hoverboards and sports almanacs. But according to Wan Hazmer, Final Fantasy XV lead game designer, the title has found inspiration in an unlikely source: Robert Zemeckis' 1989 sci-fi flick. In an interview with Travel Garage TV, Hazmer talks about how the game's developers are striving to create believable environments…

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  • My, My Cid, How You Have Changed

    …, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII) (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV) Naturally, characters with the Cid name appear in far more Final Fantasy games than just Final Fantasy II through XV. (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift) (Chocobo's Dungeon Series, Final Fantasy Fables…

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  • The Left 4 Dead Arcade is Basically Left 4 Dead 2, But Worse

    … for an arcade game. While the basic gameplay remains the same, there are some noticeable differences—i.e., zombies disappear as they fall to the ground so that no bodies remain and there is little to no blood when shooting or meleeing the undead hordes. However, the most obvious arcade addition is the counter in the top right of the screen showing your…

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  • Team of Keisuke Honda Clones Plays Pro Evo

    … You know Keisuke Honda? He plays for Milan in Serie A. And Shunsuke Nakamura? He does stuff like this. Eleven Hondas just faced off against eleven Nakamuras. Honda. Honda. Honda. Honda. Nakamura. Nakamura. Honda. This comes from YouTuber Zyagariko san, who made each team, and then had both sides face off in auto play. The 27 minute clip…

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