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  • Da Ba Dee: BlueStreak Is Cliff Bleszinski’s F2P Arena Shooter

    … Cliff Bleszinski is a man who used to be called CliffyB, co-created Unreal and also invented the chainsaw gun, because videogames. Then he retired, but now he is unretired and returning to his roots. Except for the CliffyB part, at least so far as we know. His new game, codenamed BlueStreak, will be an arena shooter with a modern (and F2P) twist. Nexon is publishing, and Bleszinski just fielded a bunch of questions about the game. … [visit site to read more] …

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  • On Cliff Bleszinski, Zynga & Meetings

    … Cliff "Cliffy "Dude Huge" B" Bleszinski, formerly of Epic but on a break for a while, has a new gig . It's being published by Nexon, but before signing on that dotted line, he met with pretty much everyone. And that included Zynga. Read more... …

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  • Gamers Hit With Criminal Charges Allegedly Made Tons Of Money

    … Yesterday, Nexon announced that charges were being pressed against three Sudden Attack gamers for allegedly cheating online. Today, new reports reveal that the teens' apparent underhanded gaming tricks allegedly earned them $80,000. Read more... …

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  • Gamers Hit with Criminal Charges for Cheating Online

    … In Japan, online game company Nexon is pressing charges against three gamers, ages 17 to 18, for obstruction of business. In short, the gamers were allegedly using in-game cheats for online FPS Sudden Attack. That, it seems, was hurting the game and Nexon. Read more... …

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  • First Look at Maple Story 2 Gameplay

    … Check out a sneak peek at Maple Story 2, which is slated to go into close beta this year in South Korea. The game's release date is still TBA. Read more…

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  • Nexon to Publish the PC Version of Robotoki’s Human Element Worldwide

    … Last week Nexon announced via Business Wire that it has partnered with Robotoki to bring Human Element to the PC, worldwide, when it launches in the later part of 2015. This news follows that of Nexon, a Korean publisher headquartered in Tokyo, had taken Robotoki on as a strategic partner for an undisclosed sum. Read more of Nexon to Publish the PC Version of Robotoki’s Human Element Worldwide on n3rdabl3. …

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  • Nexon to publish Robotoki’s Human Element

    … Nexon will publish Human Element, Robotoki’s open-world first-person survival game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the company announced. The game, set 35 years after the zombie apocalpyse, combines action, strategy, and resource management to “offer players the ability to create multiple human survival scenarios.” It is built on CryEngine technology, and combines “Streaming […] Read Nexon to publish Robotoki’s Human Element in full on Gematsu. …

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