• GR Pick: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Lord Intro Recreated in ‘Destiny’

    Published at Game Rant - 19 readers

    Given the film is fast approaching $300M domestic it’s safe say most people have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest blockbuster success from Marvel Studios, by now. And even if they haven’t, people have likely seen some form of Guardians of the Galaxy promotion in one form or another: either through a mobile tie-in or an Ice Bucket Challenge or some other form of offbeat marketing.

  • Destiny Review Round-up: Critics’ early impressions

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 48 readers

    Destiny is finally upon us. Legendary Halo developer, Bungie, claims to have pulled out all the stops in regards to most highly anticipated game of 2014, but what do critics think of Destiny? Is it what everyone hoped for, or does it drift off into the gaping maws of the dreaded hype machine? Let’s take a closer look.

  • WoW’s 10th Anniversary Brings Nostalgia, Molten Corgis

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 5 readers - By Ben Barrett on September 12th, 2014 at 8:00 am. Blizzard usually throw a birthday party for World of Warcraft, but are really indulging their love of pomp and nostalgia as the MMORPG hits double digits. WoW’s 10th anniversary celebrations will bring a level-100 version of the classic Molten Core raid and a new PvP battleground based on old favourite murderzones Tarren Mill and Southshore.
  • Destiny Review, A New Hope

    n3rdabl3 - - 6 readers - Destiny Review A good start to a ten year adventure that will hopefully just get better with age. This review is based on over 24 hours of gameplay on a personal copies of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.
  • Ask PSLS – So… Destiny

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 4 readers - Ask PSLS is a feature that sources questions from our community of readers via Twitter, Facebook, the forums, and even your emails. If you have a question for the staff to answer, contact us at any of those channels and you could be featured on the next Ask PSLS, with the possibility of winning a prize for being chosen! Nobody asked this question. In fact, it’s not even really a question.

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  • Maplestory 2- An Early Look at Nexon’s Upcoming MMO

    …I hate MMO’s, for the most part. I’ve rarely been able to stick with one for more than a few weeks. So it may come as a surprise to learn that I’ve been a hardcore, multi-relapse addict to the smash-hit MMO Maplestory since I was 11. Be it a new class, the flashy gameplay, or the fond memories, something always manages to bring me back to maple…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Archeage finally launches alongside a gorgeous new trailer

    …Despite a few launch woes and Ddos attacks in response to ‘pay to win’ mechanics that have since been adjusted, the long awaited fan favourite sandbox MMO ArcheAge is finally available to download and play for free. To play it, all you need to do is download the client on and create yourself a free account. There’s an 8.5 gig…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines - ArcheAge -
  • College Networks block Destiny Players and Bungie responds

    …Many mix-criticism are circulating the globe about the highly-anticipated video game called Destiny, but some players are not ranting and ridiculing for problems about the game because they are experiencing some technical issues due to their networks. Unfortunately, some college students have been reporting the on-going problem with the developer…

    20 readers - The Gamer Headlines - Destiny -

  • Review: Is Destiny in your destiny?

    … that pop up, which I consider as normal since this is supposedly a MMO-lite title or an FPS with MMO properties. While I haven’t tried the game on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, my playtime has been exclusively on the PlayStation 4 version while I’ve borrowed a Xbox One copy from my friend since he can’t play it just yet. Let me get this out…

    3 readers - The Outerhaven - Destiny -
  • A Video Game Finally Does The X-Men's Rogue Justice

    …How do you handle a hero like Rogue, whose ability allows her to siphon powers from any other character? MMO Marvel Heroes has come up with an elegant solution — give her all the powers. Rogue has traditionally gotten the short end of the stick in Marvel video games. She'll get her flight and super strength, but rarely has she gotten a chance…

    1 readers - Kotaku -
  • Destiny Review, A New Hope

    … multiplayer comes from the Iron Banner tournament. The Iron Banner turns on player advantages so creating the perfect load out is paramount. The Iron Banner is set to begin in October. The games customisation options are a bit lacking when compared to most MMO or RPGs. Destiny currently offers male or female options for three species, Humans, Awoken…

    6 readers - n3rdabl3 - Destiny -
  • ‘The Crew’ Trailer Shows Off Social Features

    … or complete objectives like performing a ‘takedown’ on a targeted vehicle. Open-world driving games are nothing new at this point, but The Crew might genuinely have something new to bring to the table, having been described as an RPG and an MMO by its developers. The marriage of these genres with a driving game is clearly very potent; having your…

    1 readers - Game Rant - The Crew -
  • Breaking Sociable Barriers with New Trailer for The Crew

    …Ubisoft has uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming driving simulator video game called The Crew on September 11, 2014. As a quick reminder, this racing entry features an open world concept where future players will tour across the roads in United States, (though it’ll be interesting how they’ll connect Hawaii and Alaska). Yet, the biggest…

    2 readers - The Gamer Headlines - The Crew -
  • WoW’s 10th Anniversary Brings Nostalgia, Molten Corgis

    … of battlegrounds moved PvP mostly out of the open world. I remember Molten Core fondly. It was my first large-group MMO experience, as it was for many. By the time I reached MC in 2006 it was mostly old hat, but still challenging for new 60s. It’s outdated in design and function these days, so seeing it brought to some fraction of its former glory…

    5 readers - Ben Barrett - Rock, Paper, Shotgun -

  • Destiny: You Got Your MMO in My FPS!

    …XBOX News Published on September 12th, 2014 | by CodCom Destiny: You Got Your MMO in My FPS! Destiny is something new. Developer Bungie has infused the fast-paced console first-person-shooter action it helped to make famous with elements traditionally reserved for role-playing games, especially the massively multiplayer online variety. It’s a neat…

    2 readers - Call of Duty Community - Destiny -
  • ArcheAge Takes the MMORPG to New Levels

    …, and it really does seem to have something new to offer – a blend of straightforward MMO mechanics with a more dynamic, user-created sandbox world. Appearance-wise, ArcheAge clearly shows its roots as a Korean game. It has the kind of thorough character creation and beautiful graphics you’ve come to expect from the genre, but with game play that’s…

    9 readers - Gameverse - ArcheAge -
  • Destiny Diary #3: The Grind and the Glory

    … not be more bland and generic. The Traveler, the Awoken, the Darkness. For some reason, dime-store sci-fi and fantasy always repurposes regular words into proper nouns. I have to imagine if we actually discovered other races, we would call them something new. Maybe that's the nature of the MMO beast. After all, the story is basically a magic trick…

    5 readers - Shacknews - The Grinder -

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