• Bunneh3000 Impressions – Destiny Beta – What is and what should be

    …, is by no means the first of its kind. Warframe (which is free to play on PC, PS4, and coming to Xbox One), Planetside 2 (by Sony Online Entertainment), and Phantasy Star Online are recent console games that have taken on the MMOFPS genre. Honestly, one could even argue that the Borderlands series was the entry level test bed for MMOFPS games…

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  • Bungie Talks About Destiny Sequels

    … While Destiny‘s beta is already ongoing on PlayStation 3 & 4 since yesterday, Bungie has a 10 year plan to produce more in the same universe, including sequels. Speaking with Digital Trends, Engineer Roger Wolfson explained that Destiny’s very structure has been built with possible sequels in mind. Let’s say Destiny 2 [and] Destiny 3…

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  • Details leaked on the upcoming Destiny beta

    … A plethora of leaked information has given gamers new wind of what to expect in upcoming FPS Destiny’s beta period. Co-developed by publishers Bungie and Activision, the game is set to be a multiplayer orientated “role playing shooter”, in which the universe is dynamic and sports features reminiscent of your average MMO. Only recently have solid…

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  • Destiny’s new trailer reveals armors and weapons

    … Worried about how varied your arsenal will be in Bungie’s upcoming MMOFPS Destiny? Fear not, it seems you’ll be having quite the variety at your disposal when it comes down to what you’re shooting with and what you’re wearing to keep bullets out! A new trailer for Destiny explains how the game’s loot system works, what weapons you’ll be able…

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  • Destiny PvP Needs To Be Unlocked

    … The competitive multiplayer portion of Destiny apparently won’t be available when you first pop in the disc. Bungie is diving into testy waters with its ambitious MMOFPS game Destiny. There is plenty of hype and as it stands, a number of testers and press have managed to get their hands on the game and begin providing feedback on the experience…

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  • New Info On Destiny’s Raids, The Endgame Activity

    … After the first Destiny information blowout on Monday (you can find the latest official trailer below), a Bungie developer confirmed some new things in a series of posts on the Neogaf board. Of particular interest are the first details on Raids, which is supposed to be an endgame focused activity with up to six players at once. Raids…

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