• Dragon Ball: Why I Prefer the Manga to the Anime

    n3rdabl3 - - 6 readers - So I came a little late to the whole "Dragon Ball Z is great" party, but I sure did make up for time lost in the my late teens. These catching up sessions nicely coincided with the broadcasting of Dragon Ball Kai, an an...

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  • Why New Sailor Moon Fans Are Lucky

    … My first experience with Sailor Moon involved waking up early before school and turning on the television to watch some cartoons. Amazingly, this animated series about a bunch of magical girls with powers would come on right before Inspector Gadget. So I watched this show [...] The post Why New Sailor Moon Fans Are Lucky appeared first…

    1 readers - The Outerhaven - Sailor Moon -

  • How Pikachu Has Changed Over the Years

    … You might know that Pikachu in the Pocket Monster anime now looks, well, like a changed Pokémon. But this isn't the only instance of different Pikachus. Read more…

    Kotaku -
  • SMASH! – Sydney’s #1 Anime Convention Prepares One Month Countdown

    …And so do we here at Attack On Gaming. There are only a few more weekends to go before the best Anime and Manga convention in this country launches for the year. We’ll be doing a few posts leading into the event soon. But first! Here’s the official SMASH! Press Release for the leadup into the launch of SMASH! for this year. Coming August 9 and 10…

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  • One Piece Might Last Another Decade

    … For those worried that One Piece might be ending sooner rather than later, don't be. In a recent interview, the manga's creator, Eiichiro Oda, says he won't be slowing down anytime soon. Read more…

    7 readers - Kotaku - One Piece -
  • One Piece Expo Steamrolls Taiwan

    … Japanese comic and animation One Piece is immensely popular in Taiwan. In fact, it's so popular that the first ever One Piece exhibition outside of Japan saw over 100,000 guests within its first week. Read more…

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  • Manga Trope Appears in Noodle Commercial, Confuses Some People

    … You know in manga and anime, how sometimes characters corner their love interests by putting their arm on the wall? That's called "kabe don" (壁ドン). Its recent appearance in an instant noodle commercial is bewildering some people online in Japan. Read more... …

    Kotaku -

  • Viz Media licenses Little Battlers eXperience manga

    … The Little Battlers eXperience manga has been licensed for North America by Viz Media. The first two volumes are due out on November 4. There are a total of 26 chapters and six compiled volumes in the manga series. Source The post Viz Media licenses Little Battlers eXperience manga appeared first on Nintendo Everything. Related Posts No related posts. …

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  • A new love comedy anime game is headed to your PSVita soon

    … to the point of making an original anime movie, as well as a TV series. Titled "False Love" (Fake Love in Japan) from the original manga, this new PSVita game is scheduled for launch this coming fall, and as with many games like this one, it may or may not ever make it to the Western part of the world. If not, it would be too bad, as there needs to be more love comedy based releases outside of Japan don't you think? Some food for thought. Watch some video to see what I mean. …

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