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  • All The Reasons Why Remember Me Makes No Sense

    …Hey, remember Remember Me? No, not the movie that ruined Robert Pattinson for all of us. I'm talking about the gorgeous beat-'em-up game that came out last year. It was a great cyberpunk adventure. But like many ambitious sci-fi games, it didn't always make sense. Read more…

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  • Let's Talk About Star Ocean 2

    …Welcome to the Summer of Old JRPGs, where we're playing classic role-playing games and talking about them every week. Check out the full schedule here . Read more…

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  • How To Balance An RPG

    …Editor's note: The following is a guest editorial by Obsidian game designer Josh Sawyer. If you're a professional in the video game industry and you'd like to write about some of your experiences, contact jason@kotaku.com. Read more…

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  • Up Close With The White PS4

    …Sony really knocked it out of the park design-wise with the PlayStation 4. The console might not be perfect , but you have to admit that it's a real beauty—especially when compared to the monstrosity of the Xbox One and the...weirdness of the Wii U. And it looks better than ever with a new coat of (white) paint . Read more…

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  • A Brief History of Non-Nintendo Made Zelda Games

    …Nintendo has a long history of keeping the development of their core titles in-house, so it’s a bit surprising when they allow another company to develop something as high profile as Hyrule Warriors. Or is it? This isn’t the first time a studio other than Nintendo has made a Zelda game. Read more…

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