• Robots In The Skies: Project HON

      By Adam Smith on November 20th, 2014 at 12:00 pm. Project HON is a game about mechs dropping out of the sky to have a block party. In the trailer below, you’ll see one plucky fellow rollerblading along the seafront and two clumsy chaps taking part in a breakdance competition, which takes a turn for the worse when they accidentally clobber one another with their giant flailing feet and fists.

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    • On The Evolution And Development Of Mech Games

      By Wasim Salman on November 28th, 2014 at 11:30 am. Wasim Salman writes about videogames using short, mechanical sentences. We asked him to do that for us with an article on a suitable subject: the evolution and development of mech games. Stomp. In 1997, I bought MechWarrior 2 for the Playstation. It received a lot of hype a few years earlier on its initial PC release.

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  • Titanfall Review- An Adrenaline Rush Of Ok

    … Titanfall essentially takes two different FPS games and slaps them together into one to provide a fast paced unique experience that it seems few FPS games have offered up to this point. Let’s face it people. Many of the elements of this game are NOT new to FPS games. Mechs and powersuits are in other games such as Blacklight Retribuition and Halo…

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  • Tales of the Arcade – Battletech Firestorm

    … were as enjoyable as this rig was. While you probably couldn’t jump into ALL of the mech types you’d like to, there was a decent roster of mechs to choose from. There was a video explaining the controls and at the time, there were about 6 pods (I think) that were all linked to local co-op play only. Now before some of you MechCorp vets jump down my…

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