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  • Why We Love Mario Kart, Part 7: Battle Mode!

    … With Mario Kart 8 just over a week away from release, it’s certainly time to get excited! Over the last 7 weeks we’ve looked at various reasons why we love the Mario Kart series, and today we’re delving into the other half of the famous racing series, the notoriously fun and frenzied multiplayer madness that is Battle Mode. The way we were…

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  • Why We Love Mario Kart, Part 6: Multiplayer

    …) Mario Kart 7 – up to 8 Mario Kart 8 – up to 4 Other customization options are available, depending on the title. For example, in Mario Kart Wii, the Vs Mode only allows 100cc speeds and the selection of one track at a time. In Mario Kart DS, you can choose from any speed, and any number of tracks, including a random selection of all tracks…

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  • Just What Is The Best Mario Kart?

    … With Mario Kart 8 just mere weeks away I thought what better time than to look back over the twenty plus year old series checking out just how far things have come since it’s original SNES debut. Let’s kick things off with the worst of the seven and work our way up starting with…   Mario Kart Wii Okay first of all let me just say that Mario…

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  • Why We Love Mario Kart, Part 5: Vehicles and Techniques

    … to make more choices about the type of kart driven. In Mario Kart 7, this extended to a selection of kart bodies, tires, and gliders. Mario Kart 8 sets to repeat this level of customization. Each vehicle choice affects the speed, acceleration, drifting or off-road capabilities of the kart. Here are the different levels of customization available…

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  • Why We Love Mario Kart, Part 4: Items

    … square on the touch screen. In Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7, the item boxes are similar again, except that the square pattern was exchanged for a circle pattern on the cubes. The cubes still animate in the same way, and Fake Item Boxes are still red, however, Fake Item Boxes now twirl around. Best items Nothing makes you feel quite as secure…

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  • New Mario Kart 7 Copies Apparently Sport A Red Case For North America

    … Mario Kart 8′s release date is just around the corner and comes with a lovely red case for those in North America, but apparently so does Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. Spotted by an eagle-eyed member on NeoGaf, new copies of Mario Kart 7 will be sold to the gaming public with a matching red case. Though there’s been no official confirmation…

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  • Why We Love Mario Kart, Part 3: Brilliant Tracks

    … and hardest. It’s a fun, and at times frustrating, Mario Kart tradition. Only one Rainbow Road course has been re-used as a retro track, namely the first Rainbow Road featured in Super Mario Kart, appearing as the final retro track of the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart 7. The Rainbow Road course from Mario Kart 64 is set to be retro-fied in the upcoming…

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