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  • Microsoft to Buy Mojang

    …Quite an interesting move is reportedly taking place between Microsoft and Minecraft developer Mojang AB, with the first one being really interested in acquiring the second, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the talks about this possible deal are quite advanced, and the deal could be closed…

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  • Microsoft in Talks to Acquire ‘Minecraft’ Developer Mojang for $2B

    … or spin-offs. At a glance that might not seem significant, but given the series’ popularity, having Minecraft 2 as an Xbox One exclusive good give Microsoft a significant advantage over Sony in the console war. In fact, some are wondering whether the upcoming Vita port of Minecraft might disappear if this deal happens in the next few days…

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  • Microsoft to acquire Minecraft dev Mojang, claims report

    … Minecraft developer Mojang is reportedly in talks with Microsoft over a possible acquisition deal. According to WSJ, citing "a person with knowledge of the matter", Microsoft could be about the purchase the phenomenally successful indie development studio in a deal worth over $2 billion. Zoom While both Microsoft and Mojang have declined…

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