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    • Sears Offering 3DS XL For $59.99 Right Now!

      Looking for a 3DS XL? Been on the fence with owning Nintendo’s premier handheld? Scared of damaging the analog slider on the 3DS while playing Smash? Well Sears has an insane deal right now. Sears is offering the 3DS XL in Blue/Black for $59.99. Yes you read that right. With many retailers such as ...

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    • First Watch Dogs Wii U Screenshots, Download Size, and Price Revealed Available July 31, 2014 in the US and Europe in the Nintendo eShop! Take the pilot seat of the XType attack ship and defeat an ever growing enemy force in this uncompromising Shoot'em'Up. XType Plus combines classic arcade action with a unique and modern look and feel. The procedurally generated boss battles always provide a new challenge.

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  • Bravely Second: New Details and Info Page + Screenshots

    … Bravely Second, the sequel to Square Enix’s hit 3DS pseudo-retro JRPG Bravely Default, recently received some new information. Specifically, we now know the identity of the villain who kidnaps Agnes early on in the game, right when the Crystal Orthodoxy is signing a peace treaty with the Eternia dukedom. The page above is from a recent issue…

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  • Best Buy Has 15% Off eShop Credit; Live Now!

    … Probably one of the better gaming deals this weekend for Nintendo fans is the latest offer from Best Buy. You can get 15% off all of the eShop cards for 3DS and Wii U, and that’s quite a savings! Check out the picture below for all the prices. Will you be taking advantage of these eShop savings and stocking up on digital and indie games…

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  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Game Freeze Glitch Will Be Patched

    … / by Kyle Charizanis Since the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire last Friday (on the same day as Smash Wii U, curiously), a potentially game-breaking glitch has been found. But the upcoming early December update promises to patch it out: Nintendo have announced details of the next patch for Pokémon Omega Ruby& Alpha…

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  • A Look at the Unreleased Crash Tag Team Racing for Nintendo DS

    … Crash Tag Team Racing was announced for the Nintendo DS back in 2005, but nothing ever came from the game. No footage, no information, not even a picture. The game had the same name as the released versions of the game, which was on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube, but many considered it vaporware for many years, until now. New information…

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  • Natsume Holding Huge 3DS Sale on eShop; Many Titles 50% Off

    … While many people will be going to local retail stores to get some deals on Nintendo products (click here for our complete guide), many gamers will be spending the upcoming long weekend with friends, family, and internet. For those not wanting to join the mad race to shop, Natsume is holding an eShop sale on the 3DS with many titles being 50…

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  • GameCube Adapter for Wii U Back in Stock on Amazon; Act Fast!

    … With people paying premium prices on the GameCube Adapter for the Wii U on places like eBay, Amazon is bringing clarity back to the situation. currently has the GameCube Adapter in for the normal retail price of $19.99. Supplies will probably be limited and these shipment will go fast, so be sure to act now and avoid paying…

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  • Persona Q DLC Schedule + New Videos

    … schedule! Sub-Personas 11/25 – Kaguya – Free 12/2 – Orpheus Telos – Free 12/2 – Magatsu Izanagi – $1.99 12/2 – Thanatos – $1.99 Navigator Voices (Alter voice and dialogue) 12/9 – Margaret – $2.99 12/9 – Elizabeth – $2.99 12/9 – Theodore – $2.99 12/16 – Marie – $2.99 12/16 – Nanako – $2.99 The new batch of videos detail some of the game’s more…

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