A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet. MMOs usually have at least one persistent world, however some games differ. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices.MMOGs can enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and sometimes to interact meaningfully with people around the world. They include a variety of gameplay types, representing many video game genres.
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    • Fans of Phantasy Star Online 2 plan to release the game stateside

      Greetings, true believers. Who here remembers the announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2? SEGA planned on bringing the popular MMO to west in “early 2013″. Two years have passed and SEGA still hasn’t given a detailed answer as to why PSO2 was not released yet. Kotaku writer, Jason Schreier, asked a SEGA representative about the status of Phantasy Star Online 2 and this is what ...

      SEGA Nerds- 9 readers -
    • New Sign That Elder Scrolls Online Might Go Free-To-Play

      The Elder Scrolls Online recently did away with its six-month subscription option, a change that the MMO's developer and publisher have had very little to say about publicly so far. In the absence of any solid justification about its removal, fans are guessing this mean it's going free-to-play in the near future. The timing is what set people off here.

      Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
    • APB Reloaded coming to PS4, Xbox One in Q2 2015

      Deep Silver publishing, The Workshop Entertainment developing. Deep Silver, Reloaded Games, and The Workshop Entertainment are working together to bring APB Reloaded to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the trio announced. The console versions are in development at The Workshop Entertainment, with support from PC version developer Reloaded Games, and will be published by Deep Sil ...

      Sal Romano/ Gematsu- 3 readers -
  • Dragon’s Dogma Online Announced

    … Capcom has announced something today that I consider to be pretty darn epic, as will anyone else that loves Dragon’s Dogma. Sometime this year, the PS3, PS4, and PC will be getting Dragon’s Dogma Online, a free-to-play, open-world title that will have microtransactions. This announcement came via the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, so…

    Gaming Precision- 2 readers -
  • H1Z1 Video Shows Massive Airdrop Fail From Butthurt Players

    so much salt. Like the video if you enjoyed! Thanks! 5% Off Astro Gaming Headsets: Deluxe's Channel: Jahova's Channel: Nobody Epic's Channel: G18's Channel: Sidearms' Channel:

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  • APB: Reloaded coming to PS4 and Xbox One

    … Deep Silver is bringing the free-to-play action MMO from the PC to current-gen consoles. Publisher Deep Silver has announced that the game, developed by Reloaded Games, will be making the transition to consoles with an Xbox One and PS4 version set to arrive some time this Spring. Boasting over 5 million players (I had no idea…

    Brutal Gamer- 3 readers -
  • Attack On Titan Comes To...MapleStory

    … This is not a joke. There'll be "themed content"that lets you "Hone your skills with familiar faces" and "compete in thrilling mini-games". MapleStory players, there's more info here. (thanks Sean…

    Luke Plunkett/ Kotaku- 4 readers -
  • Revisit Azeroth With Old Toons Thanks To ‘Veteran Edition’

    ….” Bashiok also noted that ‘Veteran Edition’ might not be a name that stuck as it was largely intended for internal use, but now that it’s made it out into the wider world who knows? Lapsed World of Warcraft players may be heartened or horrified by this development. For those who would love to revisit their old characters and play tourist…

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 1 readers -
  • H1Z1 Airdrop Modified To Reduce Pay-To-Win Factors

    … for those displeased with the airdrop situation, Inc Gamers spotted a post on Reddit where senior game designer Adam Clegg apologized once again for the confusion, and further explained… “When I said you can’t buy any guns or ammo, I completely disregarded the possibility of airdrops and meant that you can’t buy a gun or ammo and have it go into your…

    One Angry Gamer- 1 readers -
  • Blizzard Rewards Ten-Year World of Warcraft Vets With Rad Statue

    … World of WarCraft has been around for more than a decade now, and Blizzard Entertainment appears to be rewarding its most loyal customers with a pretty incredible statue. Smitti on the game's official forums took a photo of what showed up in his mailbox today. What do I get for not having played World of WarCraft for 10 years?! …

    Kotaku- 17 readers -

  • One Piece Online Free Gift Pack Giveaway

    … Widgets JoyGames is handing out free CD gift pack keys for One Piece Online, a free-to-play MMO based on Shonen Jump’s popular manga/anime. I didn’t know there was a free-to-play One Piece MMO, and if I did I must have forgotten because that’s just how memorable the game is. Anyway, they have a whole bunch of keys they want to give…

    One Angry Gamer- 70 readers -
  • Skyrim Meets The Forest in Upcoming Fantasy Survival Game Savage Lands

    … month development cycle. If you’d like to register for a shot at an invite to participate in the upcoming alpha testing phase for free, visit Additional details, per the game’s Steam page, as well as the debut gameplay trailer are posted below. A New Land, A New Life Savage Lands is a gritty, brutal, first-person open…

    Matt Litten/ 11 readers -
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