• Destiny Gun Names, Ranked

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    Legendary and exotic guns in Destiny all have names. Some of those names are pretty good. 74. Viper P3 73. Crusader I 72. Hawkmoon 71. Prestige IV 70. Judgment VI 69. Vanquisher VIII 68. Cryptic Dragon 67. Praedyth's Revenge 66. Red Death 65. Deviant Gravity-A 64. Vex Mythoclast 63. Radagast's Fury 62. Silmar's Wrath 61. Hex Caster ARC 60. Unwilling Soul-09 59. 77 Wizard 58. Efrideet's Spear 57.

  • You've To Got Really Love The Evil Within To Spend $300 On This Guy

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    I can understand a Skyrim statue, and those Doom plushies were about the cutest thing ever, but the latest fruit of Bethesda's partnership with collectible maker Gaming Heads is a $300 statue of a man with a barbwire-wrapped safe spouting tentacles for a head. That's not okay. Now I have not played The Evil Within yet. I have downloaded the game to my computer. There it sits, taunting me.

  • My Favorite (Tiny) Improvement To Sleeping Dogs

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - Open-world Hong Kong crime game Sleeping Dogs has gotten a "definitive edition" re-master—it's out on PC now and hits consoles next week. While the definitive edition comes with improved graphics and includes a bunch of already-released expansion missions, my favorite improvement is less noticeable.
  • How The New Nintendo 3DS's C-Stick Works in Super Smash Bros.

    Kotaku - - 6 readers - Oh, and Monster Hunter. Let's not forget that. Very important! Perhaps the most noticeable addition the New Nintendo 3DS brings to the table is a second thumb controller: the C-Stick. Two of the first games to take advantage of it are, of course, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Monster Hunter 4G. I the videos below, I quickly introduce the C-Stick controls for both games.
  • This Week In The Business: A War On Women

    Kotaku - - 12 readers - QUOTE | "What we feel is that there is a literal war in this industry on women." - Brianna Wu, head of development at Giant Spacekat, who was forced from her home by death threats to her and her husband from GamerGate supporters. Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ... QUOTE | "Threats of violence and harassment are wrong. They have to stop.
  • Watch An Artist Bring Twilight Princess' Midna To Watercolor Life

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - One of The Legend of Zelda's most enigmatic figures, the impish Midna has captured the imaginations of countless artists in the early eight years since its release. Watch as watercolor artist Adam Scythe gives us his interpretation. A good piece of art is a wonderful thing, but being privy to the process adds so much depth to the final work. In the time-lapse video belo ...

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  • The DualShock 4 Has Become A Pretty Great PC Controller

    …If you're using a controller to play a PC game—I know, I know, shhh, it's okay—chances are the on-screen prompts you see will match up with an Xbox controller. But you don't have to use Microsoft's controller with your PC; you've actually got a lot of options, including the PS4's DualShock 4. I really like the DualShock 4, but while I've known…

    2 readers - Kirk Hamilton - Kotaku -
  • The New Borderlands' Secret Raid Boss Killed In One Hit

    …Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's mean, green barfing machine of a secret boss thinks it's so tough. It can nearly one-shot players lower level than it is. One player, however, figured out how to one-shot it right back. The above video demonstrates how to take down Iwajira in a single hit, and it's, well, pretty nuts. My initial temptation…

    2 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku - Borderlands -
  • Guy Lands Perfect Falcon Punch, Opponent Just Quits

    …If you think "I've done some pretty amazing Falcon Punches before", just ask yourself: did your opponent just quit the game after you did it? And, as always, much more! Sure, you can glitch Atheon off the cliff by yourself with a few grenades, but apparently even that …Read moreRead on Watch the video above, then link any of your favorite…

    1 readers - Steve Marinconz - Kotaku - Falcon -

  • Candy Crush Saga Sequel Arrives To Refresh A Faltering Fanbase

    …After two and a half years of candy crushing, fans of King's massive gem-matching hit could use a little break. Enter Candy Crush Soda Saga, released today on Facebook and coming soon to mobile. Here's how my time with Candy Crush Saga normally goes. I'll start up the application on my iPad, and try my hand at whichever numbered puzzle caused me…

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku - Candy Crush Saga -
  • Mega-Producer Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft

    …Jade Raymond, best known as a producer on Assassin's Creed and a number of other major Ubisoft games like Splinter Cell and Watch Dogs, has left the publisher after ten years, Ubisoft announced today. Ubisoft's Alexandre Parizeau will take her old role as head of Ubisoft Toronto, which Raymond founded and has managed since 2009.http://kotaku.com…

    2 readers - Jason Schreier - Kotaku - To Leave -
  • Let This Man Explain What Makes Half-Life So Great

    …Half-Life turns sixteen this year. It's likely older than some of you. Yet, aged graphics aside, it's still one of the best games—or rather, one of the best experiences—the PC has to offer. There's a couple reasons why. As YouTuber XboxAhoy argues in his video, the first Half-Life was influential not just because it played well, but because…

    4 readers - András Neltz - Kotaku - Half-Life -
  • The Great Nintendo 3DS Race. Which One Is Fastest?

    …Last week, Kotaku did an unscientific speed test with the New Nintendo 3DS and the regular Nintendo 3DS. This week, you can see all 3DS consoles, including the NN3DS XL, face off. Let's see which one is the quickest. When Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 3DS, it said the portable was more powerful than the…Read moreRead on The above speed test…

    2 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -
  • The Real World Could Use More 2D Video Games

    …We know Filipe Costa of Pipoca VFX from his work on transforming Pokemon and the original Tomb Raider into first-person games. Now he's working on transforming the largest first-person game of them all into 2D classics. I've seen plenty of 2D sprites Photoshopped into real-world locations, but I've rarely seen them in motion like this. It's like…

    3 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -

  • Sunset Overdrive Has A Special In-Game Message For Reviewers

    …Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has a weekly in-game television show that communicates the latest tips and challenges to players, and since the only people playing right now are game reviewers... Posted over at Forbes (via Polygon), the message urges reviewers to resist their natural urge to bastardize game names into tongue-all-over-the-cheek…

    3 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku - Sunset Overdrive -
  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Needs More Kevin Spacey

    …If there's one thing I've learned from the regular Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailers we've been getting over the past few months, is that there needs to be more Kevin Spacey in video games. Let's fix that. Why are we limiting one of America's finest actors to a single virtual stage? Not everyone enjoys playing Call of Duty, and as a denizen…

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Watch The Final Round Of The 2014 League Of Legends Worlds Right Here

    …With a million dollars and the Summoner's Cup on the line, it all came down to this final match-up. Did Star Horn Royal Club rectify last year's loss, or has Samsung Galaxy White come out on top? A season of fierce competition culminated earlier today in a final battle between China's Star Horn Royal Club and South Korea's own Samsung Galaxy White…

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -

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