Nintendo Co., Ltd. (任天堂株式会社, Nintendō Kabushiki gaisha) is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo is the world's largest video game company by revenue. Founded on September 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, it originally produced handmade hanafuda cards. By 1963, the company had tried several small niche businesses, such as cab services and love hotels.Abandoning previous ventures, Nintendo developed into a video game company, becoming one of the most influential in the industry and Japan's third most valuable listed company with a market value of over US$85 billion.
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  • PewDiePie Criticizes Nintendo’s New YouTube Revenue Sharing

    … audiences, and publishers have yet to find a balance between protecting their intellectual property without alienating fans (and smaller developers downright encourage streamers to spread the word). One publisher with a less-than-stellar track record in reading and reacting to online enthusiasm is Nintendo. A year ago, Nintendo and YouTube cracked down…

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  • Pokken Tournament Will Feature A Water Stage, Support Pokemon And Alternative Fighter Colours

    … stages. The scan below shows a new fighting ring, while the image following showcases a new water stage with legendary Pokemon Lugia in the background. Localisation tests also confirmed the ability to switch playable Pokemon such as Lucario and Suicune to alternative colour schemes and the arcade controller system. Make sure to check out the images in the gallery below. Pokken Tournament is due to release in Japanese arcades this year. Filed under: Nintendo Tagged: bandai namco, pokken tournament…

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  • One on One with The Requiem: Random Kid Playing After Burner

    … of After Burner being our game of the month. We looked into getting someone from M2, the guys who recently developed the awesome 3D After Burner II on 3DS, and no dice. We tried getting Yu Suzuki out here, but he won’t respond to any non-Shenmue related inquiries at the moment. I even asked our esteemed editor-in-chief to exploit his military…

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  • Apex 2015 tournament experiencing difficulties, blizzard caused roof collapse

    … that, this was to be the biggest Smash Melee tournament ever, with a playable Splatoon demo and supposedly, announcements from Nintendo regarding the future of competitive Smash and their involvement in the scene. After the collapse, the fire marshalls who responded to the call deemed the venue unsafe to continue housing the tournament, so it’s unclear what will happen…

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  • Is Smash Bros’ creator done making games?

    … According to the man himself, Masahiro Sakurai, he might be. Originally featured in Famitsu, a Japanese gaming giant of a magazine, Sakurai was answering fan mail about the latest games in the Super Smash Bros series on the Wii U and 3DS when he said something particularly telling about the future of not only the popular Nintendo franchise…

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  • Emboar is now free to download

    … Heads up Poke-maniacs, your free Emboar is now available for digital download. Last week, Pure Nintendo reported that the Pokemon Company will be releasing the first three starting Pokemon from the Unova region video games, Pokemon Black and White, in their final form for those currently own a copy of Pokemon ORAS and choose to download them…

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  • Pewdiepie Slams Nintendo’s YouTube Program

    … You either love him or hate him, but popular YouTuber Pewdiepie has taken a stance against Nintendo. On his personal Tumblr blog he slams Nintendo’s recent YouTube program which see’s people signing up to a program in which roughly half of the advertising revenue generated from YouTube videos featuring Nintendo games goes to the company. Heres’s…

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  • PSA: Remember To Download The Free Rare Pokémon Available Now

    … Are you playing Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire right now? Good news. Game Freak is giving out a few rare Pokémon that you'll want to pick up. All you have to do is go into the game, and select 'Mystery Gift' from the main menu, and put in a couple of codes. The code "POKEMON500" gets you Emboar, the Pokémon in the middle of the image…

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  • Analyst Says Nintendo’s “Core Business Is In Bad Shape And Worsening”

    … The weak sales outlook for Nintendo has investors running scared that the company will struggle to find that next big hit with their games consoles. A number of analysts have chimed in and given their thoughts as well. CLSA analyst Atul Goyal has said that Nintendo’s “core business is in bad shape and worsening. Goyal says that the most alarming…

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  • Super Mario Collection Amiibo Up On Amazon UK

    … The Super Mario Collection Amiibo may have sold out on, but Amazon UK has just listed them for pre-order. They’re all available while I type, so be sure to get a pre-order in if you’re thinking of adding them to your collection. They’re retailing for the recommended retail price of £10.99. Thanks, nintendoimpactgaming Filed under: Amiibo, Nintendo Tagged: amazon, amiibo, super mario collection, uk…

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  • Final Fantasy Explorers Is Crystal Chronicles Meets Monster Hunter

    … of monsters, and those who just love four-player co-op with friends. If you are either of these (or both), you'll probably get a lot out of Final Fantasy Explorers. However, if you are looking for an epic plot or can't handle a sub-par battle interface, you're safe sitting this one out. Final Fantasy Explorers was released in Japan for the Nintendo…

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  • Video: Majora’s Mask 3D – Spooky-Cool Commercial

    … The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a game that stands out in the series with a uniquely dark spin on the franchise. A new live action commercial captures the mood very well, with a rather spooky introduction to Termina before showing off some gameplay. Majora’s Mask 3D hits the 3DS on February 13 in both the US and Europe, in conjunction…

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