• Wonderful 101's wonderful soundtrack is getting a digital release

    destructoid - - 6 readers - 127 tracks7 minutes ago - 11:00 AM on 09.09.20140 Good news, Wonderful 101 fans -- Platinum Games is releasing the full soundtrack of 127 tunes to a digital provider near you. The collection is split into two volumes at $9.99 each, which translates to five CDs total. Some of the songs were reworked, including one that was originally intended to just loop endlessly without a finale.
  • Check Out Zero Suit Samus’s Alternative Outfits For Super Smash Bros

    My Nintendo News - - 7 readers - Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has posted two new Wii U and 3DS screenshots showing off alternative outfits for Zero Suit Samus. In his daily Miiverse post, the brawler’s director mentioned Samus’s top and shorts combo from the Game Boy Advance’s Metroid: Zero Mission was drawn by a female designer – alleviating previous fan concerns that Samus was becoming overtly sexualised.

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  • Metroid Meets Orchestra in the Upcoming Album Metroid Cinematica

    …Metroid has always been a series with an amazing and awe-inspiring soundtrack, and Composer Sam Dillard is a huge fan of the score. Shooting for an October release, Dillard’s album “Metroid Cinematica” is more then just a cover of the songs, but a re imagining of the classic score of Metroid. Dillard is planning on covering tracks from the early…

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  • Dorkly – Power-Up Mix-Up Part 2

    …Your source for the most up-to-date Nintendo news covering the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and the Nintendo DS. About Us | Advertise | Contact Us | Magazine | Staff © Pure Media LLC…

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  • President Obama Showed Up in Smash Bros. Today

    … appeared like he was on his way to victory. But the Metroid heroine bested him with her superior firepower. Them's the breaks, Barack. During their special E3 direct, Nintendo announced that in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS, you …Read moreRead on…

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  • Fan-made Metroid Orchestral Album Releasing Soon

    …Composer Sam Dilliard is aiming to release an album of orchestral takes on various tracks from the Metroid series in October. A quote from Dillard: "The concept is somewhere between a faithful rendition of the classic themes and what a Metroid film might sound like if I worked on it. Since I am really a filmmaker and storyteller at heart, nearly…

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  • Composer Sam Dillard is producing an album of music from Metroid

    …Composer Sam Dillard is producing an album of music from Metroid Posted under General Nintendo, News September 11, 2014 by Kirara Koneko (@KiraraKoneko) The composer Sam Dillard, will be releasing an album called Metroid Cinematic and will be an homage to what he calls his all time favorite game Super Metroid. The album will be available on iTunes…

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  • Metroid Concept Art Surfaces, But Will We Ever See A Game?

    …Just recently, some new concept art surfaced for supposed Metroid game that was to release on the Nintendo 3DS. The company behind this concept art of a game we’ve yet to receive is none other than Next Level Games, the company responsible for the likes of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and the Wii’s version of PunchOut!! The artwork shows Samus Aran…

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  • Wonderful 101's wonderful soundtrack is getting a digital release

    … on 09.08.2014 At long last, I'll be able to get a shiny Gengar12:45 PM on 09.08.2014 PSA: Check your Wii U Deluxe promotion balance, the program ends this December11:30 AM on 09.08.2014 Yuri Kozukata is your new Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden lead9:00 AM on 09.08.2014 Next Level Games was working on a Metroid title6:00 PM on 09.06.2014…

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  • Has Nintendo Nailed It With It’s Mario Kart 8 DLC?

    …? My hopes are on a couple more completely remastered Super Mario Kart tracks (after the original game featured a criminally low one track from this SNES classic). What other franchises might guest? Could we perhaps see a Metroid stage or maybe even a Starfox one? What other karts will we get to test drive? Already fans are speculating what…

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  • Could a New Metroid be in the Works?

    …Space! The final frontier that has been re-imagined time and time again. Home to legends such as Fox McCloud, Master Chief, and Commander Shepard. Among these galaxy trotting all-stars there has been so sign of Samus Aran. Remaining relatively quiet since the release of Metroid: Other M in 2010, the Metroid series has been non-existent…

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  • Stories of a Gamer: Video Games & Why They Mean So Much to Me

    … of those games were Nintendo games growing up. I played everything from Mario to Metroid to The Legend of Zelda, each one special in their own way and each one having a different effect on me. Also, my mood at the time affected a lot of what I played at that given time. One of my all-time favorite games My main was The Legend of Zelda. It gave me…

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  • ‘Trusted Source’ Says Next Level Games Was Working On A Metroid Title

    …Next Level Games was indeed working on a Metroid title, if a “trusted source” is to be believed. The source, who was reportedly involved with the unannounced project, told Destructoid that Next Level Games made a Metroid prototype before it began development of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Concept art for the supposed prototype was recently spotted…

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  • Next Level Games Worked on a Metroid Prototype?

    … of interesting new ideas and game mechanics is a whole lot more appreciated than yet another Metroid Prime esque game just a few years after a whole other trilogy of them. Metroid fans will probably disagree there, but ah well. Best to have a variety of interesting Nintendo games rather than just reuse the same few series over and over, or to milk the Metroid…

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  • Were Next Level Games Working On Metroid Prototype Before Luigi’s Mansion 2?

    …An investigative sleuth from Kyoyo Report stumbled upon some prototype artwork from the acclaimed Next Level Games. The artwork from a former employee was posted online. What’s interesting is some of the designs are from the Metroid series. Whether or not the developer worked briefly on a Metroid prototype remains be seen, but it’s certainly interesting. Thanks, Retrogaminglord Filed under: Nintendo Tagged: metroid, next level games, rumour…

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