• Stories of a Gamer: Bunneh3000′s History Of Gaming

    … like Mechwarrior, Wing Commander, and X-Wing were still pulling me back to my flightstick on my PC. Still, the controller was becoming my weapon of choice for games like NBA Live, football games, and even RPGs like Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, and more. Around that time was when I began playing obscure games like Romance of the Three…

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  • Tales of the Arcade – Battletech Firestorm

    … were as enjoyable as this rig was. While you probably couldn’t jump into ALL of the mech types you’d like to, there was a decent roster of mechs to choose from. There was a video explaining the controls and at the time, there were about 6 pods (I think) that were all linked to local co-op play only. Now before some of you MechCorp vets jump down my…

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