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  • Jennifer Hale Interview: From Metal Gear To Mass Effect

    …, but I preferred film acting, and I moved to Los Angeles to focus on that. I really did the voiceover stuff as a matter of practicality. I was only ever familiar with the commercial side of it, but one of my very first auditions was for a cartoon series – I never really watched cartoons as a kid, I was always outside, or reading a book. So I went…

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  • Eight Things You Might Not Know About Mass Effect

    … Did you know Mass Effect was originally designed as a Puzzle Quest spin-off? That's not true at all. I'm just establishing a baseline for Did You Know Gaming's video exploration of true Mass Effect facts and Easter eggs. They might not be as exciting as the ones I made up in my head, but that doesn't make the facts you'll learn in this video…

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  • Mass Effect, Played Without Firing A Single Shot

    … get the sense that most people play it for other reasons. But as the franchise progresses, it becomes clear that BioWare placed a lot of emphasis on the shooting—and Many A True Nerd plans on going through the entire franchise with this special no-guns ruleset. Sheenanigans will ensue, particularly in Mass Effect 2 and 3, I'm sure. Surprisingly…

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  • What is the TVGB Team Playing? / May 2014

    …Have you ever been curious to know what the team plays when we are not writing (or working)? Do you wonder what type of gamers we are? Every month, we will give you updates to what we are playing currently and why, just so we can quench your thirst of curiosity. Cody Shults (Executive Editor) Mass Effect 2 (PC) The Elder Scrolls Online (PC) Cody…

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