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  • O’Bannon Case is Over; Resolution and Ramifications Still A Long Ways Away

    … The case that could change the landscape of college athletics, and was the catalyst that led to the cancellation of the NCAA Football series, has come to a conclusion. The decision in Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA is now fully in the hands of U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken who is expected to make the ruling in August. Throughout the trial… -
  • EA And Student-Athletes Reach Preliminary Settlement In NCAA Likeness Case

    … the student-athletes, each student-athlete could receive up to $951 for each year they appeared in a video game. Attorney Steve W. Berman wrote in a press release about the settlement, “We’re incredibly pleased with the results of this settlement and the opportunity to right a huge wrong enacted by the NCAA and EA against these players and their rights…

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