• Where to Find the Destiny Beta's Five Golden Chests

    … Part of Destiny's gameplay formula is finding and grabbing loot amidst all the sci-fi gunplay. But some of the loot chests in the beta are shinier and cooler than the others, bestowing special rewards to players that find them all. Here's where the good stuff is. Read more... …

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  • Destiny – Dev Diary Describes Weapons, Armor and Loot

    … Developer Bungie are anxious to get new shooter Destiny out to the public as much as us gamers want to play it. Throughout this journey community manager David “DeeJ” Dague has been keeping the community updated and he has more to share on the game’s loot, armor and weapons. DeeJ and design lead Lars Bakken spoke about the three aspects…

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  • Destiny’s new trailer reveals armors and weapons

    … Worried about how varied your arsenal will be in Bungie’s upcoming MMOFPS Destiny? Fear not, it seems you’ll be having quite the variety at your disposal when it comes down to what you’re shooting with and what you’re wearing to keep bullets out! A new trailer for Destiny explains how the game’s loot system works, what weapons you’ll be able…

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