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  • Readers Express Outrage at Kotaku Author; Call for Resignation

    … A blog post by Cards Against Humanity co-creator, Max Temkin, circulated the internet last weekend, addressing and defending a rape allegation made against him. This post gained significant traction shortly after publication, and soon a multitude of other blogs and websites picked up the story. One in particular is video gaming website Kotaku…

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  • Reggie claims Wii U has long life ahead of it

    …During an interview with Kotaku, Reggie has claimed that the Wii U isn’t struggling and has a long life ahead of it. During the interview Reggie was asked if forgetting the Wii U and starting over was a good idea, to which he adamantly replied that the console still has a long life ahead of […] Related Posts…

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  • Nintendo Has Internal Plans To Bring Back Metroid

    … If this year’s E3 disappointed you with the absence of any Metroid information, then do I have some good news for you. In an interview with several key Nintendo staff, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku discovered that they have some internal plans to develop both a 2D and 3D Metroid game. During the talks, Shinya Takahashi, the man who runs Nintendo’s SPD…

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  • Check Out GameTech’s New Arcade Stick Inazuma With Wrist Rumble Action

    … or Hori.  The stick is currently only compatible with the PS3 and PC, the latter it seems via XInput device support toggled by a switch on the control panel (which also explains the XBox style button labels). The Arcade Stick Inazuma is set to be released on June 19, 2014 for ¥9,000 (around $88). That said, those who pre-order it over at GameTech’s site will recieve a ¥500 discount of the retail price. Source: Inside via Kotaku …

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  • A Behind-The Scenes Look At Kotaku

    … Have you ever wanted to watch Kotaku talk about Kotaku? "Hell yes!" you say? "I want nothing more in this world," you say? Excellent. Here's a video recording of our panel from PAX East earlier this month. We talk about games, new consoles, and what it's like to work for everyone's favorite video game website. Read more... …

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