• Titanfall Review- An Adrenaline Rush Of Ok

    … essentially takes two different FPS games and slaps them together into one to provide a fast paced unique experience that it seems few FPS games have offered up to this point. Let’s face it people. Many of the elements of this game are NOT new to FPS games. Mechs and powersuits are in other games such as Blacklight Retribuition and Halo 4. Parkour has been…

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  • Tales of the Arcade – Battletech Firestorm

    …, these massive gaming pods featured simulation style controls (with varied difficulty settings) along with an immersive pod that really slung you into the whole Mechwarrior experience. As a long-time Battletech fan, this was the ULTIMATE way to play Battletech. I’ve owned all of the Mechwarrior games for the PC AND the console and none of them were…

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