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  • ‘Minecraft’ Has Sold More on Consoles Than PC & Mac

    …By now gamers are pretty familiar with the cultural phenomenon that is Minecraft. Mojang‘s brick-based creative experience has dominated the gaming landscape since exiting beta a few years back, to the point it has become easier to name platforms the game isn’t on than to name platforms it is. However, while Minecraft is now a console game…

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  • Console Minecraft Versions Sell More Than On PC

    … The PC version of Minecraft may have come out first, but the console editions have now exceeded it in terms of overall sales. Mojang staff member Patrick Geuder tweeted an announcement about Mincraft’s growing success. “Minecraft console editions together just passed Minecraft for PC/Mac. And across all platforms we’ve sold almost 54 million…

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  • Minecraft on Nintendo? Watch the Video

    …Could Minecraft be heading to Nintendo? In accordance to Kotaku, Nintendo’s Takahashi stated that, We’ve always thought internally that using the [Wii U] gamepad would probably make for a Minecraft that’s very easy to play. And, of course, if we were to do something on the 3DS, similarly we would probably do it where it would be easier to play…

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  • Notch on Minecraft Monetization: “We Should’ve Acted Earlier”

    …Notch spoke candidly about their recent actions enforcing the rules on monetization for Minecraft. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. To be clear, Notch clarifies that the rules Mojang set out regarding monetization in Minecraft have not changed, at all. They have revised the wording to make these intended rules more clear. Unfortunately, many…

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  • Trials Fusion Minecraft Xbox 360 Skins Coming Wednesday

    …Ubisoft and developer RedLynx have announced that the Trials Fusion Minecraft Xbox 360 skins will be available this Wednesday, June 26. Take a look at the official tweet below: Get your Trials Fusion-inspired Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition skins this Wednesday on Xbox Live Marketplace — Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) June 23, 2014…

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  • Pay To Play: Notch On Minecraft And Monetisation

    …You mave heard that changes are afoot in the world of Minecraft. You may also have heard that nothing much is changing at all. The story of monetisation, community and servers has led to plenty of discussion and rhetoric from various sides, and the issues at the heart of the situation haven’t always been clear. I spent some time last week looking…

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  • Miyamoto talks about Minecraft on Wii U

    …, neither Mojang nor Nintendo has approached the other about putting the game on their system. Recently Stephen Totilo at Kotaku spoke to Shigeru Miyamoto about the game, and how it could be a perfect fit for the system. In his article, you get the sense that Miyamoto doesn’t seem to understand the massive appeal that Minecraft has, especially…

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  • Minecraft Hardcore Video by Chadtronic (Part 5)

    … YouTuber Chadtronic has released a new video, this time featuring the 5th part of Minecraft Hardcore gameplay, ‘Pedo Cutter.’ Take a look below: You can also take a look at the Sonic the Hedgehog GDK Oculus Rift in First Person video here. If you liked the video then head on over to his YouTube page and give him a shout-out. Related…

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  • Minecraft’s EULA Situation More Complicated Than It Seems

    …Yesterday I posted about the outraged reaction to Minecraft’s new no-charging-for-gameplay-affecting items policy and, in turn, Notch’s response to that. I was pretty dismissive of the anger, because it didn’t really seem like Mojang had changed a whole lot. The new ruleset read like a better-worded version of the old one. As ever, though…

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  • Mojang Is Trying To Kill Pay-To-Win On Minecraft Servers

    …Two weeks ago, Minecraft players were preparing for the death of Minecraft. A Mojang employee had pointed out a line in Minecraft's EULA that says you aren't allowed to make money from the game, which would put many currently popular servers in violation of the terms of use. Mojang has clarified the situation in two blog posts now — you're only prohibited from charging for gameplay features — but it remains to be seen how they'll enforce it. Read more...…

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  • Minecraft on PS4 will use Dualshock 4 Touchpad

    …Minecraft saw unprecedented success during the seventh console generation with versions arriving on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even Android (because what's better than tunneling through mud while on the porcelain throne). With the release of Minecraft on PS4 making its way ever close, Owen of Mojang revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the PS4 version will make full use of the Dualshock 4's touchpad. Read more of Minecraft on PS4 will use Dualshock 4 Touchpad on n3rdabl3.…

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