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    timeline following:⇓ Dota 2Techies, the explosive and suicidal Dota 2 Hero, is finally coming to the game next week, as detailed in the latest Dota 2 blog update. I've never played Techies in DOTA, but here's what I've gathered so far: Techie...more Believe it or not, in all my time spent in Dota 2, I've never played a single solo matchmaking game.

  • Video Game Releases for the Week of 09/22/2014

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    This week’s new releases feature over 15 games that all look like excellent titles in my opinion. Though most of them are only launching on PC, there is a wide variety of titles to choose from in this week’s line-up. Big games such as FIFA 15, Hyrule Warriors, Disney Infinity 2.

  • Maplestory 2- An Early Look at Nexon’s Upcoming MMO

    The Gamer Headlines - - 1 readers - I hate MMO’s, for the most part. I’ve rarely been able to stick with one for more than a few weeks. So it may come as a surprise to learn that I’ve been a hardcore, multi-relapse addict to the smash-hit MMO Maplestory since I was 11. Be it a new class, the flashy gameplay, or the fond memories, something always manages to bring me back to maple story for a few months out of the year.
  • Top 10 Free Action Games

    Gaming Enthusiast - - 2 readers - Today’s list is a no-frills rundown of action games you can play for free. No turn based games here! Blades of Excalibur Arthur is newly crowned king, but it is a dark time for the court of Camelot. Play a knight, barbarian, or enchantress, to unite the warring kingdoms against its common threats.

The latest about Nexon


    …. This s...more Riot Games revealed a new ogame mode this week for League of Legends -- Ascension. You'll basically be working together to defeat Xerath, located at the center of the map. Once defeated, you'll earn extra stats, a ...moreAs previously covered, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is a real game. It's not out yet, but it will be out on Steam…

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  • Top 10 Free Action Games

    … to Mabinogi Heroes, Nexon has made Vindictus a heavily narrative focused MMO. This game has limits to customization and freedom, but that may have resulted in a more solid game. Choose one of eight characters, each with their own class, stats, combat styles, and special abilities. Thanks to their unique skillsets, each character plays completely…

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  • Video Game Releases for the Week of 09/22/2014

    …-Strike Nexon: Zombies Platform: PC (Digital Only) Price: Free to Play Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is a Free to Play First-Person Shooter MMO featuring PvP and PvE gameplay. For the first time in the franchise’s history, a Counter-Strike game is offered for free, but this time it has zombies in it. With 20 different modes, 60 new and classic Counter…

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  • New releases for September 22-28

    …, Stronghold Crusader 2, Fenix Rage, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Defense Grid 2 all hitting PC. Check out the full list of releases below! PC FIFA 15 (download - $60) Gauntlet (download - $20) Stronghold Crusader 2 (download - $50) Defense Grid 2 (download - $25) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (download - $20) Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies…

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  • Maplestory 2- An Early Look at Nexon’s Upcoming MMO

    … of you still clean and pure, Maplestory is a 2D action platformer MMO from the Korean company Nexon. It started out consisting only of four classes and a few main areas to explore, but has grown to encompass over 30 individual classes and more individual areas than I care to count. The world is massive, the gameplay is fun, and the visual design…

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  • Sword Art Online Invades Mabinogi During The Summer Of Anime

    … not having a big marketing budget or being a bombastic over-the-top MMO like some titles, Mabinogi has found a niche and stuck with it. With all that said, the game has recently been on the receiving end of an update that celebrates its anime roots during a seasonal event hosted by Nexon called the "Summer of Anime". In connection with the event…

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  • New ‘Counter-Strike’ Coming This Fall Featuring Zombies

    … and publishers but Counter-Strike Online is one of those few instances. Valve licensed the Counter-Strike title to developer Nexon, who created the free-to-play CS Online game in 2008. After ... Click to continue reading New ‘Counter-Strike’ Coming This Fall Featuring Zombies Click to continue reading New ‘Counter-Strike’ Coming This Fall Featuring Zombies…

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