• Gallery: Destiny and Glacier White PS4 Bundle Out Now

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    Click here to see the full gallery If you want to save the galaxy from unimaginable evil and look good doing it, the Destiny PlayStation 4 Bundle is the answer. And it’s out now, alongside Destiny! At the heart of the bundle is the alluring and highly collectible Glacier White PS4, accompanied by matching DualShock 4.

  • Astro A40, 3DS XL Designs, Last of Us Art, Monster Hunter 4 [Deals]

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    The Astro A40 Gaming Audio System is the step-down model of the Best Gaming Headset, the Astro A50. It's also half the price of the A50's MSRP today. [Astro A40] Almost six thousand votes later, you've chosen the Astro A50 as the best gaming headset. The…Read moreRead on Lordy, The Last of Us Art Book is Scary Beautiful, and only $23 today.

  • Monster Hunter 4 Collector’s Edition Announced For North America

    Attack of the Fanboy - - 2 readers - Capcom has announced a collector’s edition for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release in North America for the Nintendo 3DS. Capcom announced earlier today via Capcom-Unity that those in North America will be able to pre-order a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector’s Edition starting now at Gamestop and more retailers in the coming days.
  • Sony Announces New Headsets

    Gamers Sphere - - 3 readers - Along with a new PS4 variant and controller color, a new headset is necessary, right? Well, PS3 and PS4 gamers aren’t just getting one new Sony official headset, but two. One releases tomorrow alongside the Glacier White PS4 and Destiny, and another is set to release sometime this fall.
  • DST banks on Star Wars and Godzilla offerings in stores this week

    Brutal Gamer - - 2 readers - Diamond Select Toys has a pair of evil new banks in stores this week to hold onto Star Wars and Godzilla fan’s precious, precious change. Funny thing about DST’s banks, they really could easily be mini-busts. Case in point, this week’s Darth Maul and King Ghidorah selections that are new in stores.

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  • Your new YuGiOh sleeves are here to protect your card sets

    … Showdown set, which is StarGazer Magician, and TimeGazer Magician. Each pack will contain tournament legal sleeves to protect your long time YuGiOh collection sets. MSRP will be $4.99 each and will launch in stores September 26. On a side note, for you anime episode lovers, you can your favorite YuGiOh episodes at the official site, where you can also…

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  • DST banks on Star Wars and Godzilla offerings in stores this week

    … on the phone. Personally, I really dig that Ghidorah one. Might just have to bite on it. Both banks are available right now and both run with an MSRP of $22.99 USD. Godzilla King Ghidorah Vinyl Bust Bank – Hail to the King! Godzilla has met his match with this vinyl bust bank depicting Ghidorah, the three-headed alien monster, as he appeared in 1991…

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  • Gallery: Destiny and Glacier White PS4 Bundle Out Now

    … of Bungie’s ambitious sci-fi shooter — which includes exclusive multiplayer maps, exotic weapons and gear for PlayStation gamers. Get those full details here. And if you want to take your Guardian out into the stars to compete against the best and brightest in Crucible or partner up for cooperative Strikes, the bundle comes with a 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus. The Traveler is waiting. Pick up the Destiny PS4 bundle tomorrow for $449.99 MSRP and prepare to traverse the stars in style.…

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  • Sony Announces New Headsets

    … comes out tomorrow, and it is bundled with Destiny and a Glacier White DualShock 4 for $449 MSRP. According to a PlayStation Blog post, this headset, a white variant of the Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, is an “extremely limited edition.” On top of that, the free Headset Companion app for PS3 and PS4 will get a new preset tomorrow. This preset…

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  • Monster Hunter 4 Collector’s Edition Announced For North America

    … this will come inside a ‘supply item case’ which will store everything and resembles a supply box from the game. For those who prefer a list; A copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DSA Gore Magala FigureFelyne PinMonster Lanyard3DS Cleaning ClothSupply Box For Storage The MSRP for this collectors edition is $59.99 which isn’t too bad considering everything you get and the fact that this edition is said to be produced in limited quantities. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is set to release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS early 2015.…

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