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  • Metal Slug 3 Is Coming To PlayStation Network

    … to choose different paths, otherwise known as ‘branching paths’. This, alongside the fast-paced side-scrolling action, intense battles, vehicular gameplay, and aliens & zombies have made Metal Slug 3 a favorite within the franchise for many. This release will feature online options and aims to be of the highest quality Neo Geo emulation…

    2 readers - Kieran Wade - The Gamer Headlines - Network - Metal Slug -
  • Would you pay $500 for a revamped NES?

    …, component, S-Video, or composite video output, and Analogue sells a HDMI adapter separately for $49 that will upscale from RGB to 1080p or 720p for modern displays, complete with scanlines. The company also made a $650 Neo Geo system dubbed the CMVS, built using an original Neo Geo arcade motherboard with a wood case. Matching arcade sticks were…

    6 readers - James Seda - Gamers Sphere -
  • Get a Neo-Geo X Gold LE System and Mega Pack Vol. 1 For $140 via Groupon

    …Best Buy selling the Neo-Geo X Gold Limited Edition systems a while back for $50 was quite the surprise, but seeing this deal spring up after the issues between Tommo and SNK is even more amazing. For $140, roughly $40 more than just the cost of the LE system, you can get everything included there and the 15 game-filled Mega Pack Volume 1. Groupon…

    9 readers - Attack of the Fanboy -

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