• Smash Bros 3DS Demo Impressions – Win a demo code!

    Published at Wii U - 48 readers

    If you saw this message in your inbox, you probably did the same thing as me. You rushed over to your 3DS, eyes glowing, picked it up, jammed the eshop button into Oblivion, and waited. Waited for what we’ve all been waiting for since it was announced back at E3 of ’11. Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS. It’s here, it’s playable, and it’s pretty darn fun.

  • Destiny Multiplayer Tips for The Crucible

    Published at Attack of the Fanboy - 47 readers

    As the developers of one of, if not the, most popular first person multiplayer games in the last decade in Halo, multiplayer PvP plays a big role in their latest game Destiny. While it’s not all there is to see in the game, Destiny’s Crucible Mode is every bit as engaging as the single player and cooperative elements of the game.

  • Players Have Already Started To Mod Destiny

    Kotaku - - 470 readers - When I think mods, I typically also think PC gaming. But people do mod games on consoles, too—and it looks like modders are starting to sink their teeth into Destiny. Right now, it looks like modders haven't figured out how to do anything particularly game-breaking yet ...
  • 2K Games congratulates Bungie on Destiny launch

    Shacknews - - 5 readers - 2K Games congratulates Bungie on Destiny launch By Robert Workman, Sep 09, 2014 9:45pm PDT Even though 2K Games won't be getting in the hunt this year with its 4 versus 1 multiplayer game Evolve, it still played enough of a gracious host today to congratulate Bungie on its launch of the long-in-developmen ...
  • Destiny cheats using infinite ammo, videos suggest

    CVG - - 84 readers - It appears that an infinite ammo cheat is already being used by some Destiny players following the game's release earlier this week. As spotted by Kotaku, the exploit enables users to shoot indefinitely without the need to reload or pick up more bullets, providing an unfair advantage in the multiplayer game.

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  • This Weekend, PlayStation Plus Will Open its Doors to Every PS4 Owner

    …Do you own a PS4? Do you like to play with your friends in some breathtaking multiplayer matches? In that case, you might want to book your complete weekend. From Friday, 26th September at 9am, to the Monday at the same time, the PlayStation Plus will be free to use for everyone in possession of a PS4. The PlayStation Plus is normally available…

    2 readers - Gamers Sphere -
  • Multiplayer Free For All PSN Users From Sept. 26th – 28th

    …Tweet Pin It Didn’t bother putting your hand in your pocket for PlayStation Plus after picking up a brand spanking new PlayStation 4? Well now you have a chance to get a free multiplayer session courtesy of Sony between September 26th and 28th. As you may know the PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus subscription to play the majority…

    1 readers - LzyGmrs -
  • Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Mode Trailer

    …Tweet Pin It Electronic Arts and Visceral Games are tying to keep things fresh in Battlefield Hardline by adding a brand new vehicle-based multiplayer mode called “Hotwire”, pitting the strong-arm of the police against those ever determined thugs. The new trailer for the mode looks like a scene from an action movie, with cars making jumps over…

    1 readers - LzyGmrs - Battlefield Hardline - Battlefield -

  • Here’s How to Apply for the Bloodborne PS4 Alpha

    …Tweet Pin It There’s no denying that upcoming title Bloodborne looks amazing on the PlayStation 4 and Sony are already sending invites to selected PSN members for the anticipated Alpha stage. Apparently now anyone is eligible and we have the directions you need to enroll yourself and get on the list. Take note however, If you receive an invitation…

    2 readers - LzyGmrs - Bloodborne -
  • Quake Live Hits Steam Today

    … back in 1999, proving to be massively popular among the multiplayer and competitive community. Quake Live has been around for quite a while now, first launching in 2010, attracting a fair amount of users. Its move to Steam should bring in even more players and a larger sense of community. It’s free-to-play, so you can simply download the game…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • PvP shark-'em-up Depth swims closer to a November release on Steam

    …Originally begun as a student project back in 2009, Digital Confectioners' Depth has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Envisioned as an single-player ARPG focused mainly on stealth and shark avoidance, the title has resurfaced as a fast-paced, aggressive, asymmetrical multiplayer game. In it, divers must search the ocean floor, looking…

    4 readers - destructoid -
  • Smash Bros 3DS Demo Impressions – Win a demo code!

    … think we’ve seen video of it before, but I see what looks like little hockey pucks smashing against each other. Can’t wait to see what that is. Okay, now that I’ve talked about what’s NOT in the demo, let’s talk about what IS there. Roster and stages The demo gives you access to both solo and group smashes. So it would appear that this is a multiplayer…

    48 readers - Wii U -
  • Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Map “Recovery” First Look

    …Tweet Pin It Gaming site IGN are still dropping new information on upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, earlier in the week given us out first look at multiplayer map “Retreat”. The Game of the Month coverage continues and now they’re back again, this time showing first-look gameplay from multiplayer map “Recovery”. Based in Hawaii…

    1 readers - LzyGmrs -
  • GTA 5 – PS4, Xbox One and PC Launch Dates Revealed

    …After what seems like an eternity for players on next-generation systems and PC, record-breaking hit Grand Theft Auto 5 has a release date for the platforms, bringing with it some brand new features and exclusive content. Players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles can pick up the sandbox title on November 18th, 2014, while those on the PC…

    2 readers - LzyGmrs -
  • Destiny cheats using infinite ammo, videos suggest

    …It appears that an infinite ammo cheat is already being used by some Destiny players following the game's release earlier this week. As spotted by Kotaku, the exploit enables users to shoot indefinitely without the need to reload or pick up more bullets, providing an unfair advantage in the multiplayer game. Bungie will be expected to act swiftly…

    84 readers - CVG - Destiny -
  • Destiny Upcoming In-Game Events Outed by Bungie

    …Tweet Pin It If you haven’t picked up shared-world shooter Destiny yet then you’re missing out, as the shooter continues to fly off shop shelves and into homes worldwide. Now following its launch, developer Bungie have announced some nifty in-game events that will be hit the title in the coming weeks, the first of which landing today. There…

    6 readers - LzyGmrs - Destiny -

  • Players Have Already Started To Mod Destiny

    … indefinitely, without ever having to reload or get more ammo. It's an infinite ammo/no reload glitch, as you can see above in the video by 0neThatsExiled. Other people seem to be messing around with the mod, too: Hopefully things don't get too out of hand with Destiny mods, given that it's a multiplayer game. We'll keep you updated with anything we learn.…

    470 readers - Patricia Hernandez - Kotaku - Destiny -
  • Destiny Needs More Chat Options

    … in this multiplayer game. There's even a petition that started last night and has since grown to over 3,000 supporters as of this writing. Without the ability to easily communicate the game is not nearly as complete or immersive as sold…Read moreRead on It wasn't for lack of trying, either. I set my Fireteam settings to public, in the hopes that someone might…

    20 readers - Kotaku - Destiny -
  • Have you seen an amazing gaming feat lately?

    …, we're specifically looking for crazy shots, but send us anything amazing! If you'd like to send us a clip, here's what you need to send: A link to YouTube or wherever you saw the videoHow you'd like to be credited - this can be your name or gamertagThe name of the person in the video, if it isn't you It doesn't have to be a big multiplayer game…

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