• ‘Minecraft’ Releasing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Skin Pack for Xbox One & 360

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    After five years on the PC market, and over three full years of “official” availability across multiple platforms, Minecraft remains one of the most important and most played projects of the last decade. Gamers with varying levels of experience, from all walks of life, have joined together in the world of Minecraft to play, to build, and sometimes, to give each other grief.

  • Loki, Green Goblin & Ronan Coming to ‘Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes’

    Game Rant - - 2 readers - Comic-Con 2014 has come and gone, but consumers received plenty of news and previews from a number of prominent properties coming down the pipes in the forthcoming years. Gaming also had a major presence at the event this year, some would even say more so than previous, and comic-related gaming announcements were abundant in San Diego as a result.

The latest about Marvel

  • Retro Review: Marvel Comics’ (The Mighty) Avengers #240-254

    …Editor’s Note: Marvel Comics’ Avengers volume 1 was renamed The Mighty Avengers with issue #241. It dropped “Mighty” shortly thereafter with The Avengers #256. Avengers #240-254 (February 1984 – April 1985) Written by Roger Stern with Ann Nocenti (#240-241) Pencils by Al Milgrom (#240-250), Brett Breeding (#242), Carmine Infantino (#244), and Bob…

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  • A brief history of the Spider-verse so far

    …It's safe to say I'm actually quite excited for the Spider-verse event. A Marvel comics event which team up every Spider-man ever. That means the guy from the future (Spider-man 2099 and 2211), interpretations from different cultures (Mangaverse Spider-man and Spider-man India) and alternate futures (Spider-girl and again, Spider-man 2099…

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  • Oh noes. SpiderWoman has her butt spread on the upcoming SpiderWoman comic

    …Or maybe it’s perhaps people should stop trying to make things out of something that isn’t there. Case in point, I don’t know who these so called Women feminist are getting worked up about the latest cover of the upcoming SpiderWoman comic. Yes I’ll admit [...] The post Oh noes. SpiderWoman has her butt spread on the upcoming SpiderWoman comic…

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  • More Than 100(!) Awesome Comics To Watch Out For This Fall

    …Movies? Pshaw. TV shows? Piffle and poppycock. If you want autumn's best entertainment, then you're going to need to check out all the comic and graphic novels due out over the next three months. It's an embarrassment of superhero, scifi, horror and fantasy riches — which is ironic, because you're going to go broke trying to read them all. Read…

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  • Zen Pinball 2 update bringing several new tables, including Marvel

    …Zen Studios have announced that the Wii U version of Zen Pinball 2 will be receiving a rather large update in the coming days, on August 28. The update will bring several of the newest tables to the console, including the newest Marvel Pinball tables such as Guardian’s of the Galaxy, Deadpool, and Doctor Strange. Another table based…

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  • First Image of Paul Rudd as Ant-man is Here

    …You could say Ant-man is Marvel Studios most troubled production since Iron Man, Considering the first film in the franchise experiment went through two studios and Tom Cruise before it hit the screens. Despite being with push backs and Edgar Wright leaving the project we've now got some teasy teaser images. Read more of First Image of Paul Rudd as Ant-man is Here on n3rdabl3.…

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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy – Who’s Star-Lord’s Father?

    …In a recent interview with Empire, James Gunn the director of the incredibly successful Guardians of the Galaxy revealed that the father of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord will not be the bearded wonder J'son the ruler of Spartax. Read more of Guardians Of The Galaxy – Who’s Star-Lord’s Father? on n3rdabl3…

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  • Review: Marvel Pinball Deadpool

    …In addition to getting to spend some quality Marvel Pinball time with the Guardians of the Galaxy, I also got to shoot the bull with the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool’s very own table came out at the end of June, but I didn’t get a chance to spend time with it until now. I’m not the biggest fan of Deadpool, mainly because I just don’t know him… - Deadpool - Marvel -

  • Review: Marvel Pinball Guardians of the Galaxy

    …Here’s the thing about pinball: It is always the same. Shoot a ball up to the top of the slanted table, forcing the ball to roll back down where a set of flippers is used to keep the ball from falling all the way to the bottom. Simple, right? Yet time and again Zen Studios manages to create unique character studies with each new table, offering…

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  • In London This Weekend? Why Not Check Out The Marvel Exhibit!

    …Are you in the English capital this weekend with nothing else to do? Then you should check out the amazing Marvel Exhibit to celebrate the launch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Read more of In London This Weekend? Why Not Check Out The Marvel Exhibit! on n3rdabl3.…

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