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  • Marvel Announce Another Date

    … Marvel Studios have announced another mysterious date to add to your calendar. May 4th will join July 6th and November 2nd 2018 in the release of another Marvel film. Marvel recently announced three other dates for upcoming films... Read more of Marvel Announce Another Date on n3rdabl3. …

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  • Marvel Comic Con Posters

    … Marvel have released three new SD Comic Con posters for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant Man. The Avengers: Age of Ultron posters include Iron Man and new to the series, Scarlet Witch, fighting off an army of Ultron’s Minions. On the other hand, the Ant Man poster shows off both Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas Read more of Marvel Comic Con Posters on n3rdabl3. …

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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Boost Sagging 2014 Summer Box Office

    … With the summer waning, pundits hope Marvel pic outperforms The 2014 summer box office is down roughly 20% from 2013’s record-breaking highs and year-to-date overall ticket sales are off more than 6%. August doesn’t have a ton of heavy hitters on deck, but one sleeper could be Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. While not exactly under…

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  • James Gunn On The Movies You Must Watch Before Guardians Of The Galaxy

    … Earlier this month, Marvel released a Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape loaded with tunes from the '70s that will also serve as half of the film's soundtrack. It really helps set the tone for the film, so we asked director James Gunn to do the same thing with movies people should watch. Read more... …

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy News: James Gunn Addresses Sequel, Hulk Rumors

    … While the Guardians of the Galaxy movie isn’t even in theaters for another few days, there are already rumors spreading about a potential sequel. In the Marvel comic book universe, the Incredible Hulk is involved in a storyline “Planet Hulk”, where the Hulk is banished from Earth. GotG writer/director James Gunn addressed these rumors…

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  • 12 Guardians Of the Galaxy Facts The Movie Won't Tell You

    … Everybody's super-excited about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and justifiably so, but there's one problem: if you're only watching the film, you're not getting the truth. The Guardians — the group and the members — have a far weirder history than the movie will acknowledge, and here's the proof. Read more…

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  • Opinion: Who else could become Captain America?

    … It’s been a big week for Marvel – a female Thor and the new Captain America, alongside more teasing about its ever-growing list of movies. So yes, I do like Sam Wilson and I enjoyed his work as The Falcon. I can’t comment on the film, since I still haven’t seen it. The Arch nemesis of John Read more of Opinion: Who else could become Captain America? on n3rdabl3. …

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  • Marvel Announces Release Dates Through 2019

    … Marvel has announced release dates for five films – two in 2017, two in 2018, and a fifth in 2019 – but opted to leave out which films they'll be releasing. Let the wild speculation begin! Read more... …

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