A multiplayer video game is avideo game in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time. Video games are often single-player activities, pitting the player against preprogrammed challenges or AI-controlled opponents (which lack the flexibility of human thought). Multiplayer games allow players interaction with other individuals in partnership, competition or rivalry, providing them with social communication absent from single-player games.
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  • Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Patch Delayed

    … Did you want, no, dare I say need the upcoming patch for the Halo: Master Chief Collection that was going to fix the game’s multiplayer component. Well, I have some bad news. “This week’s content update, which was originally scheduled for release this Wednesday, 11/19, will now be releasing later this week to allow for additional fixes…

    Ivan Mashkov/ Gaming Precision- 3 readers -

  • Dungeon Of The Endless Review – A Retro Roguelike To Rival FTL

    … Rogue-like games are becoming an interesting fad for indie games today that seem to be a winning formula as of late. Games like Dwarf Fortress, Spelunky, Binding of Isaac, FTL, and even the original Diablo all benefitted from the common feature of randomized dungeons or levels that kept every game or iteration fresh and different from…

    Gaming Precisionin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection stumbles with online modes

    … World of Warcraft expansion, 343 Industries’ Halo: Master Chief Collection is running into all sorts of problems with online matchmaking and play in general. To be fair, the offline portions of the game (the campaigns for all four Halo games included in the box) work fine, but it’s that online multiplayer that’s giving the developer and fans…

    Brutal Gamer- 4 readers -
  • Far Cry 4 map editor won’t support competitive multiplayer

    … With the launch of Far Cry 4 Just around the corner, creative director of Ubisoft Montreal Alex Hutchinson came out with confirmation that the map editor will not support the creation of competitive multiplayer maps. The situation came to light for fans of the series when an early Twitch broadcast showed challenge maps as the options for the map…

    The Gamer Headlines- 5 readers -
  • The Master Chief Collection's Multiplayer Should Be Getting Better Soon

    … Been frustrated with the multiplayer matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection? Microsoft knows it's a problem and is working to fix it. A big part of the appeal of the Master Chief Collection was getting to experience re-mastered versions of Lockout, Blood Gulch and other classic maps from older Halo games. But finding and connecting…

    Evan Narcisse/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • First footage of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer

    … Plus, some mega ginormous screenshots. Microsoft shared first footage and details of Halo 5: Guardians‘ multiplayer component at HaloFest this evening. Spartans are soldiers of speed and total destruction, and 343 is bringing that into the gameplay of Halo 5‘s multiplayer with a new set of Spartan abilities. These include: Thruster Pack…

    Sal Romano/ Gematsu- 2 readers -
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Was Originally Multiplayer Only

    … BioWare surprised fans a while back when they announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition would come with it a multiplayer component, something brand new to this particular series. But it turns out, the game was original multiplayer-only from the start. The game’s executive producer Mark Darrah discussed some of the game’s evolution, including its…

    Gaming Precision- 1 readers -
  • Simuline & Specular Interactive Team Up For Project HADES

    …, is there a colored targeting reticule used? A: Yes, we will have colored aiming reticles so all the riders can distinguish their shots from other riders. Q: Is there going to be a leaderboard? A: Yes we will have scoring and a leaderboard and we will have rider cameras taking pictures of the riders, although I’m not sure if we’ll be showing the rider…

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  • Exclusive: Safari Ranger Videmption Game by UNIS Coming To IAAPA2014

    … Exclusive: Safari Ranger Videmption Game by UNIS Coming To IAAPA2014 arcadehero October 31, 2014 Thanks to Universal Space, we have a first look at their next premier video redemption game which will be at IAAPA 2014. Called Safari Ranger, this is a follow-up to UNIS’s popular Pirate’s Hook videmption game, where the cabinet looks similar…

    Arcade Heroes- 1 readers -

  • Evolve – Big Alpha Livestream and Review by LZY GMRS

    … Tweet Pin It As of 9:00 AM PDT the “Big Alpha” for the upcoming shooter Evolve went live for Xbox One owners. Evolve is a first person shooter by Turtle Rock Studio, the makers of Left 4 Dead and slated for a February 2015 release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The alpha will go live for PS4 and PC owners 24 hours later on Halloween Day…

    LzyGmrsin Reviews- 3 readers -
  • Killzone Shadow Fall Breaks 3M Unique Players

    …) October 30, 2014 While this is definitely an impressive feat, it has to be clarified that the game’s multiplayer mode has been free for a few weekends, which certainly inflated the total number of players. Unfortunately, there aren’t many active players left playing the game, but they are very dedicated and Guerrilla Games is determined…

    Alessio Palumbo/ Worlds Factory -
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