• Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.4 Gets a New Trailer

    … and the Ninja job. You can check below for the trailer and full details of the patch. The announcement was made on the PlayStation Blog and a quote from the blog reads: ‘There are new dungeons, new recipes, Hildibrand is back of course and indeed, right at the end! That’s not Coerthas, is it? So much to see…’ Final Fantasy XIV released in 2013 on PC…

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  • My Chromebook’s Broken and I love it Even More

    … A few months ago I wrote a piece about why Chromebooks are better than everything else. Obviously not literally everything, Chromebooks aren’t as good as cider or central heating or cuddling, but they’re definitely better than whichever device you’re reading this on which I’m currently insulting by saying it’s not as good as my Chromebook…

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