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  • Phil Spencer Not Ashamed Of The Xbox One Console

    … There has been a lot of discussion both with the media and gamers alike on the Xbox One hardware. Microsoft’s Xbox’s head honcho Phil Spencer has spoken out to defend the console. Phil Spencer had a lot to say about the Xbox One during the latest episode of IGN’s Podcast Unlocked. Much has been talked about the console’s performance with many…

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  • Xbox One Screenshot Feature Won’t Arrive until 2015

    … One of the most requested features for Microsoft to add to the Xbox One is the ability for players to grab screenshots, something that Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed will be coming, but in recent news it seems we won’t be getting the feature any time soon, in fact we’re to expect to be able to take screenshots next year, says Spencer…

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  • Xbox One Screenshot Functionality isn’t Coming Anytime Soon

    … Xbox, Take A… Microsoft has done a marvelous updating the Xbox One’s OS, regularly adding new features and tweaking existing ones by listening to the requests of the people who matter most: Xbox One owners. Players have just received the October update, which added the Snap Centre and DLNA streaming, and the November update is just around…

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  • Free version of Xbox Music to be scrapped

    … Microsoft is ending the free version of Xbox Music on December 1. At the time of writing, users are able to access a free version of Xbox Music on Windows 8 devices and via the Xbox Music web player. Zoom This version is supported by ads which play between songs. However, Microsoft has announced that it will be scrapping this free ad-supported…

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  • Watch First ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Multiplayer Footage Next Month

    … not be interested in the Master Chief Collection, there is still a way to get an early look at Halo 5‘s multiplayer. As just announced, Microsoft will be streaming an early look at the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer as part of a live broadcast on November 10th. Microsoft is calling the event HaloFest, and it is meant to celebrate all things Halo prior…

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  • Voice Commander available for free on Xbox One in US

    … Microsoft has released an experimental voice-controlled game as a free Xbox One download in the US. Voice Commander is a space-themed RTS and top-down shooter. Players use their controller to play the game while also speaking voice commands to make their bases perform certain tasks. Zoom The game can be played with up to eight controllers…

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  • Former EA boss Riccitiello appointed Unity CEO

    … Former Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello has been appointed CEO of game engine maker Unity Technologies. Following the move, Unity co-founder and ex-CEO David Helgason will now serve as the company's executive vice president in charge of strategy and communications. Zoom Riccitiello, who resigned from EA by mutual consent in March 2013…

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  • Xbox One screenshot feature isn't coming until 2015

    … Xbox One owners are still waiting on a screenshot feature, something the PlayStation 4 has been able to do since the console launched last November. Speaking with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft is working on it, but screenshot functionality isn't likely to make an appearance on Xbox One until next year. “In December, it’s probably…

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  • Xbox One screenshot feature coming in 2015

    … working on it. They know people want it. The team has a path to getting it done, and now it's just prioritising." Zoom Spencer also said Microsoft's working to improve install times on Xbox One, and that December's system update will be smaller than recent ones. Microsoft released October's Xbox One system update last week. It focused on improving…

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  • Halo 5 multiplayer, Nightfall to premiere at Halo-themed event next month

    … Halo 5 multiplayer, Nightfall to premiere at Halo-themed event next month NEWS | ? Comments | Author: Peter Grimm Halo 5: Guardians might not be playable by giggling fanboys and fangirls until late December, but that giggling lot will be able to see the game in action in just a wee bit over two weeks. Microsoft and 343 Industries announced… -
  • Xbox One Screenshot Feature Coming in 2015

    … Following this month’s Xbox One update and the November update that’s currently out to members of the console’s preview program, expect to get yet another update in December to close out the year. Compared to those two updates, however, don’t expect the end of the year one to be as large and full of new improvements. Additionally, and probably…

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