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  • LotF Dev Talks About Tech, PC & Consoles

    … rendering approach saving a nice amount of time in draw calls. Getting back to the question, we couldn’t have achieved such result on the previous generation hardware. During Gamescom 2013’s presentation, I asked Jan (Klose) and Tomasz (Gop) about the impressive lighting and physics and they told me the game used PhysX, although the final version…

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  • Halo Nightfall In Cinema First Look Video

    … NCM/Regal Cinema First Look has released a new trailer for Halo Nightfall. NCM/Regal Cinema First Look takes you behind the scenes with Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor, executive producer David Zucker, and actors Mike Colter and Christina Chong of the new live action series “Halo: Nightfall”. Executive-produced by Ridley Scott, Scott…

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  • Xbox One HBO Go app spotted in the wild

    … Microsoft has been doing some serious work in securing dedicated applications for online streaming video providers, and according to a recently leaked image, the official HBO Go app isn’t too far from being released. The images were published on the Xbox One subreddit late last week, which have since been taken down from the original…

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  • LIMBO Has Been Listed for Xbox One

    … Creepy Noir puzzler LIMBO by developer Playdead may be heading to Xbox One according to a listing that’s been spotted on the Korean Ratings Board’s website, not a lot can be said about the game on the Xbox One other than it’s likely to land on the Xbox One in the near future. Microsoft Korea has submitted LIMBO for the Xbox One to South…

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  • Using Surface Pro 3 Accessories With Surface Pro 4 With New App

    … this, as he wrote on the official blog of Surface Pro that the newer version of Surface Pro will be compatible with: -Docking Station of Surface Pro 3 -Accessories, Power Adapter, and Ethernet Adapter that were designed for Surface Pro 3 -Covers for Surface Pro 3 Details, unfortunately, about Surface Pro 4 new release have not been revealed. However…

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  • Microsoft are Making a Smartwatch, It Could Arrive Soon..

    … More rumours have surfaced suggesting that Microsoft are readying their own smartwatch which sources are saying will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Rumours have been circulating for some time suggesting that Microsoft have a smartwatch in the works but could it be a contender in a suddenly bustling smartwatch ecosystem, or will it get thrown…

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  • PS4 hardware bundle includes FIFA 15 and Minecraft for £350

    … Sony has released a new UK PS4 hardware bundle including FIFA 15 and Minecraft. The company says it's available for a limited time at retailer GAME priced at £349.99. Zoom The new bundle launched on Friday in the UK alongside the standalone white PS4 console, which is available for the same price. Sony launched three European DriveClub PS4…

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  • Shawn Levy to Direct ‘Minecraft’ Movie

    … Minecraft is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world. After its humble beginnings from indie developer Mojang, the beloved build-’em-up has gone from strength to strength. Minecraft has become a must-have game across PC, consoles, and mobile devices, jumped across different console generations, and, as of July, has now sold…

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