• A brief history of Aaron Aikman AKA Spider-man.

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    Edge of the Spider-verse continues and this week we look at Aaron Aikman, AKA Spider-man of yet another parallel universe. In this issue our story is inspired by Tokusatsu, the Japanese genre for live action superheroes and heavy special effects. Aaron Aikman is a great scientist who splices his DNA with that of a spider giving him the powers of a spider, naturally.

  • A Brief History of Spider-woman Gwen Stacy

    n3rdabl3 - - 3 readers - So Gwen Stacy is back in comics! Despite the fact that the comic is set in an alternate universe and she’s also alive in the Ultimate Universe… Well anyway let’s get on with things. As part of the build up for the huge Spiderverse event which sees every Spider-man ever teaming up to combat the wrath of a murderous universe jumper, in September and a bit of October Marvel a ...
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Mini Combo Roundup feat. Phoenix Wright and Hulk

    Shoryuken - - 2 readers - If you’re fiending for a quick Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 combo fix, the two short videos below have exactly what you’ve been craving. The first, from Aonien, features Phoenix Wright laying down the law in turnabout mode. The combo isn’t practical at all, but it’s got more than enough hype to make up for that. ...
  • Footage of Marvel’s Contest of Champions from the 2014 New York Comic Con

    The Outerhaven - - 2 readers - Had a chance to record from footage of Marvel’s upcoming fighter for smartphones and tablets, Contest of Champions. Slated to be released in December 2014, this is the flagship title that pics Marvel heroes and villains against each other. The title is being developed by Kabam. One thing is for sure, this ain’t no Marvel vs Capcom or any other conventional fighter.

The latest about Marvel

  • “New additions” to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teased

    … Writer and director James Gunn has not only confirmed that the whole gang will be returning in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but there may a few more characters coming along for the ride. Speaking to Variety, gunn said “I spent all day on 1 August, the day the first movie was released, writing Guardians 2, “I was so excited about it and I…

    1 readers - Alex Johnson - n3rdabl3 -
  • Edge of the Spider-verse Summary

    … has been hunted and killed. Though the girl next door has bitten by Patton so who knows what will happen. Check out his brief here. SP//dr: It’s a Gerard Way comic, of course it’s going to be a bit strange, again this whole concept is interesting but nothing it really done with it , but SP//dr will appear again as she’s been recruited by the small band of Spider-man’s fighting back. Check out her brief here. …

    1 readers - Josh Francis - n3rdabl3 -
  • Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of Avengers 2 Trailer Reveals Spoilery Details

    … in the later scenes ahead, I suspect (as does commenter elfprince13) that this may be Ultron "vibraniumizing" himself. Thus making him indestructible and removing him of any "strings." And yes that song you hear sung throughout the rest of the trailer is Disney's "I've Got No Strings" from Pinocchio. We see what you did there Ultron. An upset Cap…

    1 readers - Kotaku - The Avengers - Avengers -
  • Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Ultron Is Here To Destroy

    … out the Avengers by working on the shelved Ultron AI project, of course this doesn’t work out they way he planned and Ultron decides to wipe out the human race and start again. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr., who returns as Iron Man, along with Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mark Ruffalo…

    1 readers - John Griffin - n3rdabl3 - The Avengers - Avengers -

  • Twitter mourns the end of She-Hulk

    … She-Hulk is an interesting character in many ways. So you can understand the Tweets of disappointment that people have aired following the news that the series would come to and end. Jennifer Walters was the cousin of Bruce Banner (The Hulk) who harnessed the power of green after an emergency blood transfusion. She represented a reversal…

    1 readers - Josh Francis - n3rdabl3 -
  • Thank Hydra for this brand new Avengers Trailer

    … on the Superhuman Registration Act. While ANT-MAN is largely self-contained in nature, the references of the MCU will come from Pym’s past as a scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the ’60s, having worked alongside Howard Stark, Arnim Zola and Alexander Pierce. However, in this flashback sequence, Pym will supposedly also have a run-in with a young military hot-head…

    1 readers - The Outerhaven - The Avengers - Avengers -
  • A Brief History of SP//dr

    … a fairly trippy version of Mysterio. Who seems to be a demented fanboy of sorts. Whilst in class she finds her day dream interrupted by what appears to be Daredevil and she’s excused so she can take care of some superhero business. It turns Mysterio has left some unfinished business for the two heroes to take care of. Along the way the two have…

    2 readers - Josh Francis - n3rdabl3 -
  • Artificial Iron Man Hand Makes Kids Feel Like Tony Stark

    … It's easy enough to feel alienated as a child without also needing a prosthesis — kids can be less than kind. Which is why I love what this inventor is trying to do to make an empowering superhero prostheses come to life. Pat Starce has three goals in mind for his child-sized Iron Man Prosthetic Hand. "It had to look had to perform…

    2 readers - Chris Person - Kotaku - Iron Man -
  • Marvel teases Civil War #1 for the Summer of 2015? What?

    … exactly this image is about, nothing. Oddly enough this comes right after Marvel announced their new Secert Wars story arc at the 2014 New York Comic Con, which is also an older story arch that’s being updated. So what exactly could this mean? Are they going to be re-releasing the Civil War comics? Is this going to be a re-telling of the arc? Your guess is as good as mine, so we’ll just have to wait to see what else Marvel has cooking. …

    1 readers - Keith Mitchell - The Outerhaven - Civil War - Marvel -
  • Marvel Release First Daredevil Images at NYCC

    … More from the New York Comic Con as Marvel talk about a local hero, born and bred on the mean streets of Hells Kitchen and he’s a Daredevil. That’s right, Marvel have revealed some teaser images for the upcoming Netflix series, Daredevil based on the comic book of the same name following a blind superhero. Images courtesy of Marvel show…

    2 readers - Josh Francis - n3rdabl3 - Marvel -

  • Guardians of the Galaxy gets Animated

    … of the Galaxy a big household name. So in 2015 Disney XD will continue that trend with the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Above is a bit of test footage which you’ve got to see. Also if you’re bored checked out the Guardians in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and notice the difference! …

    2 readers - Josh Francis - n3rdabl3 -
  • Here it is: Your official all-singing, all-dancing Baby Groot Toy!

    … Guardians of the Galaxy fans, long have we waited for a potted, groovin' Groot of our very own, and now the wait is almost over. Marvel have finally lifted the lid on their version of Dancing Groot - and he'll be out by Christmas! Exclusively revealed by Mashable, the toy is a collaboration between Marvel and electronic toymaker KIDdesigns…

    1 readers - Kotaku -

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