• Destiny Gun Names, Ranked

    Published at Kotaku - 15 readers

    Legendary and exotic guns in Destiny all have names. Some of those names are pretty good. 74. Viper P3 73. Crusader I 72. Hawkmoon 71. Prestige IV 70. Judgment VI 69. Vanquisher VIII 68. Cryptic Dragon 67. Praedyth's Revenge 66. Red Death 65. Deviant Gravity-A 64. Vex Mythoclast 63. Radagast's Fury 62. Silmar's Wrath 61. Hex Caster ARC 60. Unwilling Soul-09 59. 77 Wizard 58.

  • How The New Nintendo 3DS's C-Stick Works in Super Smash Bros.

    Published at Kotaku - 7 readers

    Oh, and Monster Hunter. Let's not forget that. Very important! Perhaps the most noticeable addition the New Nintendo 3DS brings to the table is a second thumb controller: the C-Stick. Two of the first games to take advantage of it are, of course, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Monster Hunter 4G. I the videos below, I quickly introduce the C-Stick controls for both games.

  • You've To Got Really Love The Evil Within To Spend $300 On This Guy

    Kotaku - - 6 readers - I can understand a Skyrim statue, and those Doom plushies were about the cutest thing ever, but the latest fruit of Bethesda's partnership with collectible maker Gaming Heads is a $300 statue of a man with a barbwire-wrapped safe spouting tentacles for a head. That's not okay. Now I have not played The Evil Within yet. I have downloaded the game to my computer. There it sits, taunting me.
  • My Favorite (Tiny) Improvement To Sleeping Dogs

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - Open-world Hong Kong crime game Sleeping Dogs has gotten a "definitive edition" re-master—it's out on PC now and hits consoles next week. While the definitive edition comes with improved graphics and includes a bunch of already-released expansion missions, my favorite improvement is less noticeable.
  • The Most Striking Piece Of Halo Art I've Seen In Ages

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - I was going to call "Master Chief and Arbiter (Gods Among)" by Sita Navas fan art, but the "fan" label feels cheap when applied to this Maya-style masterpiece. This is just art. Posted over on Reddit by her husband to tremendous response, the piece portrays Bun ...
  • The New Nintendo 3DS Doesn't Really Filter Porn

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - The New Nintendo 3DS's internet browser is supposed to filter out things online that are unsuitable for kids. Then again, no, it appears it doesn't. In what seems to be a new form of parental control, New 3DS consoles will come with a pre-installed …Read moreRead on One of the newly added features includes a paywall that apparently filters websites in Japan.

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  • If You Got The New PS4 Update, Don't Use Rest Mode

    … Earlier this week, Sony released a new patch for the PlayStation 4, and if you've downloaded it, here's my advice: be very, very careful. See, the PS4's v2.00 patch, which adds features like SharePlay and a new app for YouTube, also brings with it some major technical issues. In addition to a host of random problems reported by a sprinkling…

    Jason Schreier - Kotaku -
  • Nothing Says Halloween Like People Screaming at Horror Games

    … language follows. Amnesia, A Bag of Milky Ways, and Lots of Screaming In one of the most famous examples of the horror let's play genre, a YouTuber by the name of DILDOBITCH is introduced to Amnesia: The Dark Descent by his friends. The result is a humorously subtitled video filled with plenty of screamy-whimpery terror. Slenderman Slowly Destroys…

    András Neltz - Kotaku - Halloween -
  • Final Fantasy XV's World Is Freakin' Enormous

    … Tonight, Square Enix showed off some of the world where Final Fantasy XV takes place. It looks huge. As you can see in the video below, you can freely explore the field. If you like, you can can stop at gas stations and rest. When running in the field, your party members get tired and stop as would real people. If you get too close…

    1 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - Final Fantasy -
  • How Sonic Helped Sega Win the Early 90s Console Wars

    … – was Sonic the Hedgehog. The origin story is the stuff of legend. With the Super Nintendo launch looming, Phantasy Star veteran Naoto Ohshima had already started work on an offbeat animal character with programmer Yuji Naka. "We initially chose a rabbit … and then experimented with further ideas – an armadillo and a hedgehog," says Naka. "Ohshima-san's…

    1 readers - Kotaku -

  • Valkyria Chronicles is My First and Only SRPG Love

    … This week, Sega announced that formerly PS3-exclusive Valkyria Chronicles would be coming to PC November 11, 2014. Just the idea that more people will get to experience this game makes me giddy. Why? Because the Valkyria Chronicles series is my first and only SRPG love. From the beginning, I’ve never really liked SRPGs. This is probably because…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku - Valkyria Chronicles -
  • A Look at the Tech that Powers Final Fantasy XV

    … Square Enix just showed off this in Paris. It looks impressive. As you can see in the below clip, via YouTube user Mika IIM, the demo shows off some of the game engine's fancy tech. As soon as it starts going, that dude's head gets out of the way. Somewhat. You'll be happy to know he doesn't get into the way of Final Fantasy character pores…

    3 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - Final Fantasy XV - Final Fantasy -
  • You Can Call This Video Game From A Real Phone

    … Dial this number, and it will take you to far away places. MINOR SPOILER ALERT. The game—really more of an interactive phone line—is the latest extension of the brilliant Kentucky Route Zero series, a serenely bizarre (or perhaps bizarrely serene) theatrical adventure game. This is an extension of that universe, and a weird one at that. You…

    Nathan Grayson - Kotaku -
  • Team Fortress 2's New Map Is Totally Bonkers

    … It has kart racing. Kart racing! With adorable chubby faced characters. Valve has finally lost it—in a good way, mostly. The new map, Carnival of Carnage, is the biggest addition in Scream Fortress VI, this year's Halloween event. Here's an overview from Valve News Network of its relentless spookitude: I wasn't kidding about the bumper karts…

    1 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku - Team Fortress -

  • Bungie (Sorta) Explains Why Some Of Destiny's DLC Is On The Disc

    …: On-Disc DLC. On-disc DLC—that is to say, content that's on a game's disc but is locked until you download more files and potentially pay more money—has become taboo in the video game world for a number of reasons. For one, there's the whole psychological element—if you're paying for a video game, you'd expect to be able to access everything that's…

    Jason Schreier - Kotaku -
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