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  • Target Has a Strange 2DS Sale Starting August 17th; Also Offering a Wii U Sale

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    The Nintendo 2DS is a strange system to begin with, but offers younger and budget gamers a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo 3DS, minus the 3D effect of course. Many retailers commonly do a $99.99 sale for the system, which is a great price point to pick one up at. Target seems to be going a step further with this offer, and is offering a somewhat strange sale starting August 17th.

  • Hyrule Warriors to have Online Multiplayer and DLC?

    Nintendo Enthusiast - - 16 readers - Hyrule Warriors is the next big game from Nintendo for the Wii U, and has gone from a small scale interesting project into what could end up being one of the best games of 2014. With the Japanese release looming for Hyrule Warriors, and the North American Direct for the game coming soon, new bits of information are coming out about the game, with one being the most interesting.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gets Nuketown 2025

    Nintendo Enthusiast - - 19 readers - Better late then never? Call of Duty and Nintendo platforms are a strange mixture. The Wii versions were very fun due to motion controls, the DS ones supported online play, and the previous two Wii U ones weren’t terrible ports either. Advanced Warfare is still up in the air as to whether or not it’s coming to Wii U, but the clues are there.
  • Exclusive: Minecraft Comes to Wii U via Ping 1.5+ Levels

    Nintendo Enthusiast - - 15 readers - Ping 1.5+ is an upcoming puzzle game with a retro look with bright and vibrant colors and precision-based gameplay. The first game by NAMITENOUMUSHI for the Wii U, Ping 1.5+ is looking to shake up the stagnant puzzle scene with a fresh take on the puzzle genre. It was announced a few months ago that Ping 1.

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  • 3DS Focused Nintendo Direct Announced For Japan

    …Nintendo of Japan today announced a new Nintendo Direct for the Japanese market. This new broadcast is scheduled to be streamed on Friday 29th August at 7:ooam ET and 13:00pm CT. Nintendo have yet to reveal what will be shown, except that the event will focus solely on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo have previously revealed small amounts of Wii U…

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  • Pokken Tournament Western Release Under Consideration, Secret Modes Teased

    …? — Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN) August 28, 2014 Pokken Tournament has currently been announced for a 2015 Arcade release in Japan. It is expected that a console version may be announced for a later release based on the game’s reception. Do you want to see a console version of the game? Tell us in the comments below! The post Pokken Tournament Western Release Under Consideration, Secret Modes Teased appeared first on Nintendo Enthusiast.…

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  • Germany: Wii U is Second Most Popular Console, Ahead of Xbox One

    … for the Xbox One is less than demand for even its predecessor, the Xbox 360. With all these new sales statistics in one of Europe’s largest markets, it is nice to see Nintendo holding its own. The post Germany: Wii U is Second Most Popular Console, Ahead of Xbox One appeared first on Nintendo Enthusiast.…

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  • Aonuma Does Not Ignore Fan Reactions

    … that the main character will be a girl. However, this reaction from the fans is something I would like to take into consideration as we proceed with development – although that doesn’t mean that we are going to change the main character to a girl.” It seems like Nintendo is paying more and more attention to its fans with each passing day. Hopefully this continues into the future. The post Aonuma Does Not Ignore Fan Reactions appeared first on Nintendo Enthusiast.…

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  • Mario Kart 8 Gets SpotPass Add for DLC

    …In Nintendo’s recent update, the company patched in a feature to the Wii U to send messages via SpotPass for gamers to see on the Gamepad. Nintendo did this when Mario Kart 8 first launched in order to gain awareness for the free game promotion that they were offering, and now the company is taking to SpotPass once again to grow awareness…

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