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  • Kids React to Luigi Death Stare

    … into my life.) But seriously, what’s going on with Luigi? It’s like he has a chip on his shoulder. YOU HAD A YEAR DEDICATED TO YOU, MAN! A YEEEAAAAR. Most people only get a day, and that’s to symbolize the day they emerged from their mother’s naughty bits. I mean, c’mon. That’s kinda gross. I know if Nintendo declared it was “The Year of Brittney” I would be the happiest motherfucker on the entire planet. Juuust sayin’. …

  • Mario Maker Revealed At E3 2014

    … Nintendo have officially confirmed Mario Maker, which was recently just a rumor -it will be available only on Wii U with no sight of a 3DS release. The game essentially allows users to create their own Mario levels by placing blocks, power-ups, different enemies, and items, all of which is done on the touchscreen. A nice extra is the ability…

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  • The Luigi Death Stare Meme Is Over

    … I'm calling it (and judging by comments/Twitter/Facebook most of you are too). It's done, guys. It was a fun ride , but it shone too brightly and burned out too quickly. THAT SAID, it deserves a more fitting end than Luigi's own year, which just kinda...fizzed out. It deserves a viking funeral. Read more…

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  • NES Remix 2 Video Asks Viewers To Spot Luigi

    … Nintendo has released a new promotional video for NES Remix 2. The one-minute clip challenges viewers to spot the 8-bit version of Luigi, who is hidden in several stages within the game as well. NES Remix 2 also contains Super Luigi Bros., which is essentially the original Super Mario Bros. with the high-jumping Luigi as its star. NES Remix 2 is available in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Filed under: eShop, Nintendo, Wii U Tagged: luigi, nes remix 2 …

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