Loot is a two-act play by the English playwright Joe Orton. The play is a dark farce that satirises the Roman Catholic Church, social attitudes to death, and the integrity of the police force.Loot was Orton's third major production, following Entertaining Mr Sloane and the television play The Good and Faithful Servant. Playing with the conventions of popular farce, Orton creates a hectic world and examines English attitudes and perceptions in the mid twentieth century. The play won several awards in its London run and has since gained a reputation[citation needed] as a comic masterpiece and has had many revivals.
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    … Far Cry 4 is the kind of game that's deeply in love with its loot. It wants you, the player, to love its loot too. So it packs the stuff full of silly jokes and insular references. Here are some of the silliest I've seen so far. Is this a Grand Theft Auto V reference? I'm gonna choose to read it that way. Hey, maybe the gloves went…

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    … exploits will keep being discovered by intrepid gamers. Its only a matter of time before Bungie catches wise to the Loot Stairs as well, so get to farming those engrams while you still can! Source: VG247 Jay Borenstein A friend to the cosmic owl and the keeper of one of the keys to your heart, he lives on the Twitter: @nerdyspeaker The post Destiny’s “Loot Stairs” Is The New Loot Cave appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

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    … ruining their fun. Players took to the Bungie forums concerned about the lack of post-raid loot they received, also noting that the game would indicate they did not complete the Raid even though they did, receiving the achievement or trophy for passingv the gruelling adventure. To make things even worse, some have reported that the Raid had restarted…

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