Marvel Worldwide Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics and formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, is an American publisher of comic books and related media. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Worldwide's parent company.Marvel started in 1939 as Timely Publications, and by the early 1950s had generally become known as Atlas Comics. Marvel's modern incarnation dates from 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and many others.
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  • Comic Shop Picks: Marvel’s Axis comes to close in a light week at the LCS

    … America and the Mighty Avengers #3, Loki: Agent of Asgard #9, Nova #25, and Superior Iron Man #3. And if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe a trip back in time will- as Marvel also has the origin of the sort-of Axis baddie Onslaught available in graphic novel form. Straight from the 90′s, it’s X-Men vol. 3: Road to Onslaught. Those are my main…

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  • What If Milo Manara Drew Spider-Woman In Her New, Practical Costume?

    … For the first time in 37 years, Spider-Woman is getting a new costume. And it's a practical costume. That means less skin-clinging spandex and more utilitarian design. This got artist Caio Oliveira thinking: What if illustrator Milo Manara (of lordosis infamy) had drawn Spider-Woman in her new duds? H/t Bleeding Cool…

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  • More new stuff headed into stores from DST this week

    … packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #JUL142035, SRP: $18.00) Marvel Minimates Zombie Villains Series 2 Box Set – A Diamond Select Toys release! The Villain Zombies are back, to take another bite out of the Marvel Minimates line! This time, Zombie Dr Doom, Zombie Morbius, Zombie Kingpin and Zombie Sabretooth make up the box set, which should have…

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  • Great Villains Whose Schemes Aren't Just Aimed At Destroying The Hero

    … Sometimes it seems like every villain is obsessed with murdering the hero of the story. (Or making the hero realize they're alike.) But it's not true — in fact, some of the best villains have their own goals, and the hero just happens to get in the way. Here are some great villains whose schemes don't revolve around the hero. Sure, everybody…

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  • Best of 2014 Awards – Best Comic Company

    … Over the new few weeks, Comics Nexus’s staff will be posting our lists of of what we considered the best things in Comics for 2014. We’re going to start with our picks for Best Comic Company: Mike Maillaro Marvel - Marvel has been killing me this year by putting out way too many books that I really want to read. Even if I sometimes question…

    Michael Maillaro/ Inside Pulse- 2 readers -

    … to be fixed was fixed, characters given definition, explosive action throughout and an incredible leading lady with a lot of range. Even without extras on the final season we’d be regretting it constantly if we didn’t give it that .1 extra to make a perfect score. Thinking of buying it? Check out the full review. MARVEL AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 1…

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  • Spider-Man, Hanging Out in Cairo

    … situations and are able to cope with very weird situations by making a lot of fun of them," he continued. "They know how to laugh through the toughest times. We wanted to draw a smile on Egyptian citizens' face." Atef certainly drew one on mine. Be sure to check out more of the photographer's work on his Facebook page. HOSSAM 'ANTIKKA' ATEF: THE VIRAL PHOTOGRAPHER [Cairo Scene] Photos: Antikka Photography To contact the author of this post, write to or find him on Twitter @Brian_Ashcraft. …

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  • 10 Classic Dr. Strange Storylines That Would Be Perfect For The Movie

    … At long last, we know who's playing Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, in Marvel's upcoming movie, due Nov. 2016. But who is Dr. Strange? And what's so great about him? We've rounded up eight fantastic storylines about the surgeon-turned-wizard that are both awesome, and provide great material for Benedict Cumberbatch. Top image: Artwork by Gene…

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  • PR: Venom Pinball Hits this Week with a Sizzling New Trailer

    … The next Marvel character to get the Zen Pinball treatment is Venom and the new Venom table for Zen Pinball 2 arrives on December 11th for Wii U! The full press release including pricing, platforms, and release dates can be found below. The electrifying pinball table from Zen Studios and Marvel based on the Lethal Protector himself, Venom…

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  • Kingdom Hearts May Take On Marvel and Star Wars Next

    … Disney is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the world of entertainment. In the past couple of years they’ve managed to acquire the rights to two massive franchises. As Disney slowly begins to unearth their plans for both Marvel and Star Wars, gaming fans have looked to the king of mash-ups, Kingdom Hearts, to do what no other has thought…

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  • Krysten Ritter Playing Jessica Jones In Netflix Miniseries

    … did a chemistry read with The Following‘s Mike Colter, believed to be the choice for male lead Luke Cage. The series is the second in a four series deal. Jessica Jones, a superhero suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, hangs up her suit and instead chooses to help other superheroes as a detective instead. Tags: Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter, Marvel, marvel studios, Netflix Source: Deadline Related News Articles …

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch Confirmed To Play Doctor Strange

    … and sincerity,” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said in the official announcement. “In 2016, Benedict will show audiences what makes Doctor Strange such a unique and compelling character.” Tags: Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange, Marvel, Marvel Movies Source: Comic Book Resources Related News Articles …

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