• Callisto Explores Sakura’s Matchups Against the Ultra Street Fighter IV Newcomers

    A short primer on Sakura's character-specific combos versus Rolento. Some of these also work on Adon. This is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of what leads to meaty L.Tatsu, and which meaty L.Tatsu combos can end in S.HP xx ender and which are restricted to CR.MK xx ender. Annotations for featured combos: Note tha ...

    Shoryuken- 6 readers -
  • ShoryuSengan Analyzes Ken and Ryu’s Rivalry in Ultra Street Fighter IV

    … this lengthy tutorial detailing how to best approach his matchup against Ryu. On the surface, the tools these two shotos bring to the table don’t look all that different: Ryu’s fireballs recover a little faster and Ken has a kara-throw, along with a multitude of smaller things. But it’s these differences that make the matchup as complex…

    Lance Hood/ Shoryuken- 2 readers -