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  • PES 2015 Dev Defends Microtransactions

    … announcements will be forthcoming at Gamescom. It will be interesting to see whether these purchased superstars can be utilised against other players online and if so, it is possible that Konami may attract criticism for introducing aspects of ‘pay to win’ into their long running series. The post PES 2015 Dev Defends Microtransactions appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

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  • Mojang Is Trying To Kill Pay-To-Win On Minecraft Servers

    … Two weeks ago, Minecraft players were preparing for the death of Minecraft. A Mojang employee had pointed out a line in Minecraft's EULA that says you aren't allowed to make money from the game, which would put many currently popular servers in violation of the terms of use. Mojang has clarified the situation in two blog posts now — you're only…

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  • Battlefield 4 – DICE Allowing Gamers to Purchase Battlepacks

    … If you play Battlefield 4 and gained a few levels then you’ve unlocked your fair share of Battlepacks. These little bundles of joy offer a selection of everything from attachments, camos, emblems, knifes and XP all bundles into one bronze, silver or gold colored case. Now developer DICE are giving you the option to purchase Battlepacks without…

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  • New H1Z1 Screenshots Emerge

    … Four new screenshots have been released by Sony Online Entertainment of the zombie-MMO; H1Z1, showing various aspects including landscapes, zombies, survivors, and so forth. Generally criticized as being a DayZ clone, the game has received negative feedback throughout the web by those who have had early access. However, the screenshots look…

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  • What It's Like To Spend $50 On Hearthstone Cards

    … I finally bit the bullet and started playing Hearthstone when it was released on iPad, and I've been staring at that buy button for weeks now. So let's figure out if there's anything worth buying in 40 packs of Hearthstone cards. Read more…

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  • Driveclub will include microtransactions

    …   After pulling a Microsoft on their Driveclub upgrade policy, Sony has stated, according to GameZone, that players will be able to unlock cars using real-world money. Although all cars will be unlockable using the game’s XP system called “Fame”, players will be able save themselves some time and hop into whichever car they please…

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