• Motorola Droid Turbo on way to Destroy Nexus 6

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    Motorola Droid is on the way to destroy Nexus 6 with its awesome Features and Specs. As Nexus 6 is closing on its release date, Motorola and Verizon have specified their Droid Turbo unveiling date- October 28. Rumors are on high that Motorola is coming with some awesome features and specs that are literally aiming to destroy Google’s Nexus 6.

  • Shield Tablet 1.2 Update Released Today

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    Details Published on Tuesday, 30 September 2014 10:48 Written by Zack Kaplan The NVDIA Shield Tablet is receiving a new update today, that brings more "enhancements and fixes" to the device. It will be available for both the 16 GB Wi-Fi model and the 32 GB LTE model, which launches today. This update, brings enchantments that were found in the most recent update for the Shi ...

  • What Buyers Need to Know about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

    The Gamer Headlines - - 4 readers - For the eyes of non-experts in smartphones, there may not seem like any difference at all between Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at first glance. The two phones look pretty similar but actually, the Note Edge has a few specs and features that are not the same with the other device.
  • First Look At iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 3

    The Gamer Headlines - - 3 readers - Apple has just dropped two upcoming iPad releases for their Air second generation and iPad mini third generation. Apple’s main points of selling have been that they have reasonably priced these devices in the past, unlike their flagship iPads. Although Apple has been very successful in the tablet market, the problem is that the market has been in a downfall lately, and consequ ...
  • LG G3 Vs. HTC Desire 820 Which is the Best Phone

    The Gamer Headlines - - 5 readers - While HTC’s Desire 820 is an admirable phone, it is no match for LG G3 in regards to features and specs. For a better look at the phones, and which one comes out on top, here is a look at the different components inside and outside. Sizes, Displays, and Designs LG G2’s previous uni-body design was just plastic, but with the newer version it will delight the eye with its metallic skin.
  • Nokia Lumia 830 vs HTC Desire 820 Compared

    The Gamer Headlines - - 7 readers - We are looking at the Nokia Lumia 830 and how it stacks up against the HTC Desire 820. Two good phones that were released in September, but now are available around the world. Sizes, Displays, and Designs The HTC Desire 820 doesn’t really offer much difference in design compared with their other HTC devices in the mid-range; it has a rounded edge glossy plastic flat and rectangular rear.

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  • First Look At iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 3

    … of 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB of internal memory space. Both iPad versions run on the new iOS 8 and have the integrated TouchID fingerprint sensor in the home button. Camera iPad users might be disappointed in what they get from the iPad Mini 3, as it comes with a 5MP rear camera that records videos at 720p resolution. The 1.2MP front camera is also…

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  • Galaxy S5 Plus Appears on Samsung’s Website

    … Earlier this year, the Samsung Galaxy S5+ was released in Singapore and it looks as though we’re going to see this device in other countries as well. The phone has appeared on the company’s Dutch website, titled as the ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus’. The device’s identical to the original S5 except with an upgraded processor, GPU and support for LTE…

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  • Apple Released iPad Air 2, iMac and Apple Pay Last Week

    … Air 2 offers 802.11ac whereas additional LTE bands delivering higher speeds of nearly 150Mbps is provided in cellular section. The device can provide up to 10 hour of battery power. iPad Air 2 also excels iPad Air 2 has an amazing iSight rear camera with 8 megapixels, making it a great device for clicking photos and shooting videos.Apple’s…

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  • iPad Air 2 Guide: Prices, Upgrades, Reduced Thickness, Increased Speed

    … Although a big event aroused with the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple decided to take a step ahead and decided to release the new iPad generation as well. In an event held in San Francisco, Tim Cook affirmed the tablet being simple and capable. The new iPad Air 2 features a fresh exterior look as the device supports a 6.1 mm…

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  • Power Pack Android Device from Motorola- Moto G

    … Well, talking of applications its very own Moto assist helps replying to text messages automatically when you’re caught in traffic or busy, and you cannot manage to send a reply. It also assists in silencing the device while you’re sleeping or caught up in a meeting. Moto alert automatically sends alert to the chosen friends and family members on your phonebook when you’re caught up in an emergency situation. The post Power Pack Android Device from Motorola- Moto G appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

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  • Nokia Lumia 830 vs HTC Desire 820 Compared

    … to enjoy your phone is much better when you have a battery that lasts, and in the case of Desire 820, the 2600mAh non-removable battery last much longer than Lumia 830. The Lumia 830’s battery is 2200mAh which when talking on 3G last up to 15 hours. Other features Both the HTC and the Lumia support nano-SIM, microUSB, Bluetooth v4.0, WiFi, and 4G LTE…

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  • Gionee Elife E7 vs. Nokia Lumia 920- Who Gets the Applause?

    …. Display Gionee Elife E7: Here Gionee has incorporated a JDI 5.5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. The display is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass-3 technology to protect against dust and scratches. This handset is available in three variants: 16GB 3G variant has a 2GB RAM, 32 GB 3G Variant has a 3GB RAM and the 32GB 4G LTE Variant has…

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  • Motorola Droid Turbo on way to Destroy Nexus 6

    … of the device that is made from Kevlar material. As for the networking, expectations are on the Turbo is going to support Verizon’s 4G LTE/XLTE network and is expected to be updated and take advantage of the carrier’s VoLTE implementation of Big Red’s Wireless Calling 1.0 within 30 to 90 days of its launch. The new Droid-Specific ‘ZAP’ Feature has also…

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  • LG G3 Vs. HTC Desire 820 Which is the Best Phone

    …. Batteries LG G3 packs a bigger battery than Desire 820; its removable 3000mAH camera provides up to 21 hours of talk time. While the Desire 820 2600mAh battery is non-removable provides 22 hours of talk time, but once fully charged LG G3 last much longer. Bonus Features Both the HTC Desire and LG G3 is capable of Wifi, LTE data, and Bluetooth 4.0…

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  • Mighty Samsung Galaxy S4 V/S Giant HTC One

    … ability to command HDTVs. Other features like 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi wireless networking and NFC hardware enable quick Bluetooth pairing with accessories such as speakers and head phones. For some power user people Samsung galaxy S4 is heaven with settings, tweaks and toggles facility at hand with proper hardware support. On the other hand…

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  • Apple Unveils the iPad Air 2 – The Thinnest, Most Powerful iPad Ever

    … with a refreshed line of iPads – on top of release information for the next Mac OS X, titled Yosemite, and the highly sought after introduction of Apple Pay in iOS 8.1. Now that the keynote is over, we have the full details on Apple’s latest product additions – which include a number of the previously rumored items along with a few surprises…

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  • Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 officially announced

    … Air. The iPad Air 2 sports a brand-new processor specifically created for the tablet called the A8X. Its CPU is 40% faster, its GPU is 2.5x faster, and is based on a 2nd-generation 64-bit architecture. An additional M8 motion co-processor is also included, which is able to track motion, calibrate the tablet’s sensors, and contains a barometer. What…

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